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A Few of My South Texas Favorite Things…Ode to San Antone…

Posted by Cindy on 8th January 2013

Partridge in a PIE Tree

Uncommon Fare
Plaza de Armas

The Special Projects Social
The Brooklynite

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The Monterey + The Esquire = Fabulous!

Posted by Cindy on 19th May 2011

I had the fabulous opportunity to hang with Chris Hill (owner of the Esquire) and his sister, Stacey Hill (co-owner of the Monterey) a couple of weeks back. This originally ran on Plaza De Armas, which you need to subscribe to if you want to know everything San Antonio.

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The Special Projects Social II

Posted by Cindy on 1st May 2011

I’ve struggled to find the words to describe how much this amazing series of events have meant to me, and so many others.

Tim Mcdiarmid and Peter Zubiate have brought to life something quite magical with The Special Projects Socials. Peter designed and built the brilliant tables and benches that offer enough space for the delectable dishes that Tim serves up, yet, he built and designed them with the idea of closeness, conversation and intimacy in mind.

I watched, witnessed and experienced a few dozen folks enjoying food, old friends, new found friends and beautiful conversation last night, all at the gorgeously constructed Zubiate tables and benches, and all over the divine cuisine.

Some of the best of San Antonio were in attendance last night…but why read my ramblin’s…just watch below…

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Justin Parr Exhibit

Posted by Cindy on 22nd April 2011

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2011 Texas VW Classic

Posted by Cindy on 16th April 2011

This was shot yesterday (Friday), which is/was load-in day. The big big big thang goes down today. You outta go take a lookie-lu. Lady Bird Johnson Golf Park is heaven, the folks with the Vee-Bug craze are good’un’s, and it’s a perfectly divine day.

I woulda stayed longer, but there were too damn many bugs. Huh? HUH? Too many “bugs!” Get it?!? Man, I crack me up…

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My First Few Weeks Living in South Texas

Posted by Cindy on 6th April 2011

Southtown Pre-Fiesta Party at Frank’s Hog Stand

Special Projects Social – Zubiate Studios, San Antonio

The Esquire Re-Opens!

Mid-Week Pearl’s Brewery Farmer’s Market

Seryn Performs at Local Coffee

Ramble Creek/ShowLush Showcase – 2011 SXSW

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Camille Goes to Nashville

Posted by Cindy on 30th March 2011

Sweet, and ultra-talented Camille Cortinas-Neal gets her waaaaay overdue…congrats my darling darling friend…read on!

Nashville, TEXAS – March 28, 2011 – Camille Cortinas will be featured as an emerging artist during the April 20, 2011 episode of Music City Roots.

“Camille was discovered after being the voice behind the popular Texas Lottery «Lucky Day» campaign,” said Music City Roots, Executive Producer, Todd Mayo. “Her voice connected with the radio listeners of Texas and we are excited to bring her music to a worldwide audience on Music City Roots.”

“Roots is the perfect outlet for my music,” said Camille Cortinas. “Sharing the stage with Jim Lauderdale and knowing that legends like the Doobie Brothers, Ricky Scaggs, Brandy Carlisle have all appeared on this stage, makes this a dream come true.”

Show Details:
Date: April 20, 2011
Venue: Loveless Café Barn
Address: 8400 Highway 100, Nashville, TN 37221
Performance time: 7:00 pm

About Camille Cortinas debut solo album «Taken Apart»
Produced By: Eric Neal
Recorded at Sunquist Studios
Mixed and Mastered by Mark Hallman at The Congress House Studio

Camille’s musical style uses storytelling and personal experiences to create a human connection that appeals to audiences of young and old, and her captivating voice smiles through the speakers. While her music remains upbeat, her songwriting finds its way through melancholy and melds into a hopeful and optimistic future. It’s learning to let go of the heartbreaks and find the happiness that life can bring.

For the most update tour/press information please go to and look for her first solo album on cdbaby and itunes.

About Music City Roots
Music City Roots has been hailed as “truly extraordinary” and “the greatest live radio in America” by journalists who have visited and artists who’ve played the Roots stage. The Nashville Scene recently named the Loveless Barn and the show as Nashville’s Best New Roots Music Venue, “akin to what the Opry must have been like 60 years ago.” The program has also established itself as a trusted curator for excellence in Americana music, with appearances by Emmylou Harris, Sam Bush, Mike Farris, Ricky Skaggs, Mountain Heart, Cherryholmes, Dex Romweber, Roger McGuinn and many more. Roots has become a trusted brand partner that has done everything in its power to extol its valued sponsors, including Nissan, Whole Foods Markets, Vietti Chili, Ascend Federal Credit Union and The Nature Conservancy.

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Local Coffee Music Series: Seryn

Posted by Cindy on 27th March 2011

Seryn is my soundtrack. The moment they start to perform, my mind embraces a soft spring rain. Just as it ends, droplets of warm water fall from the petals of a freshly bloomed daisy into a gurgling stream that flows into an ocean of range, motion and never-ending waves and tides.

Goofy romanticism? Yes. But that’s what makes up Seryn. The band is a lovely mix of passionate talented artists who harmonize beautifully and bring (it on) music that evokes beautiful emotion and love to a music-lover’s very soul. Plus, I have this creepy old lady crush on Trenton Wheeler and the rest of the band.

I’ve experienced Seryn on numerous occasions, always brilliant performances, but this was my first to see them all acoustic-y. They did not disappoint. Do they ever? No. No, they don’t. But who am I to say? You be the judge…

By the way, Local Coffee, in the ‘burbs of San Antonio, is heaven, in the ‘burbs of San Antonio. The feel, the look, the attention to decor detail, the fabulous crew (‘specially one Jason Tantaros)…it all adds up to splendid coffee heaven. Go there. You are so welcome.

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Jason Janik, a rockstar…invites me (well, invited me like 2-years ago) to spend time with his rockstars…

Posted by Cindy on 11th November 2010

One of the best times of my life, start to finish. I shot. He talked. “We” (meaning mostly he) edited. Janik=Genius on so many levels.

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Sarah Jaffe’s “Clementine”

Posted by Cindy on 16th September 2010

“Clementine” from Suburban Nature

Sarah Jaffe. A looooooooong time FineLineFave. Check the new video, es muy bueno. Keep your eyes peeled for band members who play in bands such at Centro-matic, Doug Burr, Seryn and Bosque Brown. Nice little band’o'playa’s.

Sarah Jaffe performs at the Ghost Room in Austin on September 25. See you there.

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Posted by Cindy on 21st May 2010

Art&Seek, my favorite place to be…just launched an absolutely fabulous new site just in time for their 2-year anniversary. Alan Melson deserves the medal of A&S….Check it out every single day.

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Sarah Jaffe, Better’n a Double Chocolate Brownie…

Posted by Cindy on 18th May 2010

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KXT 91.7 Kicks off “Barefoot at the Belmont”

Posted by Cindy on 7th May 2010

The fabulous Belmont Hotel in Oak Cliff is host to the equally fabby KXT 91.7, “Barefoot at the Belmont” concert series. The Belmont continues its traditional poolside concert series featuring some of the best bands and musicians from North Texas, along with a breathtaking back-drop of the downtown Dallas skyline…reserve a room, wine, dine and take a dip in the Belmont pool…all the while experiencing the whole BFatB/KXT magnificence…you’ll thank me in the morning….prolly twice….

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Record Store Day is (almost) Upon Us

Posted by Cindy on 14th April 2010

Bill’s birthday bash and Record Store Day are one with the universe. Go on over to Bill’s Records on Saturday for one hella paaartaaay.

11:30-12 noon: Molarkey (Inside)
12-12:40 – Richmond Punch (Outside)
12:05-12:30 – Mr. Troll (Inside)
1-1:30 – Jason Castro (Outside)
1:45-2:30 – Meet & Greet with Jason Castro
1:20-2 – Iris Leu (Inside)
2-2:45 – HaHa Tonka (Outside)
2:20-2:50 – Grant
3-3:45 – Kevin Welch (Inside)
3:10-4 – The Marfalites
4-4:20 – Mike Guinn (Inside)
4:40-5:10 – Annie Benjamin (Inside)
5-5:45 – Dem Southernfolkz (Outside)
5:30-6 – Christian Ross (Inside)
6-7 – The Frontier Brothers (Outside)
6:10-6:30 – King G.I. (Inside)
6:45-7:15 – Wailbone (Inside)

This little shindig has something for everyone and it won’t cost you nuthin’.

If Lower Greenville is yo’ thang, then Good Records is da place to be seen:

11:00 am – Adrianna Oswell
11:30 am – Little Birds
12:00 pm – Baruch The Scribe
12:30 pm – Cartographers
1:00 pm – Hello Lover
1:30 pm – Hormones
2:00 pm – Doug Burr
2:30 pm – Seryn
3:00 pm – RTB2
3:30 pm – The Angelus
4:00 pm – Murder By Death
4:30 pm – Ha Ha Tonka
5:00 pm – Backsliders
5:30 pm – The Black Dotz
6:00 pm – Rainbows Are Free
7:00 pm – Telegraph Canyon
8:00 pm – PVC Street Gang
9:00 pm – Binary Sunrise
10:00 pm – Maleveller
11:00 pm – New Fumes
12:00 am – DSFZ (dem southernfolkz)
1:00 am – This Will Destroy

Doors open at 8 a.m., so getcher breakfast taco and get on down there early for the best spot. This, too, is a freebie.

The Pull Tabs (Mike Daniel, Eric Grubbs and Kyle Harris) are playin’ at CD Source, but I dunno anything other than that…but then again, ain’t that enough? Oh, and it’s free.

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Couple’o'Cool Haps…

Posted by Cindy on 1st April 2010

Saturday, April 3
1919 Hemphill in Fort Worth
DFW Punk – a documentary about Dallas punk and new wave in the 80′s and 90′s by Laura Tabor-Huerta
Doors at 7 – Show at 8 p.m.
Read my Q&A with Laura on Art&Seek

Thursday, April 15
Magnolia Gallery in Dallas
The End of the Beginning – An Exhibit by Photographer Dylan Hollingsworth

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Video Proof That I Really Do Know Rockstars

Posted by Cindy on 27th March 2010

Just another reason I freakin’ love my job…I get to hang wit’ people like Allan Hayslip. This dude is the real deal…I love him. He shall be mine….

Catch Allan and his rockin’ band, Bonedome at the Kessler Theater on April 8.

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I want go there…

Posted by Cindy on 26th March 2010

Celebrate the moments of your life with a hot cup of International Brand Coffee? Fergetabout it. Do the international thang live and in person with some of the bestest bands coming out of China and good ol’ Poland. My pal, Dave Dart, founder of Dart International, hipped me to some wicked awesome shows a’comin’ our way…

L.Stadt – “Great pop songs. Hang on a second! – Is this actually Pop? But what is the definition of Pop? If it’s melodic music which is easy on the ear, presented in an accessible, short format – then it can be described as Pop… Intentionally rough around the edges, reminiscent of a demo CD sound. Hats off to the band for this decision. On the L.Stadt album every song sounds different.”
- Debut album review, Don’t Panic We Are From Poland

Tonight, March 26
Fred’s Cafe in Fort Worth
Early show and Special Acoustic Set – 5 p.m.

Saturday, March 27
The Moon Bar in Fort Worth
9 p.m.

The Chinese Invasion Tour is gonna be off-da-hookity!

Sunday, March 28
The Double Wide
The line-up is below, just add in a little DJ Woodtronic and Wanz Dover to round out the evening’s festivities. Click here for more details, including how to score free tickets.

Wednesday, March 31
Hailey’s in Denton

Carsick Cars
“Sonic Youth and the Clean both released worthy albums this year, but these three Beijing kids in their early 20s took those bands’ classic guitar-drone sounds and made it pulse with the excitement of discovery.”
- David Malitz, “Lists: David Malitz’s top ten albums of 2009″, The Washington Post
From: Beijing, China
Genre: No Wave, Indie Rock
Touchstones: Sonic Youth, Jesus and Mary Chain, Suicide, Velvet Underground

“P.K. 14′s thrashing chords, dark bass lines and frenetic beats resonate with echoes of Sonic Youth, the Pixies, Fugazi and the New York Dolls. But the Beijing band’s charismatic vocalist, Yang Haisong, 34, says he takes his lead from songwriters such as Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs and a whole generation of protest musicians. Think of P.K. 14, in other words, as neither punk nor postpunk but postfolk.”
- Lara Day, “Asia’s Best Bands”, Time Magazine
From: Beijing, China
Genre: Chinese Rock, Post-Punk
Touchstones: Talking Heads, Television, Woodie Guthrie

AV Okubo
“Hong Kong experimental cinema, 80′s Kungfu movies, triad gangsters, Chinese and Japanese cartoons, Qian Xuesen and China’s early space program all collide together in AV Okubo’s sound to create a weird kaleidoscope of modern Chinese sensibilities.” AV Okubo’s debut album is produced by Martin Atkins.
- Maybe Mars
From: Beijing, China
Genre: New wave, experimental noise, disco punk
Touchstones: Ratatat, Battles, These Are Powers, Orange
Home page:

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Rawlins’ Swan

Posted by Cindy on 22nd March 2010

Hands-down, Rawlins Gilliland is among my top favorite writers and commentators. I fell in love with him during KERA pledge drives, his voice and sense of humor made me want to pledge my first born. Please take a moment out of your busy day to listen to his latest contribution to KERA…you’ll thank me in the morning.

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The Kessler Opening Night Was Simply Superb…

Posted by Cindy on 22nd March 2010

James Bland had a history of Dallas music photographs hung throughout the theater. DJ Mr. Rid aka Mark Ridlen was spinnin’ vinyl GREATNESS in the lobby bar…speaking of which, the joint was absolutely GORGEOUS!

Jason Carney put on one helluva slam poetry performance…you coulda heard a pin drop. Josh Alan Friedman was quite the star of the evening with a line to purchase his latest book, Black Cracker and a standing ovation for his perfect musical performance on stage.

I hit the road back to Richardson before Mark Growden performed, but Liles didn’t miss a beat with his trusty video camera.

Make plans to hit the Kessler Theater very soon and very often. It’s quite fabby.

Ed. Note: The above video was shot and edited for KERA’s Art&Seek.

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Mingle In Style

Posted by Cindy on 19th March 2010

Remember those DSO Guild tickets Art&Seek was giving away yesterday for an evening of mingling with SMU’s Meadows Schoo of Arts dean, Jose Bowen? Remember it’s a night of wine and noshing in home of a lovely Park Cities resident? Well, someone already won, but found that they can’t go now. So a pair of tickets are b…ack up for grabs! You know what to do…

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