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Fine Line: May, 2008

A Leaf

Posted by Cindy on 30th May 2008

“Time is Passing.mp3″ by Daniel Folmer

So like that wickedly awesomely talented Daniel Folmer just dropped a fresh new disc. I may not know much, but I do know that this kid rocks and from what I’ve heard from the new album, it’s a keeper.

Check out more tunes here. Also, scoot your ass to The Chat Room this eve for a live performance, along with other greatnesses, Sarah Jaffe, Robert Gomez and those darling Heartstring Strangler kids.

It seems that tonight’s showcase was a tad overbooked – everyone listed above is still performing, sans Daniel. HOWEVER, you can still catch Daniel at Strawberry Fields getthehellouttatheoldlocation party tomorrow, Saturday, May 31st. Dammit. I really picked the wrong weekend to leave town.

Daniel Folmer’s new album A New Leaf is available now on Gutterth Records. Focusing in and out of a relationship, he uses pop songs to emote distant sentiment, romance, joy and frustration. The album was recorded on quarter inch reel to reel during two sessions with Justin Collins (Centromatic, Doug Burr, Robert Gomez, Record Hop) and mastered by Matthew Barnhart (Shearwater, Baptist Generals, The New Year), at the Echo Lab and Satisfactory Studios.

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Weekend Whaddup

Posted by Cindy on 29th May 2008

Artwork Courtesy of the Boy-Child

I’m off down I-35 this weekend to haul the girl-child back to Austin and get her settled into her new digs. So no shows fer me, but plenty for you...

Double Wide
Thursday – The Jungle Rockers / Sawed Off Sick
Friday – The Heelers

Fallout Lounge
Thursday – Lost Generation w/Wanz Dover
Friday – The Fever w/DJ El Macho & DJ C MacPhie

City Tavern
Thursday – Taylor Davis
Friday – Grant Jones & the Pistol Grip Lassos / Mike Mathis Band / Band of Annuals

Opening Bell
Thursday – Derisory, I Am
Friday – Fate Lions / Elle / Annabella
Saturday – Fishing for Comets / Billygoat Brink (wish I could be at this show)


Tim Miller – “Adelaide”

I can’t recall precisely how I first met Tim Miller, but I do know ’twas awhile back. Cuz one time I was doing a live audio stream at the Green Room for Kirtland Records, and like I ran into Tim there and I particularly remember that night cuz Cary Pierce was performing and he asked me to watch the door for him while he changed…heh.

Anyhoo, Tim’s got a spankin’ new album just out, Adelaide, and he’s gonna drop it like it’s hot this coming Saturday, May 31st at The Loft.

Joining Tim on stage that night, the amazing Jonathan Tyler & the Northern Lights and Electric Touch. Es muy bueno, like buttah.

Recorded onto tape, Tim Miller’s Adelaide is an example of emotionally- charged, mature songwriting. Produced by Chris Bell (Erykah Badu, Polyphonic Spree, Eagles) and mastered by Adam Ayan (Rolling Stones, Bob Marley, Phish, Ani DiFranco), Adelaide features Tim Miller’s honest and soothing voice performing melodic folk rock songs in a style similar to singer/songwriters, James Blunt and Ari Hest. Out Of The Box (2004) established this Dallas based singer/songwriter as an artist with a raw, honest approach and since Miller’s music has been licensed by MTV’s My Super Sweet 16, Real World, Road Rules, and The Challenge, and Tom Green’s film Shred II.

Adelaide is a collection of meaningful, slow-medium folk rock songs. While listening to this album, you get the feeling that any of these songs could easily be in a soundtrack during the turning point of a film. Miller’s guitars and vocals blend together effortlessly while the organ and piano perfectly compliment the basic folk rock sound of the album. Instead of keeping with the usual acoustic guitar and piano set-up that most folk rock musicians use, Miller brings in an organ on some songs, which makes the album stand out and creates an overall fuller sound. “Say Hello” is one of the album’s faster-paced rock songs that showcase this full organ sound, in addition to a melodic bridge and break down of electric guitar and voice. “Let’s Go” and “Another Day in the Life” are two additional solid, medium-tempo rock songs that move the album along nicely with catchy rock guitars and strong vocals. The rest of the album is slower-paced, folk rock ballads, including “Whom Am I,” an emotional song with dreamy acoustic guitars, dramatic piano and introspective lyrics. “Man Overboard,” another slower-paced rock folk song, features one of the album’s most catchy guitar riffs. In “Let us End,” Miller sings colorful harmonies, creating a soulful feel that reveals the depth of his vocal abilities. “Four Leaf Clover” brings in the mandolin and steel guitar to give the listener a taste of country. “This Life” features both a catchy piano and keyboard that give the song an ambiance of driving through the country at sunset.

Adelaide is an album of listenable instrumentation and dynamic songwriting. Tim Miller is definitely here to stay and I wouldn’t be surprised if very soon we start hearing his songs in more mainstream outlets.

~Erik Bruno – Muzik Reviews

The Loft
Friday – Treasure Fingers / Kill the Noise
Saturday – Tim Miller CD Release / Jonathan Tyler & the Northern Lights / Electric Crush


Poor David’s Pub
Friday – Randy MacAllister
Saturday – Brice Beaird / Mark Wayne Glasmire / Elizabeth Wills

Lee Harvey’s
Thursday – DJ MC 900 Ft. Jesus
Friday – DJ Sista Whitenoise / Oliver’s Army
Saturday – DJ Sista Whitenoise / Boys Named Sue
Sunday – DJ EZ Eddie D

House of Blues
Friday – Local Music Showcase w/Kristin Leigh / Meridain West / Calhoun / Odis
Saturday – Old 97′s / Hayes Carll

The Cavern
Thursday – Scarily Terrible / Peace Corpse / Falkens Maze / Farah
Friday – The Frontier Brothers / Orange Peel Sunshine / The Ramonalisas / Ian Axel
Saturday – The Hope Trust / Leo Rondeau / Heidi Leigh Spencer
Sunday – Ricki Derek

Friday – The Party / Cultura Fina

Granada Theater
Thursday – Black Angels / Brothers & Sisters / True Widow
Friday – Cory Morrow / Rich O’toole / Mo Robson
Saturday – Eleven Hundred Springs / Big Smith / The King Bucks

Lakewood Bar & Grill
Friday – Catdaddies / Aranda / Brian Wright / Sally Jaye / Macon Greyson
Saturday – Dustin Morris & Greenstar Band / Mike & the Moonpies / Somebody’s Darling / Salute

Tipperary Inn
Friday – Bandmates

Green Elephant
Friday – Funk Dirtyy
Saturday – Dub Assembly

Thursday – Jason Boland & the Stragglers
Friday – Doug Moreland
Saturday – Mark David Manders

Thursday – Colin Boyd


I’m a lumberjack and I’m okay…

Yup, it’s that time again. Lumberjack Fest IV will rock yo’ ass all day and into the night on Saturday, May 31, 2008. I’m quite p.o.’d that I ain’t gonna be in town…but don’t let that stop you’ns.

It’s goin’ down at Dan’s in Denton and starts ’round 2 pm. See below.

Proceed will go to the Denton Humane Society and the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Walk!

Dan’s Silverleaf
Thursday – Tenacious ROot / DJ Craig-Mon / Texas Coalition to Abolith the Death Penalty Benefit w/Sara Hickman
Friday – Centro-matic / South San Gabriel
Saturday Lumberjack Fest IV w/The Make Believers / Mauve X / Deep Snapper / Low Dosage / Pinebox Serenade / A.M. Ramblers / PVC Street Gang / Gun Gun / The Heelers
Sunday – Free Music Sundays with Starhead / Dark Valley Harvesters / Fancy Fist
Monday – Paul Slavens


Hailey’s – The Logic / Hallelucination / Febrifuge
Saturday – DJ G & the Gang

Rubber Gloves
Thursday – Vortexas / Mr. Dibbs / Rob Viktum
Friday – The Night Game Cult / Silk Stocking / White Bitch / Vioent Squid
Saturday – Margot & the Nuclear So & So’s / Matthew & the Arrogant Sea / Red Monroe

715 Panhandle
Friday – Marked Men / Teenage Cool Kids / Total Abuse / Back Sabbath

Thursday – The Burning Hotels / Chomsky / The Frontier Brothers / Titan Mon – 6:30 pm

The Aardvark
Thursday – Los Super Vatos / 281 South / The Dallahachie / Brothers / Terrible Secret of Space
Friday – Myers Brothers / Matt Cliff / Greg Schroeder / John Guns
Saturday – Asylum Street Spankers / Matt the Electrician


The Chat Room is the place to be this weekend with a stellar line-up of many FineLineLiveLoved bands.

Now see here…

The Chat Room
Friday – Sarah Jaffe / Robert Gomez / The Heartstring Stragglers
Saturday – The Baptist Generals / Band of Annuals / Matthew & the Arrogant Sea


The Fairmount
Thursday – Michael Fracasso / Mike Kelley
Friday – Josh Abbott Band / Charlie Shafter Band
Saturday – Dale Watson / Eric Hisaw
Sunday – James Nored / Dave Eaves

Thursday – Scott Copeland
Friday – Fatty Lumpkin
Saturday – Stephen Pointer Band
Sunday – Jenny Kerr

Thursday – Great American Novel / Pretty Baby / Browningham
Friday – Pablo & the Hemphill 7 / Darth Vato / The Me-Thinks / Uzi / Warchild
Saturday – Local H / Lions / Max Cady

The Moon Bar
Friday – Peach Truck Republic
Saturday – Whiskey Folk Ramblers

Scat Lounge
Thursday – Reverend Organ Drum
Friday – The Texas Gypsies
Saturday – Ricki Derek

White Elephant
Thursday – Ed Burleson
Friday – Kyle Hunt Band
Saturday – Kevin Deal
Sunday – Jordan Mycoskie / Kurt South / Houston Marchman

Woody’s Tavern
Friday – Micky & the Motorcars / Stephen Pointer
Saturday – Hazaard / Greg Schroeder



Bill’s Records
Saturday – The Opium Symphony – 4 pm – free

Good Records
Saturday – Old 97′s – 1 pm – Local H – 3 pm

Strawberry Fields
Saturday – SeeyalaterWestOak Party




89.3 KNONRocket Radio – “underground electronic and dark music from the North Texas area and around the world”
Midnight ’til 4 am


KTCU 88.7Radio Sputnik
Tune in at noon!

89.3 KNONThe Dungeon – hard rock, punk, metal and lots from our local unsigned bands
Midnight ’til 4 am


The Local Show on KDGE 102.1 The Edge with the always hot ‘n hunky Chris Ryan – Tune in at 9:00 PM

The Front Porch on 99.5 The Wolf with the better ‘n buttah Justin Frazell – 6:00 PM

The Good Show on KTCU – 88.7 FM with my fave 3 2 stooges Tom U. Tony Diaz – starts at 9:00 PM.

90.1 at Night with my mentor Paul Slavens – 8-10 PM

Uncut with DJ Steve Nice – The absolute best in local Rap/Hip-hop/R&B 11 PM – K104 FM

89.3 KNONPagan Holiday – Open playlist, call in your requests! Lots of Indi and local rock.
Midnight ’til 4 am


The artwork and music are not of this world… or are they? Is the surreal nature of dreams and fantasy from another plane of existence, or are they here in plain sight? The artists and musicians participating in Existence Is Elsewhere all explore what may or may not be imagined.

Existance Is Elsewhere is a one night only event featuring raw local talent of artists Nick Bradford, Lets Kish, Jason Barnett, Kunst, Alison Welsh, Larry Carey, Janelle Tohill and Loren V. Era. Music by Yells At Ells and SUBkommander.

Musical performances to begin around 9pm.

Avenue Arts
Saturday, May 31
8 pm

CADD Art Fair May 30 – June 1
333 First Avenue :: Dallas, TX 75227 :: 214.826.0467



7:00-10:00 pm :: Preview Party $45 in advance :: $60 at the door
9:45-11:00 pm :: Austin band, Shapes Have Fangs performing in the pavillion

12:00-8:00 pm :: General Admission $10 (good for SAT & SUN)
2:00-3:00 pm :: Keynote Speaker, booksigning featuring
Paige West, author of The Art of Buying Art and founder of Mixed Greens, NY

12:00-5:00 pm :: General Admission $10 (good for SAT & SUN)
2:00-3:00 pm :: New Media Panel featuring
Lauren Cornell (Rhizome, The New Museum), Paul Slocum (director And/Or Gallery, artist), Kevin Bewersdorf (artist, filmmaker, musician), Todd Simmons (Austin Museum of Digital Art), moderated by Noah Simblist (SMU)

3:30-4:30 pm :: Care and Conservation Panel featuring
John T. Campbell (The Nasher Sculpture Center), Lyzanne Gann (conservator of photographs), Shannon Phillips and Tish Brewer (The Center for Art Conservation), moderated by Cheryl Vogel (Valley House Gallery)

I’m going to defer to my dear friend over at the Sub-Rosa for all your art-going needs. The chick knows her sh*t. Use her site often.


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Tay-Tay on Kei-Kei

Posted by Cindy on 28th May 2008

I was most pleased to plop my arse on the sofa, after the Re*Cov*Er shindig on Saturday night, only to find precious Taylor Davis just a’croonin’ away on the Gordon Keith Show.

Check it above. Very nice.

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Posted by Cindy on 27th May 2008

For the second time in a row, lightening hit an electrical line (or transformer or something) during a storm and knocked out my block’s electricity. First time was in the middle of the night a few weeks back. This time, power went out just before noon today, and has yet to come back on…at 7 pm. At this point, I felt the need to pull the battery thingy I keep in my car to at least post this much info….I ain’t g’on be at no Barley House tonight…which sucks like none other.

It can’t be helped. We don’t know when the power shall return. We got food starting to spoil in the fridge. I can’t see to wash and dry my hair, much less…well…surely by now you are gettin’ the gist.

So you kiddies go to Barley and experience the shindig live and in person. Think of me. I’ll just be sitting here in the dark…cursng TXU…

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I Love Math Listen’s Up Tonight…

Posted by Cindy on 27th May 2008

I Love Math’s highly anticipated album, Getting to the Point is Beside It, sits all hot’n'bothered’n'ready for your insatiable CD player. Tonight, please join me in celebration by settin’ up over at Barley House for a good ol’ fashioned listenin’-to partay.

Out of town? Too lazy to make the drive? That’s kinda okay cuz we’ll be streaming the whole shindig live here at The Fine Line. Expect the cameras to roll ’bout 7 pm. The chat room will be up and running too, in case youse got questions for the band or somethin’.

Getting To The Point Is Beside It
We all get tired and we all get weary. Sometimes what we need is something true-a good, honest document stripped of all falsehoods and petty trickery. I Love Math’s new album, Getting to the Point Is Beside It is one such thing.

“It’s amazing what kind of magic some people can make with only the most basic of ingredients,” says Mundane Sounds about front-man/guitarist John Dufilho’s songwriting.

Dufilho (also the front-man for the Deathray Davies and drummer of Apples in Stereo), says “Mostly, I wanted to write and record a very straightforward album. I wanted it simple, to the point, and didn’t want to hide behind effects pedals, distortion, studio tricks, or irony.”

Drummer Philip Peeples agrees, saying, “On this record, I really enjoyed keeping it simple, playing into the songs, not simply through them. Also, John and Jason are amazing drummers, something that’s never far from my mind.” Accordingly, the band’s unwritten rule of “keep it sparse” makes perfect sense alongside another I Love Math mantra: “no cymbals allowed.” Simplicity over all.

On the 12 song Getting to the Point, pedal steel soars out over guitars you’d expect from the best of old school country. But this is no retro trip; songs like “Josephine Street,” “Some Bridges,” and “Too Many Demons” wouldn’t be out of place on a mix-tape with contemporaries like Jon Brion, Belle & Sebastian, Jonathan Richman, and Yo La Tengo (Fakebook-era) as it would with vintage Kinks, and like-minded harmonizers Simon and Garfunkel and the Everly Brothers.

As The Deathray Davies continues to move forward, I Love Math comes on as its own animal. This is no side-project; Dufilho writes endlessly, so pulling off two full-time bands is almost second nature. Recorded with Salim Nourallah at Pleasantry Lane Studio,.Dufilho and his Dallas-based band-mates, bassist Jason Garner (The Deathray Davies, The Paper Chase), drummer Philip Peeples (Old 97′s), and keyboardist Andy Lester (The Deathray Davies, Slider Pines), have given us an organic yet cinematic piece of music. Songs like “These Paper Walls,” “Volcanic Ash,” and “Better Days” come off like a soundtrack to a great movie that was never made.

On Getting to the Point, I Love Math deliver something modern yet classic. Welcome this record into your life. Your soundtrack has never been better.

“Josephine Street”

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To the Girl Talk….Quick!

Posted by Cindy on 26th May 2008

I got to be a fly on the wall for Leah Shafer’s Girl Talk (exclusively on a couple weeks back. ‘Twas pretty, pretty, pretty fun. Tania Rivas hung-out too, for this great’n'fun interview with Laura Carnes and we did the whole video over at Sonic Dropper Studio, under the guidance of studio owner Jim King.

Click here and get a glimpse inside the minds of some hot Dallas gals….

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Dear, Darling Hunter Hauk…

Posted by Cindy on 25th May 2008

Mememeber last night when the Happy Bullets started playin’ this song, and like I was all like, “omigawd Hunter, I LOVE the Happy Bullets” and you were like all, “yeah, so you’ve said like a billions times,” and I was all like, “I love this song, have you seen the video for this song????”….and you were like all, “no, not yet”…and now I’m all like….here ‘t’is……

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Re*Cov*Er…and the Awards Go to…plus some really Happy Bullets

Posted by Cindy on 25th May 2008

TOOOOOTALLY unedited…. Man I had a blast last night…hic…

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Re*Cov*Er Preview Look-See…

Posted by Cindy on 23rd May 2008

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That’s Totally Rufus

Posted by Cindy on 23rd May 2008

I think I’ve managed to talk the boy-child into doing a weekly thang here on The Fine Line. For you see, not only is this kid a musician, he’s also an avid concert goer…well, all-ages concert goer.

He’s been ramblin’ on and on about the big weekend at Fat Daddy’s, yes it’s that time again, FATTYFEST! Woohooo!!! Dude.

I used to cover a wider range of genres, including those metal, hardcore, screamo genres…but let’s face it, I’m too old and far too lame to even try to be a poser. Therefore, the boy has agreed to offer-up his concert picks for all-ages (and/or the genres listed above), since that’s his thang.

We discussed this after bedtime last eve, so I’m sorta on my own this week since he’s off to Lewisville the moment the last school bell tolls, so I’ll just leave it at this, click here if you wanna screamo your hardcore, moshy metal head off.

I can’t believe how many of these FattyFests I’ve attended over the years…oy. Sometimes it’s just nice to sit back and wallow in your old-aged-lameness…

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An Evening with Hal Samples

Posted by Cindy on 22nd May 2008

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Weekend Whaddup *UPDATED*

Posted by Cindy on 22nd May 2008

Artwork Courtesy of the Boy-Child


The Prophet Bar – Deep Ellum Association Mixer

City Tavern – Taylor Davis
Opening Bell – Ronnie Fauss / Evan & Jim / Chad Stockslager / Jesse Robertson
Poor David’s – The Muses
The Palladium – Jaheim
Granada Theater – Scott McCurry / Graham Wilkinson / Paul Renna / Catfish Whiskey
Rubber Gloves – Mark Sultan / The Lash Outs / Bad
8.0 – White Ghost Shivers / 100 Damned Guns
Fred’s – Darrin Kobetich
Lola’s – Lymbyc Systym / Top Secret…Shhh / Florene
The Fairmount – Hayes Carll / Corb Lund
Scat Lounge – Johnny Reno



The news that Strawberry Fields lost their old location seems to be getting better and better each day. Like this friggin’ kick-ass weekend wahoo…

Friday, May 23rd
Rubber Gloves
Strawberry Fields Presents: Denton Deluxe 1
Nouns Group / Fight Bite / J. Gray / Florene / Verulf / Violent Squid / Peach Street Gang / RTB2
Doors at 9 pm / $5.00
Check out Saturday’s line-up below…

House of Blues is my li’l dreamtown this weekend with the brilliant Alejandro Escovedo and our own Collin Herring sharing a stage…

“Stardom isn’t Escovedo’s goal. At this point in his creative and personal life, it’s not even a factor in his music making equation. But throughout his lauded 14-year solo career, Escovedo’s artistic aspirations have always aimed as high as the stars. And all along, his work has inspired the sort of rapturous critical praise that is unequalled for a contemporary artist who hasn’t (yet) achieved widespread cultural impact and fame. He has consistently earned a virtual music press thesaurus of acclamation and enjoys an ever-expanding audience as devoted as any in rock’n’roll, thanks to the stunning breadth of his musical vision, depth of his emotional expression, and the sheer quality and musicality of his work. Or in short, the artistry of Alejandro Escovedo is as good as contemporary music gets.”

Adair’s – Tejas Brothers
Double Wide – Crash Vinyl / Goodwin / Darlington
Fallout Lounge – The Fever
Liquid Lounge – Bavu Blakes with the Extra Plairs & D-Madness / Verbal Seed / Element 7D / Pikahsso
City Tavern – Arthur Yoria / Clay & Electronic Cowboys / Romp Almighty
Opening Bell – The Fluid Oz’s / Matt & Dan
Poor David’s – Russell Howard / Blacktop Gypsy
The Cavern – Titanmoon / The Party
Granada Theater – Guy Forsyth / Lonesome Spurs
Barley House – The Slack
Prophet Bar – Here, In Arms / Ella Minnow / April Geesbreght / Blake Bollinger / The Atlantic Messenger
Hailey’s – Aton / Josh Weathers Band
Lola’s – Prophets of Rage / House of Harkonnen / Hello Lover
The Fairmount – The Gougers / Kurt South / Greg Schroeder
The Moon Bar – High School Assembly / The Red Herrings
Scat Lounge – Quamon Fowler Quintet
Woody’s – Jonathan Tyler & the Northern Lights / Grant Ewing



On May 24th, from 7-10pm, an awards ceremony shall commence at The Prophet Bar, to announce this year’s winners of Re*Cov*er. First place will receive $1000, second place $500, and $250 for third. The Happy Bullets and Baby Ruthless will perform and prepare for a champagne toast. This evening will be free to the public.

* Tyson Summers/”The Cave”/3003 Commerce St.

* Sergio Garcia, Luke Harnden, Mark Nelson/”Untitled”/2631 Commerce St.

* Matthew Orwig & Jo Skillz/”Where Dreams Come True”/2612 Commerce St.

* John Gonzales/”Blind By Love/2513 Main St (frontside of The Door facing Good Latimer)

* Brian Crawford/Deep Ellum Koi”/2513 Main St (backside of The Door facing downtown)

Special thanks to Roy Ivy, Paul Slavens, Mike Graff, and Club Dada for making Friday’s event possible, and also to our sponsors: The Deep Ellum Association, The Deep Ellum Foundation, TW Design, and Eclipse Freight Systems.

Denton Deluxe II
Presented by Strawberry Fields
Rubber Gloves
Kaboom! / Street Hassle / Deep Snapper / Eat Avery’s Bones / Delphi / Zanzibar Snails / The International
Doors at 9 pm / $5.00

City Tavern
C.B.G.B. Benefit
Sponsored by – Made Loud and Yes Go Productions
Proceeds to benefit Cystic Fibrosis & Autism Research

3 pm Allstars (kid rock band from Zound Sound School of Music)
4 pm Children of the Grave (kid rock band from Zound Sound School of Music)
5 pm Deliver us from Moscow (kid rock band from Zound Sound School of Music)
6 pm Dustin Morris Greenstar Band
7 pm The Moncho Ponchos
8 pm The Felons
9 pm Millicent Friendly
10 pm Mic the Tiger
11 pm Escort Service
12 pm The Dirt Blazers

Double Wide – The Felons / Salute / The Far Star
Opening Bell – Blake & Fallon / David Byboth
Poor David’s Pub – Trueheart Texas / Hannah McLendon
The Cavern – Cosmic Cocks / Magic Fly
Granada Theater – Black Tie Dynasty / The Burning Hotels / The Demigs
Love & War (Plano) – Brian Burns
Love & War (Grapevine) – Randy Hopper
Hailey’s – Ladyhawk / Neva Dinova / Thrift Store Cowboys
Flying Saucer – Pablo & the Hemphill 7
Fred’s – The Dewayn Bros.
Lola’s – Johnny Hootrock / Spector 45 / Rockabetty Burlesque Revue
The Chat Room – Nouns group / The Angelus / Farah
The Fairmount – porterdavis / Lisa Hayes
The Moon Bar – The Illiads / Fate Lions / Nasty Rumors
Scat Jazz Lounge – Red Young / Silvie Rider
Woody’s – Bart Crow Band / Zach Huckabee / 500 Miles to Memphis



House of Blues – Boys Named Sue
The Cavern – Ricki Derek
Love & War (Plano) – Eleven Hundred Springs
Dan’s Silverleaf – Free Music Sundays w/Enemies / Violent Squid / The Mad Scientists
Hailey’s – E.C. Selector / No2self / It’s What We Get / Yeahdef – $1.00 Donation goes to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
White Elephant – Clubhouse Concerts Presents: Mike Graham / Matt Martindale




89.3 KNONRocket Radio – “underground electronic and dark music from the North Texas area and around the world”
Midnight ’til 4 am


KTCU 88.7Radio Sputnik
Tune in at noon!

89.3 KNONThe Dungeon – hard rock, punk, metal and lots from our local unsigned bands
Midnight ’til 4 am


The Local Show on KDGE 102.1 The Edge with the always hot ‘n hunky Chris Ryan – Tune in at 9:00 PM

The Front Porch on 99.5 The Wolf with the better ‘n buttah Justin Frazell – 6:00 PM

The Good Show on KTCU – 88.7 FM with my fave 3 2 stooges Tom U. Tony Diaz – starts at 9:00 PM.

90.1 at Night with my mentor Paul Slavens – 8-10 PM

Uncut with DJ Steve Nice – The absolute best in local Rap/Hip-hop/R&B 11 PM – K104 FM

89.3 KNONPagan Holiday – Open playlist, call in your requests! Lots of Indi and local rock.
Midnight ’til 4 am

More Artsy-Fartsy

I’m going to defer to my dear friend over at the Sub-Rosa for all your art-going needs. The chick knows her sh*t. Use her site often.


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FW Weekly Music Awards are…Announced? UPDATED

Posted by Cindy on 22nd May 2008

I love Fort Worth. Really. I do. Some of my favorite folks live, work, play and perform there, and ‘sides, they’s just good people in Fort Worth.

I also like the FW Weekly. Well, sort of. Unless I make the trek to the Fort, I can’t get me grubby paws on a hard copy. That’s really too bad, cuz their website sucks to high Heaven. Not only is it a tad confusing, but they are still running Mariani’s “Hearsay” column without paragraph breaks (oooooh, and the forever question marks). It’s so highly annoying, and gone on so long, that I rarely even take a look-see.

Another highly annoying thing (no, I’m not through bitching just yet) is when every year, the FW Weekly Music Awards nominees are announced…they are via the hard copy only. If you hit the site and click on the Music Awards Ballot side-banner (you might have to refresh several times before you find it), it goes to a…sigh…MySpace page. Still, no nominees listed.

I want to love the FW Weekly again, really, I do. But they make it so darn hard when I can’t even navigate (much less read) the darn site. Oh, and now with the pop-up ads…oy.

Okay, nuff bitchin’.

Here’s what I do know, and a little speculation…

1. The ballot is in this week’s issue on page 18.

2. The Music Showcase is on June 22nd, 2008.

3. Here’s the link to the MySpace page.

4. Mariani aka Hearsay says that the ballot will be up on the site at some point.

5. Mariani, Darling Anthony, still takes great pleasure in taking Dallas potshots…heh…that kid never fails to crack me up…

The only thing different this year is the addition of a new category, DJ, an uber-niche genre about which most of us, I bet, know next to nothing, probably because we live in backwater Fort Worth and not upscale Dallas. Nevertheless, I got enough e-mails over the past year to warrant including our turntablist friends…

6. Five Venues for this year’s event, including 8.0, Bent Lounge, The Flying Saucer, Paddy Red’s, Scat Lounge.

7. I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume that the performers confirmed, are also nominees: Black Tie Dynasty, The Burning Hotels, Calhoun, the Cut*Off, Darth Vato, Collin Herring, April Geespreght, Goodwin (who, I’ve been told by a very reliable source, got several nominations), Jefferson Colby, Lifters, Merkin, Pable & Hemphill 7, Stephen Pointer, Pretty Baby, Rivercrest Yacht Club, Stumptone, Tame, Tame & Quiet, Telegraph Canyon, Titanmoon, Whisky Folk Ramblers….and “more.”

I’ll letcha know if anymore info. comes across my desk…meantime make like me and plan to attend.

Thanks to me Muffy, I have the 411…


Black Tie Dynasty
The Burning Hotels
The Cut*Off
Tame… Tame and Quiet

Exit 380
Jefferson Colby
The Me-Thinks
Sky Eats Airplane
Spoonfed Tribe
Stella Rose

Blood of the Sun
The Great Tyrant
Legends of the South
One-Fingered Fist
Within Chaos

The Black Bonnets
Frontier Brothers
Panther City Bandits
Pretty Baby
Proud Warrior
Rivercrest Yacht Club
Telegraph Canyon
Whiskey Folk Ramblers


The Campaign
Darth Vato
High School Assembly
Holy Moly
The Illiads
Pablo and the Hemphill 7
Sally Majestic
Villain Vanguard

Best Fwends
The Bible Fire
Eaton Lke Tonics
Top Secret .. shhhh
Underground Railroad

Blackland River Devils
Dove Hunter
Collin Herring
Clint Niosi
Panther City Bandits
Telegraph Canyon
The Theater Fire
Whiskey Folk Ramblers

Brad Hines
Joey Green Band
Jordan Mycoskie & the Fire-Breathing Fish
Josh Weathers Band
Kyle Bennett Band
Maren Morris
Magee Payne
Stephen Pointer
Standard Transmission


100 Damned Guns
Tommy Alverson
Cadillac Sky
Lost Country
Ginny Mac
Phil Pritchett
Kurt South
Quebe Sisters

Blackland River Devils
Bosque Brown
Daniel Katsuk
James Michael Taylor
Russ Walton

Daymond Callahan
Fort Worth Jazz Orchestra w/Adonis Rose
Jazz Monsters
Jhon Kahsen
Rachella Parks

Dirty & Earthy Vibes
James Hinkle
Josh Weathers Band
The Red Herrings
Holland K. Smith
Drue Webber
John Zaskoda

8-11 & Ph.D
Immortal Soldierz
Rivercrest Yacht Club
Smooth Vega
Keite Young

April Geesbreght
Maren Morris
Elizabeth Wills
Beth Wood
Zayara (Pretty Baby)

Daniel Katsuk (Katsuk)
Matt Mooty (The Burning Hotels)
Cory Watson (Black Tie Dynasty)
Carey Wolff
Keite Young

Tyler Casey, Nathan Scneiderwent (Titanmoon)
April Geesbreght
Collin Herring
Daniel Katsuk
Tim Locke
Keite Young

“All The Good News” – Telegraph Canyon
“Big Fire” – April Geesbreght
“Denglish” – PPT
“Last of the Great Mississippi Bluesmen – Live in Dallas” – The Blue Shoe Project
“Out in the Wind” – Katsuk
“Past Life Crashing” – Collin Herring
“Rivercrest Yache Club” – Rivercrest Yacht Club
“Texas” – Playradioplay!
“Vinyl Destination” – Joey Green Band
“When the Music Starts” – Mount Righteous

“Calhoun” – Calhoun
“2″ – Goodwin
“Gravity Sunnenly Released” – Stumptone
“Film Black” – Titanmoon
“My Cosmic Self” – Jefferson Colby
“Packaged Up For Beginners” – The Cut*Off
“Public Service Announcement” – Spoonfed Tribe

“Alibi” – Lifters
“Elephants a Big as Whales” – Playradioplay!
“JennyO” – Josh Weathers Band
“My Mistake” – April Geesbreght
“Punches” – Collin Herring
“To Me Mum” – PPT
“Violent Man” – Pretty Baby

“Big House” – The Cut*Off
“Breathe” – Calhoun
“Grace” – Goodwin
“Gravity Suddenly Released” – Stumptone
“Morocco” – Titanmoon

Green River Ordinance

Child O’Mine
Poo Live Crew
Prophets of Rage
Velvet Love Box


Lee Allen
Andre Edmondson
Matt Hembree
Dave Karnes
Marcus Lawyer
Adonis Rose
Bart Rose

8.0 Bar and Cafe
Arts Fifth Avenue
Lola’s Saloon
The Moon
Ridglea Theater
Scat Jazz Lounge
The White Elephant

John Nitzinger
Buddy Whittington
Red Young

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We Were Live at Hal Samples’ Gallery

Posted by Cindy on 21st May 2008

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Posted by Cindy on 21st May 2008

Liles set George Gimarc up with his very own MySpace page. Go join his list of friends.

Here’s an “Inside the Mind” Reid and I did with George awhile back. It was like totally amazing. I’m not worthy to even breathe the same air as that man.

We’re working on an updated “Inside the Mind,” this time, video…brb…

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“The City of God” – Live Video Stream Tonight

Posted by Cindy on 21st May 2008

Tonight we’ll go live at the Hal Samples Gallery for a very special, very personal tour and story behind Hal’s current installation, “The City of God.”

Live Video Streaming Begins here at 6:30 pm CST.

The event will be a casual evening where you will have the opportunity to hear the story of the installation straight from the artist, Hal Samples. For the first hour of the open house, Hal will lead you through the installation, relating personal anecdotes and stories about the work and his time in Brazil. We will be viewing some video footage, and Hal will end with a brief lecture explaining his mission work in Brazil and his plans for the future. The last hour will be a forum setting where you will have the opportunity to ask Hal any questions you may have about the installation, Brazil, or Hal’s continued work in South America.

Please come and join us for an intimate evening of art, wine, and conversation. We look forward to sharing with you the importance of this work.

Hal Samples Gallery
2814 Main Street
Suite 101
Dallas, TX, 75226

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Welcome Jeffrey

Posted by Cindy on 21st May 2008

I dunno how I did it, but I managed to wrangle Jeff Liles into posting here whenever the hell he wants…hopefully, that’ll be often.

See his first one below….beg for more…he’s got the password…

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History Comes Full Circle

Posted by Jeff Liles on 21st May 2008

Who are we, anyway? I’ll tell you. We are the sum total of our collective experience. Everything we have ever done has led up to this particular moment in time.

For the longest time, our recording artists have been “appropriated” by other places. During my two years of working at the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles, I overheard literally hundreds of different conversations out on the front sidewalk. I can’t even begin to calculate how many times I overheard somebody say something like, “Oh, I love Pantera. They’re from New Orleans, right?” I overheard people say that The Toadies were Florida, Norah Jones was from New York, Rev. Horton Heat was from Chicago, Stevie Ray Vaughan and the Dixie Chicks were from Austin, and The DOC was from Los Angeles.

They say that perception is nine-tenths of reality. We need to take that remaining one-tenth and reclaim what has been rightfully ours all along.

There is a reason why recording artists from here so rarely feel compelled to represent the DFdub. It’s because we lack a certain pride in who we are.

Why? I have no idea.

Let me pose a question to anyone reading this blog. We’ve seen Austin declare itself the “Live Music Capitol of the World”, and leverage that perception into two HUGE yearly events that draw people in from all over the world. My question: Can you name a single artist from Austin who has sold over a million records in the last ten years? Here’s another question: Who has more live music venues, and who pays their artists more per gig?

While you’re diggin’ around trying to find an Austin artist who actually went platinum, let’s start by reclaiming what is already ours – Stevie Ray was born, raised and buried here, and the Dixie Chicks spent the first ten years of their career here. Norah Jones, Erykah Badu and Edie Brickell all developed their sound at our Arts Magnet High School. LeAnn Rimes, Kelly Clarkson, Lisa Loeb and St. Vincent are all from here.

Still trying to come up with an Austin artist who has sold a million records? Norah has sold 39 million CDs just by herself. Pantera sold almost 30 million. LeAnn has sold almost 20 million units. Country artist (and longtime Dallasite) Charley Pride has sold a staggering 70 million records during his career. Erykah, The Toadies, New Bohemians, Deep Blue Something, The DOC and Kirk Franklin’s God’s Property have all gone platinum.

Every stye of music is represented here. Hell, even our shitty artists like Vanilla Ice and Jessica Simpson have gone multi-platinum.

Why do I bring this up? Because artists with ties to Dallas put their money in our local banks. They own property here, they pay property taxes here, and they’re part of the collective economic footprint that is tied directly to our creative community. We’re missing a HUGE opportunity to do the same type of thing that Austin has done with SXSW or ACL.

Still, we’re the invisible music scene. It’s almost as if we’re ashamed of who we are.

I’ll wrap this up with one quick observation. When the TV series “Prison Break” decide to pack up production and move to LA, our Mayor actually picked up the phone and made an unsolicited call to various production houses in LA in an effort to bring the series back here. Can you imagine anyone from our local city government doing anything at all to promote the economy that is directly tied to our music community? Can you imagine our mayor calling an LA-based record label or booking agency in an attempt to raise the profile of our music scene?

It’s time to finally own who were are.

-Jeffrey Liles

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Logo Contest

Posted by Cindy on 21st May 2008

I HAAAAATE my logo. HAAAAATE it. So I’m taking submissions for a new FineLineLive logo. In exchange, I’ll thank you profusely. That’s ’bout all I gots in da’ bank…just a buttload of thankyas.

Seriously, if you are talented, witty and need to kill some time drawin’ sh*t, then send ‘em my way. Not too musicy, more culturelly…and what-not.

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JF Goes all P&K

Posted by Cindy on 21st May 2008

Rich just announced that Justin Foster just announced that he’s joining the Pugs & Kelly Show. Pretty nifty. He’s been sort of regularly on the show as of late, plus with both Pugs and Kelly gettin’ hitched, they just might need an extra voice.

When they gonna scoop up Dave Little already?

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