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Posted by Cindy on 23rd October 2009


I’m so freakin’ behind on blogging ’round here, not that anyone really cares, but whatever. So here’s some quickie stuff…

Speaking of quickie stuff, this week’s Quick features the mag’s “50 Favorite Things We Love About Dallas Nightlife.” There were some great picks, but my favorite one of all goes…

“Deep Ellum has a ways to go before achieving glory akin to its heyday. But the reopening of rock venue Trees …as well as the draw of hip-hop acts to the Lounge on Elm St. go a long way to help. Art destinations such as Kettle Art and the gleaming new Traveling Man sculptures, as well as the Deep Ellum DART station are also promising developments in the neighborhood’s evolution.”

Other notable picks: the Granada, the Double-Wide, Jack’s Backyard, Adair’s, Good Records, Lee Harvey’s, the Fallout Lounge, and lots more, including a great spread on The Naptime Shake’s debut album, Blood and Panic.


Speaking of The Naptime Shake, Noah and the boys are throwing down tonight at Bryan Street Tavern. It’s, how them young’un’s say, a CD release paaaartaaay. Nicholas Altobelli opens. Be there.


Don’t forget about the Taste of Greenville Avenue tomorrow. You can read more about that on my Art&Seek Friday Roundup post over at the day job.

Jeff Liles and I are getting together with Bucks Burnett tonight. Can’t say why. Not just yet. Soon.

Pegasus News scored a video interview with Star Wars: in Concert conductor Mark Watters. Check it here…and yes, this one’s for you Paul Adams.

I’ve been on a solid, whole foods only, no meat of any kind diet this entire week and I feel like crap. WTF?

My neck hurts…

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Deep Ellum Art Walk’n'other stuff…

Posted by Cindy on 23rd September 2009

…lots of crap going on in the personal world…I hate crap. I have GREAT video. I have GREAT re-hash. I have GREAT news. I have…I have…I have to sleep now….sleep off a lotta crap and plan to awake with less crap than the last few days have heaped here…come back later…I’ve got a huge broom to rid this joint of all this crap…

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Posted by Cindy on 24th April 2009


Greetings darlings. Yeah, even after Lance and TFG went and fixed-up this joint, I still can’t find much time to blog. However, I’ll be at the big M2S2 shindig on Saturday, so expect rehash and video next week.

One reason my time is so limited these days is cuz….you guessed it…I’m running yet another blog. My life very much revolves around my job, Deep Ellum, and of course the kiddies. So I launched a “job blog” so’s I could run live video streaming, talk about Demeter/It’s a Grind stuff and generally keep readers informed about special events, music stuff, celebrity sightings in the coffee house and more.

I give you…..

…well? Whaddaya waiting for? GRAB ‘EM!

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Deep Ellum Weekender

Posted by Cindy on 8th April 2009

I could bitch to high Heaven about how those MEI-Arts Festival organizers treated my company, and I’ll most likely do so elsewhere eventually.

However, I had a pretty darn delightful weekend at this year’s Deep Ellum Arts Festival, at least with my D.E.E.P. & Deep Ellum Community Association pals, as well as judging the Deep Ellum Foundation’s annual Pet Parade. Above are just bits’n'pieces….solely based on the limited amount of local art – some music – and some fun.

I’ll have the Pet Parade video up sometime tomorrow…


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Posted by Cindy on 19th March 2009

This is the first year, in about 5 or 6, that I’m not attending SXSW. I feel naked and vulnerable and confused and nonplussed.

Every year I can’t wait to get there and every year I spend a lot of time bitching about what a cluster-eff everything tends to be.

Oh well, the girl-child is having a high ol’ time and (thankfully) calling me nightly with updates on her escapades. …I shall live vicariously…

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Off Topic Rant

Posted by Cindy on 11th July 2008

I’m so pissed off right now. My car is a 2007. My air-conditioner has gone out a grand total of 5 times since I got it last year. It’s been out again for about 2-weeks, but every time I take it to the dealership, they are “way too busy” to fix it that same day. Today I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I opted for a local repair shop. The guy said it shouldn’t take too long. So I walked about a half mile to Target, walked back and the car was still sitting in the exact spot, where I parked it. I asked the guy what was up and he said the only person who could fix it was at lunch.

Now it’s 4:30, the car ain’t fixed and the shop closes in 30 minutes. I’m supposed to get a confessional out of Mount Righteous and webcast the entire SPACE/The Melissas show tonight….but I ain’t got a damn car.


…I’d try to make my way to Deep Ellum on the scooter, but I’m too a’scared to go that far yet….where’s that boy-child, perhaps I can con him into a ride…oh wait, I forgot…he has a life…sigh…

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I Love Math Listen’s Up Tonight…

Posted by Cindy on 27th May 2008

I Love Math’s highly anticipated album, Getting to the Point is Beside It, sits all hot’n'bothered’n'ready for your insatiable CD player. Tonight, please join me in celebration by settin’ up over at Barley House for a good ol’ fashioned listenin’-to partay.

Out of town? Too lazy to make the drive? That’s kinda okay cuz we’ll be streaming the whole shindig live here at The Fine Line. Expect the cameras to roll ’bout 7 pm. The chat room will be up and running too, in case youse got questions for the band or somethin’.

Getting To The Point Is Beside It
We all get tired and we all get weary. Sometimes what we need is something true-a good, honest document stripped of all falsehoods and petty trickery. I Love Math’s new album, Getting to the Point Is Beside It is one such thing.

“It’s amazing what kind of magic some people can make with only the most basic of ingredients,” says Mundane Sounds about front-man/guitarist John Dufilho’s songwriting.

Dufilho (also the front-man for the Deathray Davies and drummer of Apples in Stereo), says “Mostly, I wanted to write and record a very straightforward album. I wanted it simple, to the point, and didn’t want to hide behind effects pedals, distortion, studio tricks, or irony.”

Drummer Philip Peeples agrees, saying, “On this record, I really enjoyed keeping it simple, playing into the songs, not simply through them. Also, John and Jason are amazing drummers, something that’s never far from my mind.” Accordingly, the band’s unwritten rule of “keep it sparse” makes perfect sense alongside another I Love Math mantra: “no cymbals allowed.” Simplicity over all.

On the 12 song Getting to the Point, pedal steel soars out over guitars you’d expect from the best of old school country. But this is no retro trip; songs like “Josephine Street,” “Some Bridges,” and “Too Many Demons” wouldn’t be out of place on a mix-tape with contemporaries like Jon Brion, Belle & Sebastian, Jonathan Richman, and Yo La Tengo (Fakebook-era) as it would with vintage Kinks, and like-minded harmonizers Simon and Garfunkel and the Everly Brothers.

As The Deathray Davies continues to move forward, I Love Math comes on as its own animal. This is no side-project; Dufilho writes endlessly, so pulling off two full-time bands is almost second nature. Recorded with Salim Nourallah at Pleasantry Lane Studio,.Dufilho and his Dallas-based band-mates, bassist Jason Garner (The Deathray Davies, The Paper Chase), drummer Philip Peeples (Old 97′s), and keyboardist Andy Lester (The Deathray Davies, Slider Pines), have given us an organic yet cinematic piece of music. Songs like “These Paper Walls,” “Volcanic Ash,” and “Better Days” come off like a soundtrack to a great movie that was never made.

On Getting to the Point, I Love Math deliver something modern yet classic. Welcome this record into your life. Your soundtrack has never been better.

“Josephine Street”

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History Comes Full Circle

Posted by Jeff Liles on 21st May 2008

Who are we, anyway? I’ll tell you. We are the sum total of our collective experience. Everything we have ever done has led up to this particular moment in time.

For the longest time, our recording artists have been “appropriated” by other places. During my two years of working at the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles, I overheard literally hundreds of different conversations out on the front sidewalk. I can’t even begin to calculate how many times I overheard somebody say something like, “Oh, I love Pantera. They’re from New Orleans, right?” I overheard people say that The Toadies were Florida, Norah Jones was from New York, Rev. Horton Heat was from Chicago, Stevie Ray Vaughan and the Dixie Chicks were from Austin, and The DOC was from Los Angeles.

They say that perception is nine-tenths of reality. We need to take that remaining one-tenth and reclaim what has been rightfully ours all along.

There is a reason why recording artists from here so rarely feel compelled to represent the DFdub. It’s because we lack a certain pride in who we are.

Why? I have no idea.

Let me pose a question to anyone reading this blog. We’ve seen Austin declare itself the “Live Music Capitol of the World”, and leverage that perception into two HUGE yearly events that draw people in from all over the world. My question: Can you name a single artist from Austin who has sold over a million records in the last ten years? Here’s another question: Who has more live music venues, and who pays their artists more per gig?

While you’re diggin’ around trying to find an Austin artist who actually went platinum, let’s start by reclaiming what is already ours – Stevie Ray was born, raised and buried here, and the Dixie Chicks spent the first ten years of their career here. Norah Jones, Erykah Badu and Edie Brickell all developed their sound at our Arts Magnet High School. LeAnn Rimes, Kelly Clarkson, Lisa Loeb and St. Vincent are all from here.

Still trying to come up with an Austin artist who has sold a million records? Norah has sold 39 million CDs just by herself. Pantera sold almost 30 million. LeAnn has sold almost 20 million units. Country artist (and longtime Dallasite) Charley Pride has sold a staggering 70 million records during his career. Erykah, The Toadies, New Bohemians, Deep Blue Something, The DOC and Kirk Franklin’s God’s Property have all gone platinum.

Every stye of music is represented here. Hell, even our shitty artists like Vanilla Ice and Jessica Simpson have gone multi-platinum.

Why do I bring this up? Because artists with ties to Dallas put their money in our local banks. They own property here, they pay property taxes here, and they’re part of the collective economic footprint that is tied directly to our creative community. We’re missing a HUGE opportunity to do the same type of thing that Austin has done with SXSW or ACL.

Still, we’re the invisible music scene. It’s almost as if we’re ashamed of who we are.

I’ll wrap this up with one quick observation. When the TV series “Prison Break” decide to pack up production and move to LA, our Mayor actually picked up the phone and made an unsolicited call to various production houses in LA in an effort to bring the series back here. Can you imagine anyone from our local city government doing anything at all to promote the economy that is directly tied to our music community? Can you imagine our mayor calling an LA-based record label or booking agency in an attempt to raise the profile of our music scene?

It’s time to finally own who were are.

-Jeffrey Liles

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Posted by Cindy on 6th May 2008

Either my email is really messed-up or nobody, and I mean nobody, loves me no’mo’. I can’t even get a family member to respond….wah…

“The Same Sad Song” by Robert Gomez

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My Day at the Czech Shoppe…

Posted by Cindy on 22nd February 2008

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Posted by Cindy on 11th February 2008

…what happens when a 2-hour Friday afternoon meeting turns into a 10-hour late night meeting and the next morning you wake up with a 103-degree temperature and a throat that feels like you swallowed a tree branch, and while trying to coax the cat outta the garage, you accidentally lock yourself out of the house…bra-less…and your only hope is squeezing your big fat ass through the doggie door and in the process you throw your back out?

What happens you ask? Not a Gawd-damn thing. No shows. No meet-ups with new Dallas arrivals. No in-stores. No nothing. The Observer was out in full force, though, if’n you wanna do some re-hashin’….

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Dream a Little Dream For Me…

Posted by Cindy on 24th January 2008

My life, at present, is rife with turmoil…case in point, the below dishwasher doin’s this morning…

…but that’s for another place and time, eh? Actually, it ain’t all that bad, but when things do get a little crazy, I tend to have really really full-blown surround-sound-technicolor dreams.

My dreams have been crazy vivid this week. One in which I was told that I was pregnant, by my doctor…ahem…who turned out to be, Britney Spears. She was wearing a soft-pink Juicy Couture Terry Track Suit, and her hair had grown back about an inch-and-a-half with sort of a strawberry blond hue. Not too clear on the meaning behind this dream, but I can assure you, I ain’t pregnant…and I’m fairly certain Britney needs a doctor more than she might be a doctor.

Last night I had a dream about Carissa Byers. I have no idea why. In the dream she was throwing a lavish party to celebrate something of importance. She began to clink a small, shiny silver spoon against her champagne glass to hush the crowd and announce the big news…and I woke-up.

My dreams usually come back to me throughout the day, and I just remembered last night’s theatrical slumber, so I logged on to Carissa’s blog...

Daniel Miller is an exceptional, amazing and talented man and we are about to join forces outside of the mushy realm of Absolute Perfection and enter into the professional world. Together. We are launching exciting things on Valentines Day. It is our gift to Each other and our gift to You…there’s more.


I dunno what those two crazy kids are cookin’ up, nor do I know why I had a sudden semi-psychic dream, but what I do know is that the video below really put me in an amazingly good mood. Thanks for that C & D.

“After All” by Sondra Lerche – Photos by Carissa Byers & Daniel Miller

Yesterday I concocted somewhat of an agreement with Rebecca Johnson, wife of the GREAT Jay Johnson. Jay’s got, yet another, song under his belt that is sure to go platinum. I’ve been asked to do some work with them, and since Jay is one of most brilliant singer/songwriters around, and I love them both dearly, I agreed. Plus, it’s income. I like income. I’ll spill more about all this scoop later, meantime I need a favor…

…in order to accomplish some of the work I’ve been asked to do, for pay, is that I need to invest in a decent camcorder. Here’s a bit of what I need:

~good video AND audio capability
~XLR ports to hook up mics and mixers
~Able to stream from camera to laptop for live video streaming
~relatively easy to use and/or learn to use
~easy editing and uploading to computer/internet
~decent in low light and/or capable to attach light

I’m sure there’s more, but that’s the gist now. If youse guys have any suggestions, send ‘em my way. I’ve researched to the point that my head is pounding and my eyes are crossed. Any help from you in-the-know types will be most appreciated. Time is of the essence…

“In the Flash of the Storm.mp3″ by Jay Johnson

“Love in the Wasteland.mp3″ by Jay Johnson

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A Buttload Of Blather

Posted by Cindy on 20th September 2007

As if we aren’t already inundated with local music blogs/sites, most of ‘em pretty decent informative and entertaining, others (well just two other) just copy-cat pousers, the Dallas Observer and QuickDFW just done launched some more.

Check out DC9 at Night for your Observer take and Nightlife for Quick’s coverage.

I had lunch with the wonderful Mike Schoder the other day and we brainstormed some about how to get more folks interested in attending shows and such. It’s kinda funny how we have a metromess here that, for the most part, couldn’t care less about live music, local music or anything other than when the next foo-foo bar is opening or closing, yet we have music bloggers coming out of our collective asses. Painful yes, but I like it too.

SaMach and I have discussed a team effort a time or two. Ya know, just all of us music folk contributing at a one-stop URL, but nothing ever really came out of it.


First time I heard the angelic voice that emanates out of the divine Miss Maren Morris, it was on a campground out in Glen Rose and I think she was about 11 years old. I was yards and yards away from the stage, but her voice carried throughout the 11 acres and I was mesmerized. Since that day, I’ve become pals with Maren’s parents and I’ve watched, in awe, as this lovely young girl grew up.

So I still get a tad taken aback when I see photos (such as the album cover above) reflecting how much the dear child has really grown. I saw a poster, with that pic above, posted over across from the Granada the other day and felt a real sense of pride for Miss Maren.

All that it Takes is set to drop on October 2nd. Meantime, you can take a listen at Lone Star Music or ITunes.

“Fragile” by Maren Morris


Since I’m back in Dallas and sort of homeless for awhile, I’ve parked my ass at Obzeet several times to enjoy the scenery and the free Wifi. Colin Boyd performs there a lot, like he’s performing like Friday, September 21st and it’s like free and like stuff. We like Colin Boyd. Very, very much.

Try the spinach dip. They top it off with freshly diced jalepenos. ‘Tis tasty.

“Juliet” by Colin Boyd


Photo by Chris Phelps

Ya know those twin gold buildings over on Central and Caruth? The ones that J.R. Ewing officed in? Well I was over at the south building the other day and coulda swore I saw Sarah Jaffe walking into one carrying some plastic bags.

“Lover Girl” by Sarah Jaffe


I’m sure you’ll be shocked to hear that the City of Dallas is, yet again, doing their best to rid Deep Ellum of everything still standing. There’s a lot to go into, and frankly I should be job hunting rather than blogging, so go over to get tons of information from Alison. She’s been covering this mess the entire time and is much more in the know that I.


My friend Steve-O over at Caravan of Dreams took home the prize for this year’s FW Weekly “Best Blog.” Most deservedly so if I say so myself, and I do.


For some reason, certainly not my non-stop Last Comic Standing blather, the boy-child has taken a real interest in the world of stand-up comedians. Since I still need to go guffaw at the feet of my precious Andrea Grimes, I might try to sneak the kid in to see her perform live too.

You really outta join us:

Tuesday, October 2ndAddison Improv
Friday, October 19thAllGood Cafe


Tommy Alverson’s Family Gathering is quickly approaching, and this year, I think I’ll dig out a tent and go. I’m also going to see if Kelly aka The Gobbler’s Knob, can get a pass for the weekend and hang out wit’ me.

This year’s line-up is gooder’n'ever with some FineLine faves such as Kevin Deal, Matt Martindale, Adam Carroll, Maren Morris, Terry Rasor, Brad Hines, Owen Temple, 1100 Springs, Davin James, Ed Burleson, Rusty Wier, Cornell Hurd, the Domino Kings (yay!), and tons and tons more, including the great Tommy Alverson hisownself.

Put a big fat red sharpie circle around October 4th through October 6th. Click here for all the info you need.

Below is a podcast I put together for last year’s Family Gathering, same playa’s just different dates and location. I ain’t got my recording equipment wit’ me, otherwise I’d put together one for this year…..oh hell, just listen and disregard my non-endearing blather.

Tommy Alverson Family Gathering Preview Podcast

Walt Wilkins – “Down the Track”
Davin James – “Magnolia”
Brad Hines – “Forever in His Debt”
Kevin Deal – “Lawless”
Johnny Bush – Dos Tacos
Miss Leslie & the Juke-Jointers – “Talk to Me Lonesome Heart”
Tommy Alverson – “Una Mas Cervesa”


Have you read the Stash Dauber today? Why the hell not? Getcherassoverthereposthaste!

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No Clever Title…

Posted by Cindy on 26th August 2007

I’m not gonna lie. I’ve had my ups and downs living in another city…away from people I love and care about…away from people I could hang out with anytime I chose to leave North-effin-Dallas and head for parts south and/or east…I miss not feeling weird about going somewhere alone, and knowing that when I walked through the doors of my destination, there would be at least a handful of folks I knew, kinda knew, wanted to know or absolutely adored hangin’ out with every damn time I could.

I’ve had moments of sobs with no real instigation. Just moments in which I have sobbed uncontrollably at unexpected times, just for a few seconds, then the tears were gone in an instant. Like…how the weather-folks say…a…um…hell, I forget…you know, those weird rain showers that come when it’s sunny outside and last just a few moments or seconds, then fade away as if it never happened…

However, while watching the above video this late Sunday afternoon, I began to simply cry…and this time I understood why. I miss Bill’s Records on Spring Valley Road in Richardson, Texas. Hell…I miss Bill hisownself. I love that man. I love the times I spent at both his former said record store and the handful of times I spent at his new joint on Lamar. I miss the people I used to stand next to while enjoying some of the best of the best of Texas (and beyond) Country (and beyond) music at Bill’s in-stores.

I guess I’ve been kind of pushing the feeling of…well…feeling a little lost in the back of my brain and the way back of my heart, since this move from my hometown.

The truth is, the past couple of years I allowed some people into my musical world that meant harm from day one. FYI and for what it’s worth…nary a one was a musician. It soured me on Dallas…or as I’ve ranted and raged…THEY soured me on Dallas. But the truth is, only I can make me feel the way I wanna feel, those few don’t give a flyin’ f*ck how I feel. So that’s where I sit….and that’s what I know…and that’s what I’m choosing to practice…from here on out.

Because I’ve harbored such bitterness and “poor me” crap, in turn, I neglected the voice inside of me that was begging for some sort of validation that…crap…I’m going to miss Dallas….well…at least some stuff.

Don’t get me wrong, I love San Antone, my neighborhood and being so close to Austin and the Texas coast…but I miss my friends, my family and….well, I just miss it all…or at least some of it.

Tomorrow truly kicks off a whole new and different life. I settled the girl-child into her new college digs this weekend. She’s safe. She’s happy. She’s uber-excited about her future, as am I.

The boy-child starts his new school year at his new school tomorrow, and he’s simply giddy with enthusiastic anticipation, as am I.

When my children are happy, safe and settled, I tend to become more creative and adventurous and excited about my possibilities too….and while I’m truly thankful for today….I absolutely cannot wait for tomorrow….

“Silver Lining” by The Antiques

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Things that Chap My Ass

Posted by Cindy on 22nd August 2007

Yeah, so I woke up in a bad mood again…where the hell do you get those chill-pills anyway? I think it’s residual fury over Cas coming in second last night on America’s Got Talent. WTF? Add to that, the puppet dude who won kept saying, ad nauseum, how “he wants to be the one to bring ventriloquism to America.” Dude, ever heard of Jeff Dunham? He’s also from Dallas. He’s also a ventriloquist. He’s already been featured on HBO, TNN, Good Morning America, Ellen, the Tonight Show, David Letterman and has an upcoming special on Comedy Central.. HE already “brought ventriloquism to America.” Bah. I’m bitter. Cas shoulda won.

I’m also head-bitch today cuz I get crazed when I venture over to my friend’s blog, only to find that he is in the position of possibly having to move and having to close up shop on his project because he’s yet to be paid for one helluva lot of work, time and his money spent. WTF? PAY THE MAN!

Did I mention Cas got screwed?

…harrumph…I’m gonna go soak my head and come back with nicer things to report…

“Cheer Up Great Pumpkin” by Fishboy

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Is It So Wrong to Burn Down Your Own Garage?

Posted by Cindy on 3rd August 2007

I know I’ve been bitchin’ and moanin’ about packing, unpacking, moving and moving and moving and moving and moving for the past few months, but come on man! Will it ever end?

With TFG on the road, attempting to bring home the bacon, I’ve been left in charge of emptying (or organizing it so that at least one car will fit in it) the garage. The garage is full of freakin’ boxes. I’ve worked everyday since Monday and it still looks like this…

I went to Walmart and purchased a bunch of clear, plastic storage boxes so that everyone with “must-keep” valuables (like old Christmas cards and broken china and Beanie Babies…sigh…) can see into their personal boxes without opening them and re-taping them. I thought I had really accomplished a lot this week. I get so tired and my back is so ache-i-tee that I retire for the day only to wake up to find it…

TFG just poo-pooed my idea of getting a small storage unit. So poo on him.


Kitty is disgusted too…

“These Tears Could Rust a Train” by The Theater Fire

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