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Marley spoon best for new cooks!!

Hi my name is Alice and I am 22 years old and I am from Texas. People of Texas love eating food with less spice but I love food with extra and more spice. In the begging, I used to ask my mother to make food as I was way too young to cook food and I also didn’t know how to cook then I came to Washington and used to miss my mother’s food. Here people used to eat food with less spice but thanks to Marley spoon for helping me learn cooking and also providing discounts in form of the Best Marley Spoon Voucher code with the best recipe.

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When I was in Texas my mother used to make food for me. My mother used to make normal food eaten in Texas and I used to love eating it but one day a new boy from Mexico came into our school as he had shifted here with his family because of his father’s transfer to Texas. We used to talk less in the beginning but then one day we sat together in class and then we became best friends. He used to bring homemade food in lunch as he used to hate the food of school and used to call it tasteless food. In the beginning, I used to consider him as if he is acting and wants to show him a bit different from all of us but when I ate his lunch with him so I found out the reason he used to eat food with more and extra spice. That day I decided that I will not eat it as it was way too spicy but the next day he came with a lunch which smelled very tasty and spicy. In beginning, I was trying not to have it but then when I had the tasty so I really liked it and I asked him to bring some extra for me too so he used to bring some extra lunch for me too. One day his mother invited me to her place for lunch and made some spicy food dishes and I really not just liked but loved them. She asked me to bring my parents with me to her place any day and then she also asked me to give me my mother’s number and I gave her. Then, my mother became friends and they used to talk to each other. They even started going on shopping together.

marley spoon voucher code

One day her mother called my mother and invited us to her place to have dinner together and she said that she will cook some spicy food for us and also told me that she will make my favorite dish for me. When we went to her place so she had made like 3-4 different dishes. When we went to the dining table and had dinner so my family loved the food and so is I did but they liked more than me as I used to eat food as my friend used to bring some extra lunch for me and that’s how we started eating spicy food.

When I came to Washington so I missed the spicy food for which I started looking for a restaurant but was unable to find but then I found out about Marley spoon and then I started to cook food on my own and that’s how I learned cooking and now as I am back so I make different dishes for my and my friend’s family and they all love it.