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Fine Line: February, 2009

Eddie D Turns 25

Posted by Cindy on 3rd February 2009

I still ain’t decided just what I plan to do wit’dis site…if anything. But what I’d like to do is more stuff like below…I need one Tiffany Kieran one Jeffrey Liles to make my dreams come true…more on that later…

DJ Nature hips us to the fact that DJ EZ Eddie D hits his 25th year mark on the air this year…so I went up to the attic and dusted off this amazing experience from a couple years back…audio interview with Eddie D circa January 10, 2007

Originally recorded for

Pikahsso Allen Poe calls legendary DJ EZ Eddie D “the Godfather of DFW underground hip-hop.” You should always listen to Pikahsso, he know of what he speaketh…

DJ EZ Eddie D has cultivated a career as a DJ, remixer and producer for more than 24 years. Being the closest thing to a hip-hop historian that Dallas has ever known, he has worked with the early pioneers as well as many of the current up-and-comers. From his early days growing up in Finneytown (a suburb in Cincinnati) to his 23 years in Dallas, it’s no surprise to find his influences are all over the musical map. With a collection containing everthing from R&B to classic rock, funk to retro and blues to hip-hop, his studio is the Mecca record collectors dream of.”

“His main focus today is fusing all of these genres with hip-hop beats creating a distinctive sound all his own. In 1982, Dallas DJ The Master Mixer taught Eddie how to blend records, and also introduced him to the radio station KNON 89.3 “The Voice of the People.” He interned and moved his way up the ranks, working with DJ Cisco Soul & the Party Patrol and Nippy Jones of the “Fresh & Freaky Friday Show” (later KKDA). Nippy helped groom him for his own time slot. In 1987, station manager Craig Taylor gave him that chance with his first show airing Thursday nights from 9 to 11. The show moved a few times before finally landing on Saturdays from 5 to 7 p.m., where you can still tune in weekly for “Knowledge Dropped-Lessons Taught (Vol.2).” It is the only source Dallas has for true underground hip-hop, and a public radio station is a perfect forum for his philosophies on politics, religion, racism and social responsibility.

Reid Robinson and I met up at Gachet Coffee recently to go Inside the Mind of EZ Eddie D and had ourselves a delightful time. Did we catch the whole thing on audio? But of course, darlings.
Be sure and tune in to 89.3 KNON every Saturday night for DJ Eddie D’s Knowledge Dropped Lessons Taught – 5-7 p.m.

The interview includes tracks from P.P.T. and Pikahsso.

Inside the Mind – DJ EZ Eddie D


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