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Fine Line: August, 2008

Forwarding Address and You are Invited

Posted by Cindy on 7th August 2008

The Fine Line has moved over to Life Outside the Bubble. Come on over, the water’s fine….

Check out my other project with Rich Lopez too! Hint of Mint.

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For the Girl-Child

Posted by Cindy on 6th August 2008

Yeah well I’m frustrated. I ain’t got no technical help this time ’round with the new joint. I can’t seem to load video and I promised the girl-child this one. So I guess, in a way, I’m still gasping for air….somewhat…kinda…sorta…blech…

I think I mentioned Mister McFatty here at some point a couple of months back. This video was taken during the first 48 hours he belonged to the girl-child. ‘Twas somewhat of an adventure for us all. We drove way the hell out east to pick him out of a litter in the back of a pick-up truck at an Exxon station. Then we hauled his adorable ass to Austin, from motel to motel…finally settling the li’l guy into his new home.

He’s grown. A LOT, since. So the girl-child requested this old video for her video scrapbook. Good times. Chubby puppy. Sigh….

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Happy Birthday Eric Neal…who loves ya, kid? Me. That’s Who.

Posted by Cindy on 6th August 2008

Workin’ on getting link to work….and Eric is like one of about 3 people who could get me to come back for, yet another, post here…xxox

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Last Gasp….

Posted by Cindy on 2nd August 2008

..I’ve moved…

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