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Fine Line: June, 2008

Live at the Mayor’s Town Meeting – Sons of Hermann – Deep Ellum

Posted by Cindy on 27th June 2008

Below is recorded from the live video feed today. I’ve got tons of stuff on regular video, just need to edit and…ya know…have a cocktail…

PS – I was asked lots of questions about live streaming today. Lemme break it down for ya…

1. I’m only as good as the Internet access of the venue and/or my Broadband card. I can’t do a dang thing about either one…

2. You, the viewer, are, not only, as good as my Internet access and/or Broadband card, but only as good as YOUR Internet access and/or Broadband card.

So there are a couple of elements on both ends, as to the choppiness or smoothness of the stream.

Hope this helps…now, off you go for a delightful weekend…

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Preserving ArtCon

Posted by Cindy on 26th June 2008

Last but not least, the beneficiary for Art/Con was announced on Saturday night…Cari says…

The beneficiary is Preservation Link. They work to bring arts and cultural opportunities to children in need. For example they’ve done things like offer photography course to kids in South Dallas. They’ve been around for just a few years, but so far they’ve done a great job of reaching out to kids and striking up partnerships with the Dallas Museum of Art, DISD and El Centro Community College, we can’t wait to help them extend their grasp even further through the money we raise. We’re also looking forward to connecting our community of artists and musicians with the children they serve. Preservation Link is led by Dave Herman Jr. and Shaun Wilson.

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Just Overheard at Whole Foods…2 Girls Perusing the Specialty Cheese Case

Posted by Cindy on 26th June 2008

Girl #1 – “Don’tcha think everyone who works at Whole Foods looks like a musician?

Girl #2 – Hm? Wha..? I dunno, let’s get out of here.

Girl #1 – What the hell?

Girl #2 – Cheese scares me. Scares the crap hell outta me.

….and scene.

Really. I heard it. I wanted to ask her what caused this fear of cheddar, but I thought it best to let it slide…Richardson has become quite a quirky li’l ‘burb…

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Pet Hospital Live at Sons

Posted by Cindy on 26th June 2008

I’ve spent a good 2-days on Pet Hospital’s MySpace page. I think I’m in love…

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Town Hall Meeting Tomorrow

Posted by Cindy on 26th June 2008

Town Hall Meeting with Mayor Tom Leppert

Friday, June 27, 2008 2-4 pm
“Revitalizing Deep Ellum
”A Forum discussion for Deep Ellum Businesses, Property Owners and Resident.
Sons of Hermann Hall 3414 Elm Street at Exposition

Live Webcast on and Unfair Park

Objective: To initiative a new strategy with the help and support of the Mayor and the City of Dallas. This will enable the Deep Ellum community to effectively deal with crime and the declining business and improve the urban landscape of this historical and culturally significant neighborhood.

2008 Officers:
Gianna Madrini – President
Sean Fitzgerald – Vice President
Tanner Hockensmith – Vice President/Moderator
Mark Roberts – Event Chairman
Jerleigh Thompson – Treasurer
Tiffany Kieran – Secretary

The Honorable Mayor, Tom Leppert
Dallas Chief of Police, David Kunkle
Deputy Chief of Police, Vince Golbeck
Jon Hetzel – Deep Ellum Foundation:
Katherine Seale, Preservation Dallas
Staron Faucher, North Texas Council Of Governments

2:15 Introduction: Gianna Madrini
2:17 Preservation Dallas: Katherine Sealde. 2 minutes. Why Deep Ellum Matters
2:20 Deep Ellum Association Presentation: Sean Fitzgerald 10 minutes 1. What is DEA, Mission Statement, Future Development Goals
2. Strategy for unifying the neighborhood:
a. Introduce discount cards
b. future web site
c. Small Group Meetings/Committeesd.
d. Green/Urban Planning Committee
2:35 Deep Ellum Green/Urban Planning Committee. Doug Aldridge. 2 minutes
2:38 Deep Ellum Foundation. Jon Hetzel. 2 minutes.
2:40 D.E.E.P. (Deep Ellum Enrichment Project). Marc Traynor. 2 minutes.
2:42 Life in Deep Ellum. Tony Fundaro. 2 minutes.
2:45 Mayor Tom Leppert and City Officials. 30 minutes.
3:15 Questions and Answers, based on submitted questions. 20 minutes.
3:45 End. Direct people to talk to individual organizations at tables at edges of Hall.

Special Thanks to Mayor Tom Leppert and Dallas Chief of Police David Kunckle and Jo Nicodemus of the Sons of Hermann Hall for hosting this meeting. Thank you to our Deep Ellum community and property owners for your valued attendance and participation. We also wish to thank Eileen at Minute Man Press, Frankie 45 and DEEP for their support and Pame La Ashford for helping to make this meeting possible. You must rsvp in order to attend this meeting by calling (214) 929 5255. Please submit your questions in writing to with possible solutions by 1:30 pm Friday, June 27, 2008. This Deep Ellum Town Hall meeting is open to the public.

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Some of Art Conspiracy SEED – more coming….

Posted by Cindy on 25th June 2008

I’m still working on video footage from the big Art/Con SEED shindig. Honestly? It took me almost 2 full days to recover. Yeah. I had that much fun.

I cannot even begin to express how exciting it was to see Beauxregard and Matthew & the Arrogant Sea live again. Both of those bands have more promise than many I’ve seen in a long time. Really. Great. Stuff.

I dug Pet Hospital too, but didn’t get much of a chance to listen intently cuz of other duties. Of course Frankie, as always, was superb.

I’m not sure how much money was raised, just like I’m not sure where the hell the piece I bought might be (thanks to the divine Erica Felicella)…heh…but ’twas a splendid evening all around.

I’ve got a few more things to post here (band video footage), plus a simulwebcast at the Town Hall Meeting on Friday (you can catch the live stream over at Unfair Park too), then FineLineLive is going on a temporary hiatus. Need to recharge and figure things out….m’kay then…off you go.

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Some of the Live Feed from Saturday Night – Matthew & the Arrogant Sea….more better stuff a’comin’….

Posted by Cindy on 21st June 2008

This was recorded from the live video streaming at Sons, Saturday….I been sorta busy with other personal stuff since, but will have some edited and better’r video from the Art/Con/SEED later this week…, I love this band, though…

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Posted by Cindy on 21st June 2008

Yeah well, a live webcast at the Art of Skateboarding shindig was a bust. It seems that the building is too old to accommodate more than a handful of electrical outlets at one time. I was the odd man out…heh…go figure. I got a few pics, all of which can be viewed by clicking on the above YouTube. Once the trendy, gorgeous, mostly wealthy-yuppy rich-folk began to fill every nook and cranny of the gallery, I took my exit. From all accounts (thanks Tiffany), ’twas above and beyond a huge success. “Packed” might be too sissy a word to describe the evening. There were plenty of local media photographers sprinkled about the room, so I figure you might get better rehash over at the Dallas Morning News or ,most certainly some smiling socialites who were in attendance, in next month’s PaperCity.

Check back here this eve for a (really, truly, it’ll happen) live webcast for Art Conspiracy SEED – Live from Sons of Hermann – linkage below…

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Well…well…well…Hello there…

Posted by Cindy on 19th June 2008

…yeah, so The Fine Line aka me, has been on a short hiatus due to health issues. Nothing too serious, just a bit of a wake-up call and a few days of searchin’ ’round the ol’ soul and starting a new life regimen. Sometimes you just gotta back away from everything and take stock…know what I mean?

Honestly, I’ve thought naught about this site in a few. Changes must be made here too. I’m just not sure what exactly that entails just yet. I’ve got a couple of fun projects in the works, and (fingers crossed) an opportunity to contribute to a real-live-paying site. That’s the trouble here kiddies, after nearly 6-full-years of music bloggin’, I’m not sure how much more I can give without a paycheck. We’ll see.

Meantime, I do have a full weekend – all of which will go live here on The Fine Line throughout the weekend. So if ya just wanna hunker down with a bottle’o'booze and your laptop, you can still enjoy some festivities from the comfort of your ‘puter screen…the following are fersures….more might be forthcoming…I might muster up the strength for a weekend whaddup…again…we’ll see…


“The Art of Skateboarding,” hosted by Guapo Skateboards.

The evening will consist of spectacular art, style, skateboarding, and infinite fun benefiting Texas Scottish Rite Hospital For Children, St.Philips School & Community Center, and The Dallas Arts Community.

The evening will begin with Cocktails & Hors d’oeuvres and showcase 120 skateboards designed/painted by either a celebrity artist, a St.Philips student, a graphic designer, or a local artist. Throughout the evening guests will have the opportunity to bid on and purchase their favorite artist’s skateboard & other auction items.

The evenings proceeds will help support the Texas Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital. TSRHC treats Texas children with orthopedic conditions, such as scoliosis, clubfoot, hand disorders, hip disorders and limb length differences, as well as certain related neurological disorders and learning disorders, such as dyslexia.

Following the Art Auction, the winning student design from the St.Philips School & Community Center will be announced and receive “The Art of Skateboarding” 2008 Award. The winner will also receive a US savings bond to use towards their college fund.

The evening’s speakers will be Founder of Guapo Skateboards Al Coker and Jon Comer Honorary Chairman/Professional Skateboarder.

The boy-child went through a huge skateboarding phase…well, not exactly a phase since I tripped over a long-board this morning on the way to the coffee pot…anyway, I tend to be overly supportive and interested in the things that interest my kiddies, ‘specially cool stuff like skateboarding. Names like Tony Hawk, Bucky Lasek, Corey Sheppard & Jon Comer popped-up in our everyday conversation for many a year…so this is a real thrill for me too…

Event Details
Date: June 20, 2008
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Place: Janette Kennedy Gallery – South Side on Lamar (1409 South Lamar)

Tickets are $25.00 each.
Underwriting packages will be available from $1,000-$5,000. For more information contact Bri Crum at 760.250.8518 or

EXTRA! After Party at SPACE with mighty-fine tuneage provided by Holy Diver.


Ain’t no party like a Kettle Art Party! Add on the remarkable Parade of Flesh and viola….brilliance.

This FRIDAY, June 20th at KETTLE ART in Deep Ellum

$8 cover – All Ages – BYOB – Arrive Early if You Wanna Get a Good Spot!

11PM – Callupsie – Indie rock band from Tulsa, who were recently profiled in the April issue of SPIN magazine. Their S/T album (little mafia) was recorded by Stephen Egerton of the Descendents and mastered by Bill Stevenson of Black Flag

10PM – CRYPTACIZE – Dreamy experimental trio from San Francisco, features ex guitarist of Deerhoof (killrockstars). They are actually the headliner, but wanted to play 2nd since Callupsie is slightly louder. They are out supporting their most recent release Dig that Treasure (asthmatic kitty).

9PM – Florene – experimental electronic act from Dentron which I’ve yet to see live, but I listened to their myspace and it will segue into Cryptacize’s set fairly well.


Paul Renna has worked his ever-luvin’ ass off to put together this wicked-awesome shindig. FineLineLive will be there live at 3:30 pm for some band interviews and a chat with Paul. You should too.

It’s all in the details:

Summer Solstice Festival
Saturday, June 21st
Milo Butterfinger’s
Performing: Uh…there’s a poster above….duh.

Paul Renna Live at the Granada

Jonathan Tyler & Kansas Live at Bill’s Records

Dustin Morris Live at Gezellig


If there is any #1 fan of the Art Conspiracy, you be lookin’ at ‘er. So it’s only fitting that I take on some sort of duty as a co-hostess (yeah, I said “co” cuz , Andrea and Cari will find a place on stage at some point). Here’s the dealio…

Have you ever wanted to get a close-up look at what goes on inside the heads of creative people? On Saturday, June 21, at 8:00 p.m., at the Sons of Hermann Hall, you can get the chance to literally flip through the imagination of visual, literary and performing artists during Art Conspiracy’s 2nd Annual SEED fundraiser. The money raised will help fund the operating costs of Art Conspiracy’s large-scale December fundraiser and inevitably help Art Conspiracy donate more money to its 2008 beneficiary.

Since the end of May, 15 artists including Kim Cadmus Owens, Marcus Striplin, David Hopkins, Diane Sikes and Tina Medina have been filling up page after page of Moleskine® Journals with drawings, paintings, photography, lyrics, observations and more. During the SEED event, the Moleskine® Journals will be auctioned along with original work from additional Dallas artists.

“When someone sees an artists’ single piece of work, they are getting a look at a singular concept or idea,” says Erica Felicella, Art Conspiracy, Art Coordinator, “but with the journals, you are able to get a bird’s eye view into someone else’s creative process – it’s a much bigger picture and the results are intriguing.”

Live music will be provided by Matthew and The Arrogant Sea, Beauxregard, Spector 45 and Pet Hospital. The snarky, comedic antics of veteran Art Conspiracy auctioneers, Rob and Rob will be returning too. SEED will also serve as the venue for Art Conspiracy to unveil the beneficiary for its December 2008 fundraiser.

“Art Conspiracy is charting new territory,” says Andrea Roberts, Art Conspiracy, Site Coordinator. “This is the first year we have asked for beneficiary applications from local groups. Our goal is to use the money we raise to reinvest in the local arts economy. This gives us a chance to use the creative instincts of so many generous artists and musicians to support creative efforts being carried out throughout our city.”

Since 2005, Art Conspiracy has raised over $30,000 for groups including La Reunion, an artist residency located in Oak Cliff, and St. Anthony Community Center, a center that offers visual art, music and dance to more than 800 children in South Dallas. Art Conspiracy is a grassroots arts collective that seeks to bring the artistic and music communities together to support creativity communitywide.

For more information, please contact Cari Weinberg at or 214-794-3510
Art Conspiracy – SEED
Saturday, June 21st
Sons of Hermann Hall
3414 Elm St. Dallas, Texas
Performing: Matthew and the Arrogant Sea, Beauxregard, Spector 45, Pet Hospital
8 PM – $5 cover

Save the Date | Remember December!

Art Conspiracy will most like schedule Art Con IV during the first weeks of December. If you’re interested in being a contributed artist, we send out the Call for Artists in Late-October and if you’re interested in bidding on art, get a megaphone and start practicing your bidding skills for the always frenetic and fun live auction.


Sunday, June 22nd
FW Weekly Music Awards Showcase(s)
4 pm – Free!

9pm — Pretty Baby
8pm — Calhoun
7pm — Collin Herring
6pm — Pablo/the Hemphill 7
5pm — The Campaign
4pm — Stephen Pointer

9pm — Stella Rose
8pm — The Great Tyrant
7pm — Titanmoon
6pm — Stumptone
5pm — Lifters
4pm — Jefferson Colby

9pm — April Geesbreght
8pm — Elizabeth Wills
7pm — The Burning Hotels
6pm — Black Tie Dynasty (acoustic)
5pm — PrinceRodriguez
4pm — Blackland River Devils

9pm — KatsuK
8pm — Goodwin
7pm — TTXQ
6pm — Merkin
5pm — Telegraph Canyon
4pm — the cut*off

9pm — Whiskey Folk Ramblers
8pm — Josh Weathers Band
7pm — Maren Morris
6pm — Panther City Bandits
5pm — JZ & Dirty Pool
4pm — Rivercrest Yacht Club


More good stuff for more good causes below. Click on the banner for details…


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Okay NOW I’ve seen Everything

Posted by Cindy on 14th June 2008

This morning I saw a guy riding down Coit Road on a unicycle, wearing a kilt…a few minutes ago I saw a bunny and a squirrel frolicking together in a neighbor’s front yard…odd day.

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Posted by Cindy on 13th June 2008

This is a rad deal goin’ down tomorrow. Sorry for the late post, but someone just hipped me to it and I ain’t checkin’ my email as much as I should.


our first ever
Silent art auction and fundraiser for Justin Sullivan
Saturday, June 14 | 3 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. | Shannon’s House
(ask around cuz if you can easily find out where it is, you’re invited)

(pretty please r.s.v.p on time. mwah…)

Diorama-O-Rama is a collective art happening and fundraiser. Everyone is invited and encouraged to make and donate a diorama to our silent auction with 100 percent of the proceeds going to our Dallas friend Justin Sullivan who, for many months, has been displaced from working and living in his Oak Cliff home and is instead living in Bethesda, Maryland, where he is undergoing cutting-edge treatments to kick some cancer butt! Read Justin’s very personal experiences with cancer.

What is a diorama?
It’s a world in a box that’s made however you like. There are no size restrictions, no theme restrictions, and no real rules at all. All dioramas will be displayed outside, so come prepared if your diorama requires special supplies (battery packs, extension cords, etc) for display.

Diorama prize categories could include, but are not limited to: most rad, low rent, olfactory, fluorescent, kinetic, fancy pants, likely to succeed, green (your interpretation), edible, popular, derivative, French, peaceful, anarchic, illuminated, unicorn-esque, nautical, OG, OMFG, doughnut shop-ish, glam rock, and so on. Whatever. It don’t matter. Lets just have fun while creating some good karma and raising lots of money for our sick friend with mounting medical bills.

This event is open to anyone who wishes to make a diorama or just kick back with our keg of beer, music, bug spray, sunscreen, and nice people. Potluck BBQ contributions are appreciated. Kiddos are absolutely welcome! There will be DJs and bands—names to be announced! If you have any questions email the Diorama-O-Rama contacts.

3 to 6 p.m. Diorama dropoff @ Shannon’s
6 p.m. Diorama silent auction begins
8 p.m. Diorama silent auction ends
8:30 p.m. Diorama award ceremony
ALL DAY Dance party

Allison V. Smith | Photographer
Rawlins Gilliland | Local writer/NPR Commentator
Christina Rees | Road Agent Gallery
Cynthia Mulcahy | Mulcahy Modern
Diane Sikes | Dallas Contemporary
Zac Crain | D Magazine
Danette Dufihlo | Conduit Gallery
Sarah Jane Semrad | La Reunion TX
C.J. Davis | Good Records
Ryan Abbott |
Gretchen Bell | Dolly Python
Brian Gibb | The Public Trust

Free to enter. Free to attend. Homemade dioramas are not mandatory to attend. Donations on behalf of Justin Sullivan will be accepted and appreciated. All auction winners must pay for and collect their diorama by the end of the party. All entries will be photographed and posted on our Diorama-O-Rama blog. This is the first of many charity Diorama-O-Rama events to come. If you have space you’d like to donate for our future fundraisers, holla back.

Justin Sullivan
Diorama-o-Rama Dallas

Shannon Driscoll Phillips
Holly Jefferson
Jennifer Dunn
Tish Brewer

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My Evening With the Gutterth Guys

Posted by Cindy on 12th June 2008

PS- the New Science Projects’ new album, Crocodile is freakin’ AWESOME! —– much more on this video, the album, et al a bit later….

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Weekend Whaddup

Posted by Cindy on 12th June 2008

Artwork Courtesy of the Boy-Child


This list is a li’l done – I gots more later to add…come back and see for yourownselves….xxox


It’s a pretty darn decent week/end at AllGood Cafe – like 3 strong shows that made me cut’n'paste photos of the performers above…oh…and yeah, that’s Hal Samples pictured with porterdavis cuz…well…he tooked the photo.

AllGood Cafe
Thursday – Mario Matteoli
Friday – Menkena
Saturday – porterdavis

Club Dada
Thursday – Salim Nourallah / Ringo Deathstar / Street Hassel / DJ Wild in the Streets
Friday – Frog Eyes / White Hinterland / Evangelicals
Saturday – Strange Boys / Coathangers

Double Wide
Thursday – PPT(?) / DJ Middlefinger
Friday – Nuthin’
Saturday – Dead Twins / Magnet School / Space Cadet
Sunday – The Feds / Underwater / The Better Death

Red Blood Club
Thursday – Naked and Shameless
Friday – ANS / Unit 21 / Rageous Bros. / Seasick / Zheia Golov / Stymie

Fallout Lounge
Thursday – Lost Generation w/Wanz Dover
Friday – The Fever w/DJ El Macho & DJ C MacPhie

City Tavern
Thursday – Southern Swing
Friday – Spector 45 / Goodwin / The Dirty Sound
Saturday – Southern Drive / Truckstop Junkies

Opening Bell
Thursday – Suzanna Choffel / Lang Freeman
Friday – Dylan Sneed / Ryan Thomas Becker / Isaac Hoskins
Saturday – Brian Miller / Local Honey / Carman Menza

The Loft
Thursday – The RZA as Bobby Digital
Saturday – Joshua James / Scott McCurry / Lex Land / Justin Townes Earl

The Palladium
Saturday – Eric Hutchinson / Marie Digby / Justin Nozuka
Sunday – Rilo Kiley / Thao with the Get Down Stay Down / Benji Hughes

Lee Harvey’s
Thursday – DJ Sista Whitenoise
Friday – DJ Chikki G / The Tidbits
Saturday – DJ Sista Whitenoise / The Mumbles
Sunday – DJ EZ Eddie D

House of Blues
Friday – Matthew Ryan vs The Silver State / Jon Dee Graham


The uber-cool-uber-fab-uber-hip House on Swiss pulls another good’un outta their collective adorable arses….

Saturday, June 14th
House on Swiss
Via Audio / Verulf / Jukebox the Ghost
10 pm – BYOB


The Cavern
Thursday – Soulever Lift / The Boss Level / The Triggermen / Austin Brown – ZOO: The Video DJ Upstairs
Friday – Farstar / The JGB / JJ & the Rouges / Demihuman – DJ Red Eye Presents “Beat Stew” Upstairs
Saturday Grand Ole Party / Red Monroe / Man Factory – ZOO: The Video DJ Upstairs
Sunday – Ricki Derek Upstairs

If I gushed anymore about Ryan Bingham, then I’d be plumb outta gush and I need to save a little for later. His show…not…to…miss.

Thursday, June 12th
Granada Theater
Ryan Bingham / Dead Horses / Southern Drive / The Dedringers
Doors at 7 pm – It’s almost Sold-Out so Get ‘em while you can

Green Elephant
Thursday – C&W night with Brian Hughes and Friends

White Rock Coffee
Friday – Amanda Lepre / Andrew Stone
Saturday – Jordan Stephens

Love & War (Plano)
Friday – Thomas Michael Riley
Saturday – Houston Marchman CD Release
SundayShiner Sunday w/Dale Watson

Thursday – Eric Erickson
Friday – Drop-Top Rockets

Friday – Texas Renegade
Saturday – Jesse Dayton

Dan’s Silverleaf
Thursday – Gretel / Sarah Jaffe / Doug Burr
Friday – Eric Keyes
Saturday – Big Daddy Alright
Monday – Paul Slavens


This weekend, it’s all about the Gutterth boys. Cuz, they create some of the bestest shows ever. Yeah. I said it. EVER.

Friday, June 13th
J&J’s Pizza – 118 Oak Street – Denton
New Science Projects / Dust Congress / The Heartstring Stranglers / Parata

Saturday, June 14th
Gutterth Live: Episode XXII
Balmorhea / MOM / Hotel, Hotel / Geistheistler
Doors at 9 pm / $6-$8 – All Ages


Friday – Hallelucination / Odis / Katsuk
Saturday – Balmorhea / MOM / Hotel, Hotel / Geistheistler

Rubber Gloves
Thursday – Weird Weeds / Shiny Around the Edges / Fight Bite / Verulf
Friday – R9 / DJ-G
SaturdayCats & Dogs – Benefit for Denton Humane Society
Grillin’ Keggin’n'Helpin’ our 4-legged friends
Peforming Bands:
1:00pm – The Tellevators
1:45pm – Starhead
2:30pm – Ella Minnow
3:15pm – Violent Squid
4:00pm- Big Ol Bastards
4:45pm – Handbrake
5:30pm – The Fuzzy Coos
6:15pm – RTB2
7:00pm – Monkeytown
7:45pm – Audrey Lapraik
8:15pm – George Neal
9:00pm – Little Birds
9:45pm – Raised By Tigers
10:30pm – The Heelers
11:15am – Sarah Jaffe
12:00am – Tre Orsi
12:45am – Record Hop
Bring your dog, and enjoy beer, burgers, bands all day long!

Thursday – Josh Weathers Band / Jonathan Tyler & the Northern Lights / Chatterton

1919 Hemphill
Friday – Outclassed / Difference Engine / Fatty Fabulous / Division of Power

The Aardvark
Thursday – Bob Schneider / The Campaign
Saturday – James McMurtry / The Dedringers

The Fairmount
Thursday – Mike McClure / Courtney Patton
Friday – Catfish Whiskey / The Ginn Sisters / Claire Moore and her Boys
Saturday – Josh Weathers / Jody Jones / Whiskey Myers

Thursday – Rodney Hayden
Friday – Villain Vangard
Sunday – Magee Payne / Kurt South

Thursday – The Backsliders CD Release / Fate Lions / RTB2
Friday – Joan of Arc / Tame Tame & Quiet / Yellow Fever
Saturday – Little Big Horn / Merkin / Hedkase

The Moon Bar
Friday – Maren Morris / The Royal West Co. / Grant Jones
Saturday – The Iliads / Binary Sunrise

Scat Lounge
Thursday – Johnny Reno
Friday – Ricki Derek & the Vegas Six
Saturday – Quamon Fowler Quintet

White Elephant
Thursday – David Matsler / Sam Anderson
Friday – Clay McClinton
Saturday – Steve Carasco – 2 pm – Billy Joe Shaver
Sunday – Brett Watts Songwriters in the Round (2 pm) / Cassie Phelps (7 pm) / Clubhouse Concerts w/Walt Wilkins and more

Woody’s Tavern
Friday – Ryan Turner / Josh Davis
Saturday – Josh Grider / Larry Hooper



Bill’s Records
Brett Dillon hosts!
2:30pm – The Black Prairie Band
3:15pm – The Dirty Sound
4:00pm – Guy Forsyth
4:45pm – Mike and the Moonpies

Good Records
Via Audio
3 pm – Free




89.3 KNONRocket Radio – “underground electronic and dark music from the North Texas area and around the world”
Midnight ’til 4 am


KTCU 88.7Radio Sputnik
Tune in at noon!

89.3 KNONThe Dungeon – hard rock, punk, metal and lots from our local unsigned bands
Midnight ’til 4 am


The Local Show on KDGE 102.1 The Edge with the always hot ‘n hunky Chris Ryan – Tune in at 9:00 PM

The Front Porch on 99.5 The Wolf with the better ‘n buttah Justin Frazell – 6:00 PM

The Good Show on KTCU – 88.7 FM with my fave 3 2 stooges Tom U. Tony Diaz – starts at 9:00 PM.

90.1 at Night with my mentor Paul Slavens – 8-10 PM

Uncut with DJ Steve Nice – The absolute best in local Rap/Hip-hop/R&B 11 PM – K104 FM

89.3 KNONPagan Holiday- Open playlist, call in your requests! Lots of Indi and local rock.
Midnight ’til 4 am



Saturday, June 14th
Kettle Art

“Cathey Millers latest paintings depict portraits of women clad in tactical gear, gas masks, ski masks, and American flags inhabiting bunkers and rooms full of video screens. Miller uses bold colors and a painterly style to present a doomsday scenario that is tempered by the occasional orange bicycle, a sweetly smiling face, or a fluorescent jellyfish. Her inspirations for this new work are the constant stream of violent images on modern computer, television, movie, and gaming screens, and “Are You Ready? A Guide to Citizen Preparedness” issued by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Miller is a 1985 graduate of Art Center College of Design in Pasadena , CA.”

Saturday, June 14th
Hal Samples Gallery and SPACE
Performance by Fight Bite
Live Video Stream here on

I’m going to defer to my dear friend over at the Sub-Rosa for all your art-going needs. The chick knows her sh*t. Use her site often.


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Dear Friends and Foes

Posted by Cindy on 11th June 2008

I know it’s been a tad sparse ’round here as of late. I sorta lost my mojo for a few, but these past couple of days, I’ve been working on some really cool, fun, upcoming stuff. Patience my pretties…

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The Art of Skateboarding – This is Gonna Be Really Wicked Awesome

Posted by Cindy on 11th June 2008

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D.E.E.P. Tonight

Posted by Cindy on 10th June 2008

D.E.E.P. Meeting
Tonight at July Alley – 2809 Elm – 9 pm

1) Central Division Crime Watch Third Tuesday Crime Watch 6/17/08 at Sons of Hermann Hall

* Questions to be held till the end
* Need to notify the residents and the employees with flyer
* Contact Mike Scheel about quarterly DE meets with DPD and Expo Park

2) Mayor speaks to Deep Ellum Friday 6/27 2-4pm (DEA) at Sons of Hermann Hall

3) DEEP Fall Art Walk 9/13/08

* In conjunction with DADA (need to contact Lisa Taylor)
* Need to let the Galleries know
* Proposal and Flyer need timelines and volunteers

4) DEA and DEF Minutes

* We will add the minutes to the newsletter
* Leanne at the DEF to give us their min next meeting 6/11/08 @ 9am
* Minutes from the DEA

5) Future Projects and Events

* Extreme Sports & Music Event Emilio (Joint Method) Dropout Dreams
* Studio Fling “Live Long Day” Starts @ 8pm Friday 7/18 till 7/19
* Theater in Deep Ellum
* Concert To End Slavery
* Deep Ellum Radio with Copasetic Ballyhoo
* Possible future guest speakers David Recht (Dallas Public Works and Transportation) and Meadows Foundation

Fun stuff that happens every week in the hood:

* Every Mon – Bad A** Jazz Night at the Amsterdam Bar
* Every Tues – Yoga at Space – 6:30 – 8
* Every Wed – Swing Dancing at Sons of Hermann Hall – 8 – 9
* Every Wed – Film Night at All Good Cafe (this month spotlights Coppola)
* Every Thurs – Scaraoke with D.J. Mr. Rid at Meridian Room and Salim Nourallah at Club Dada all month
* Every Fri. & Sat – Improv night at Mouth and Ad-Libs
* Every Sat – Open Mic and Spoken Word at Sankofa
* Every Sunday – Picker’s Jam at Adair’s at 2pm

Next week we will offer a dining guide for cheap nights at local restaurants so if you have weekly specials like half off days let me know so I can add you to the list!

Next Meeting

6/17 Sons of Hermann Hall (Crime Watch with DPD)
6/24 Monica’s (Suzanne to confirm)
7/1 Prophet Bar with guest speaker Russell Hobbs
7/8 St Pete’s (Kevin to confirm)
7/15 Crime watch meeting at Reno’s Chop Shop
Stuff happening out & about:

June 11 Riddle of Steel at Double Wide
June 13 Frog Eyes at Club Dada
June 13 Lovie Beach Party at Space Studio
June 14 Pluto is Not a Planet a group show at Hal Samples Gallery
June 14 Cathey Miller solo exhibit at Kettle Art
June 17 Dysrhythmia at Bar of Soap
June 20 The Fleshtones at Double Wide
June 20 The Art of Skateboarding at Southside & Lamar
June 21 Art Conspiracy Seed at Sons of Hermann Hall
June 21 Times New Vikings at Club Dada
June 23 The Almost at The Door
June 26 Local Heart Show at Prophet Bar
June 27 Town hall with the Mayor at Sons of Hermann Hall 2 p.m.
June 27 Jim Suhler at All Good Cafe
June 28 Doug Burr and Kristy Kruger at All Good Cafe
June 28 They Come in Swarms at Bar of Soap
June 30 The Slow Poisoner at Bar of Soap
July 2 Josephine Collective at The Door
July 4 Fair Park 4th in Fair Park (stay tuned for a great hint on enjoying this event!)
July 7 Guida at Bar of Soap
July 11 Boys Named Sue at All Good Cafe
July 14 The Resurex at Bar of Soap

(events chosen due to impact on neighborhood, national touring artists, involvement with DEEP and DEA and those events which support humanitarian, social, environmental and charitable interests)

Taken from April & Brad’s post on their myspace page – “The Red Blood Club will be closing its doors for good on June 15, 2008. This completely breaks our hearts, but we have been trying to fight a battle that we cannot seem to win…At several of those shows there were maybe 10 people that showed up… We were not trying to make a buck off anyone…we were simply trying to keep the doors open.
We would like to thank EVERYONE that came out to RBC and showed their support. We would not have made it this long without you!…
I would like to ask that you all keep us in your memories. There were SO MANY kick ass shows at RBC and even more good times. We made a lot of new friends and even a few enemies! It will all be missed greatly.

Please be sure to continue to show your support to Doublewide, Bar of Soap, Reno’s and The Granada. They really need you and when they are gone there will be nothing!
We will be planning a “Grand Finale” party that will take place at RBC. The details will be posted soon.
We love you all!!
x0x0x0x0~ April & Brad”

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My Night at the Rich Dude’s Crib

Posted by Cindy on 9th June 2008

This past Saturday night, my friend Brooks hooked me up with an actual paying gig. ‘Twas a church-based event in the “back yard” of one filthy-stinkin’-unbelievably-incredibly-extremely-rich couple. I’m talkin’, beyond comprehension, type of rich folk.

My jobs included hauling ice, picking up trash and golf-cartin’ rich folk to and from their cars. The palatial mansion, in which these really really really really really rich people live, has about an acre and a half of yard that pretty much slopes down to the banks of White Rock Lake. It was magnificent.

They had set-up a stage that rivaled the AAC, the back-drop being White Rock Lake.

A famous Australian Christian artist had been flown in to entertain at this fabulous shindig, by the name of Nathan Tasker. A talented and extremely nice fella.

I’d guesstimate that about 150-200 people showed up with picnic baskets, blankets and li’l ones in tow to enjoy a night on the rich dude’s lawn.

I couldn’t help but think about some of our local artists that would wow this Highland Park crowd, the same way that Nathan did. So I’ve figured it out. All we need is a really huge palatial mansion with a good acre-n-a-half, the Park Cities’ phone book and a couple of golf carts….that’ll save the music scene…yeah…that…

PS: If anyone asks, I am for hire. Full time. Part time. Whatever, just something that pays.

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Ty’s Eye

Posted by Ty on 9th June 2008

As promised, the boy-child will now be doing a weekly concert (picks) calendar for them there all-ages shows and such. Well, at least for as long as I can keep him interested. It’s all him, his picks, his text. He made the above poster all by his lonesome.

The Stronger than Hell Tour
Tuesday, June 10th
The Door
Demon Hunter / Living Sacrifice / Oh Sleeper / The Famine / The Advent
Recommended if you are into Metal and Hardcore.
Doors at 6 pm
Purchase Tickets Online – $18.00
$20 at the door
The Door

Check out the Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza and Veil of Maya at Fat Daddy’s Sound Shack. Highly recommended if you are into Grind, Metal, Experimental. Help support the 3.75 Gallon Tour!
Empty Pages / Asryia / My Brother in Arms / Brother Von Doom / With Dead Hands Rising / Veil of Maya / Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza
Fat Daddy’s
Thursday, June 12th
Doors at 5:30 – $12

Friday, June 13th Support your local scene by checking out the new band, Ceres, at The Door. This is their first show at The Door. Dallas, make it BIG!
Doors at 6:30 – $10

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Show Cancellation for this Eve

Posted by Cindy on 7th June 2008

Deadman had a scheduling conflict, so they aint’ gonna be at The Cavern tonight. Dammit…

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Happy Birthday to DJ EZ Eddie D…you, my friend, rock!

Posted by Cindy on 7th June 2008

If I hadn’t lost my cell phone the other day (not gettin’ the text invite ’til ’twas too late), then I woulda been at the birthday paaartaaay for my darling Reid Robinson and the divine EZ Eddie D. Below is audio from one helluva great day with ‘em both…

Originally recorded for – Recorded by The Fine Line – January, 2007

Pikahsso Allen Poe calls legendary DJ EZ Eddie D “the Godfather of DFW underground hip-hop.” You should always listen to Pikahsso, he know of what he speaketh…

DJ EZ Eddie D has cultivated a career as a DJ, remixer and producer for more than 24 years. Being the closest thing to a hip-hop historian that Dallas has ever known, he has worked with the early pioneers as well as many of the current up-and-comers. From his early days growing up in Finneytown (a suburb in Cincinnati) to his 23 years in Dallas, it’s no surprise to find his influences are all over the musical map. With a collection containing everthing from R&B to classic rock, funk to retro and blues to hip-hop, his studio is the Mecca record collectors dream of.”

“His main focus today is fusing all of these genres with hip-hop beats creating a distinctive sound all his own. In 1982, Dallas DJ The Master Mixer taught Eddie how to blend records, and also introduced him to the radio station KNON 89.3 “The Voice of the People.” He interned and moved his way up the ranks, working with DJ Cisco Soul & the Party Patrol and Nippy Jones of the “Fresh & Freaky Friday Show” (later KKDA). Nippy helped groom him for his own time slot. In 1987, station manager Craig Taylor gave him that chance with his first show airing Thursday nights from 9 to 11. The show moved a few times before finally landing on Saturdays from 5 to 7 p.m., where you can still tune in weekly for “Knowledge Dropped-Lessons Taught (Vol.2).” It is the only source Dallas has for true underground hip-hop, and a public radio station is a perfect forum for his philosophies on politics, religion, racism and social responsibility.

Reid Robinson and I met up at Gachet Coffee recently to go Inside the Mind of EZ Eddie D and had ourselves a delightful time. Did we catch the whole thing on audio? But of course, darlings.

Our good man Alex Kanakis hung out with Eddie at the KNON 89.3 studio and caught some super-sweet video.

Check out the Eddie D video here (Video)

Be sure and tune in to 89.3 KNON every Saturday night for DJ Eddie D’s Knowledge Dropped Lessons Taught – 5-7 p.m.

The interview includes tracks from P.P.T. and Pikahsso.

Inside the Mind – DJ EZ Eddie D


Inside the Mind Series:
~George Gimarc
~Josh Venable
~DJ EZ Eddie D
~Jeff Liles

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