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First and foremost, The Fine Line supports, promotes and celebrates local and regional (Texas baby) music, arts, photography and culture.

Cindy Chaffin solely founded and launched in October of 2002. was a local/regional Texas-based music blog and provided a comprehensive concert calender, band links, venue links, music news, live webcasts, audio Podcasts and more.

In November of 2005, merged with Pegasus News and subsequently sold them all content. Then eventually Cindy Chaffin went on to create and launch The Fine Line on June 10th, 2006.

The Fine Line is dedicated to promoting and supporting the local and regional music and arts communities in Texas.

The Fine Line also offers lots of online multi-media including audio/video interviews, live performance video, live video streaming and whatever else comes our way.

—just the good stuff.
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And the Award Goes to…
Best Blog Dallas Observer Reader’s Choice – 2003
Best Blog Dallas Observer Reader’s Pick – 2004
Best Not-Quite PodcastDallas Observer Best of – 2005
Best Local Music Website/Blog Dallas Observer Best of 2006 Critic’s Pick – 2006
Best Music Website/Blog 2006 Dallas Observer Music Awards
Payne County Line 2004 Texas Supporting Web Site All Genre Of The Year – 2004
Payne County Line 2005 Texas Supporting Web Site All Genre Of The Year 2005
Payne County Line 2007 Texas Supporting Website All Genre of the Year – 2007

3 Responses to “Who We Be”

  1. Julia Says:


    First thing’s first – My name is Julia, and I must say that I enjoy reading your posts, and especially the music that you feature in your posts. I love listening to different music, and I like your tastes.

    Like you, I am a huge music fan and like spreading the word about emerging artists. I’m currently working with a recently launched music sharing and discovery site called Haystack. Haystack offers many ways in which to search and filter through music, as well as exclusive interviews and a weekly interview series, providing an in-depth look at musicians being interviewed by each other. The current interview is with The Rinse and The English Department, and in the coming weeks you’ll be able to see Dirty On Purpose, Eugene Mirman, Blonde Redhead, and more.

    I was hoping you could take a look at the site and let me know what you think of it. If you could mention Haystack to your readers that would be great, also linking to your side bar or a banner swap is another idea. I think that once they work out some early site kinks they will become a very important site to music lovers like us. I hope to hear from you soon!! Have a great day :)


  2. Jeff Mack Says:


    I’m prioducing this back to the 70′s show with Michael Martin Murphey, Rusty Wier, Gary P Nunn and Bill and Bonnie Hearne at the Majestic on August 4. My ticket sales are low and I could use some help with getting the word out. Do you folks do this sort of promoting on your website?

    Jeff Mack

  3. flyrejser Says:

    Can anyone atest to the service?

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