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Qustodio – The Best Solution to Monitor Your Children

Hello, my name is Tracy and I lived in California. I am a working women and also a single mother of 2 children. It’s very hard to do the upbringing of two children while you’re a working women. Because you’ve to manage 2 lives. One is professional and one is personal. It’s very difficult to take an eye on your children’s Internet activity because of the busy time schedule but, Qustodio ease my life and allow me to monitor my children’s internet activities. Also, the subscription is very affordable with Qustodio Discount Code.

How I get to know about Qustodio?

Qustodio discount code

As a working women, I couldn’t give enough time to my children and can’t watch them for what they are doing and searching on the internet. Due to my busy time schedule I am unable to know what my children are exposed to on the internet and this thing makes me worried all the time.

I used to search for the solutions on Internet. I was eager to find a way to monitor my children activities so that I can know if they are doing any wrong searching on the internet or watching anything harmful or dangerous on the Internet.

I shared my situation with one of my colleague in the office and she told me not to worry. She said that there are many parental control apps available on the Internet to monitor your children internet usage. I asked her about the best and affordable App and she told me about Qustodio.

Qustodio discount code

I felt so relief after listening about the Qustodio. Later that day, I came back to home and the first thing I do was I visited their website and read more about the App.

Also, I searched for the reviews of the App, and what I found release my tension. All the reviews are great and everyone is praising the app. So I decided to make an account.

The procedure is very easy and simple. I entered my email address and made a password of my choice. Then I took a free trial to take experience of the app. I choose that offer because I wanted to use the app and watch its feature for myself.

I used the app for few days and found it useful so I decided to take the premium plan. I have 5 devices in my house so I took the basic plan in which they allowed to use the app on 5 devices and it cost $54.95 for a year which makes it the best deal.

I installed the app on all the devices in the house and now I able to watch all the activities of my children on the Internet. The app allows me to control the time of their Internet usage. I can also see their YouTube watch & search history, also, I am able to watch what they are searching on the internet and whom they are texting or calling the most.

Thanks to Qustodio, I don’t have to worry about my children and the Internet exposure on them.