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Fine Line: April, 2008

SDE da’ Place to Be

Posted by Cindy on 30th April 2008

There’s a buttload of good stuff to know over at Save Deep Ellum.

…well? Don’t just sit there, go see!

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Where Have I Been?

Posted by Cindy on 30th April 2008

…obviously under a rock. However, I do so love those times when I start to feel utterly overwhelmed, and I can point you kiddies to a really good blog.

Somehow, I knew nothing of this blog until this morning. Quite honestly, I can’t even remember how I stumbled upon it…got lost in the dark, cold web and found a warm place to hang, I s’pose. Anyhoo, check out Deep Ellum Sullie. It’s most excellent and you’ll find stuff on Record Hop and Shiny Around the Edges and Reverend Horton Heat among much more.

Off you go…

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To Do Tonight – Wednesday, April 30th

Posted by Cindy on 30th April 2008


…Also performing, Matt Butcher

Wednesday, April 30th
Granada Theater
The Avett Brothers / Matt Butcher
Purchase Tickets
Doors at 7 PM
Live Webcast on with my Co-Host Kelly “the Gobblers Knob” Dearmore.

More tonight:
City Tavern – Dylan Sneed / Jacob Metcalf
Opening Bell – The Liking Strikes
Absinthe – Double D Inc. – Spring Fever Open Mic
House of Blues – Etta James / Tyler Dow Bryant
The Cavern – Douglas Woodlane / Error of Free Will / Greg Schroeder
Love & War – Ed Burleson

Rubber Gloves – Short Attention Span Theatre
Fred’s – John Shook Band
Scat Lounge – Django Reinhardt Tribute
The Fairmount – Songwriter Showcase & Open Mic – Featuring: John Jenkins & Phil Wallace – Hosted by Davis Chapman

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Posted by Cindy on 30th April 2008

I must have seen this thing a gajillion times, but it still cracks me up – This is a Paul Slocum creation and take note of some Shiny ‘screamers in the opening scene.

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The Jordan Fein Diaries – By Jordan Fein

Posted by Cindy on 29th April 2008

jordan fein is a human.

at age 17, he is no stranger to earth.
all that is near is far and all that is far is near to him

jordan is an explorer:
of art
of film
of photography
of music
of trees
of literature
of matching socks
of the future
of other dimensions

say hello to jordan fein and say hello to the world around you.

jordan fein is

jordan fein is

jordan fein is real.

we are al qaeda

april twenty eighth two thousand and eight common era

we are al qaeda presents “the fourth dimension”

today marks day one of the venturing into an alternate dimension.

this will serve as a diary of our project as it folds and unfolds in time.

who are we?

other than al qaeda, we are “jach stone and zordan fein”

what are we?

other than humans, we are a robotic machine.

what is it?

“an original three dimensional sound
with visual accompaniment gallery piece”

when is it?


july 2008


5.1 set up
audio run through
midi clarinet recorded
violin check
cello check
guitar check
synth check
beat check
check check
vocal check
piano check
kp2 check

the diary will continue at


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Mud Bugs’n'Weeds

Posted by Cindy on 29th April 2008

Well hell. Scott Porter informed me on Thursday night that this coming Saturday, May 3rd, marks the last performance for Spitfire Tumbleweeds. I guess this explains their un-returned emails about a show I was trying to book. Crap. The ‘Weeds is one of my very favorite bands. A band made up of some of my very favorite musicians. Musicians involved in other projects and other bands. Musicians who are doing things like getting married and working real jobs and having kids and trying to maintain their multiple bands. I suppose I understand that the ‘Weeds had to make decisions…I understand…but I don’t like it.

I know where to find most of these boys…but I’m still gonna miss them all together – Scott Porter / Kody Jackson / Cory Ward / Alex Maples / Justin Collins / Aaron White / Warren Jackson Hearne / Paul Slavens / Will Kapinos…and sometimes a few others.

“Dead Skunk” by Spitfire Tumbleweeds

So please join me on Saturday for their finale kick-yo’-ass all over the place show. Plus, it’s a big, fun Mud Bug Boil with other tremendous bands and all for a good cause. The money raised will go directly to five different charities, Cumberland Presbyterian Children’s Home and Denton County Friends of the Family are the targeted charities. Donations will also be made to AIDS Services of North Texas, Mean Green Club and Mothers of Multiples.


The 12th Annual Denton County Charity Mud Bug Boil and Gumbo Cook-Off
Saturday May 3,2008

Admission:$5.00 or $3.00 with canned food donation
Children under 12 get in free
All-you-can-eat is $15.00

1211 W. Hickory Street, Denton
On the back lots of Lucky Lou’s and Riprocks
Gates open at 11:00a.m.

Performing: Spitfire Tumbleweeds / The AM Ramblers / The Heelers / Rodney Parker & 50 Peso Reward / Big Daddy Alright / Eleven Hundred Springs

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Coming up for air…

Posted by Cindy on 29th April 2008

I’m like really, really, really behind on everything. This week’s number one top priority is getting headquarters back in livable conditions. My lack of household attention, topped with the boy-child and his merry band of brothers hanging out here, this place needs a real Spring cleaning….actually, Spring, Summer and Fall cleaning.

However, I wanted to put some stuff out there that’s been weighing on my mind…well…what little there is left of it after Good Records and M2S2 and Quick’s Big Thing…oy, the poor bastard brain cells that have passed on these last couple of weeks…RIP.

First up, the lovely Lovie ladies offered-up a copy of Ultraviolet on Thursday night, which I carefully tucked safely away, then promptly forgeteted. From all accounts the Ultraviolet fundraiser on Saturday night was a smashing success. If you hadda miss it like I hadda miss it, then do the right thing and purchase a copy. It’s so worthy a cause, and the music is worth your dimes.


Photo by Allison V. Smith

Allison V. Smith has been busier’n'hell too. However, she made time to post about her adventures and add some brilliant photography (like the one above of the Amazing Fred). I luvs her.


One of my bestest buds just celebrated his first whole year as an official blogger. Congratulations to the Gobbler’s Knob! I’d tell you all about it, but why listen to my blather? Go visit him often, ‘specially if you dig Americana/Roots/Alt.Country/Red Dirt…well…you get the gist.

We are celebrating live tomorrow night at the Granada with a surprise video interview with the Avett Brothers and a live video webcast of the show. I plan to return home with one of those Avett boys as a parting gift, or perhaps that Crawford kid.

The Knob and his baby Gobbler


I really need to go visit Hal, Greg, Desir​ea and Cash…I’ve all but completely ignored them the last couple of weeks. Shame on me.


Okay, gotta get to work. After I tackle at least 2 rooms, then I’ll check out this week’s/weekend’s shows and put my thoughts on those out there in the vast world wide web…


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Random Footage from the Green Room – Quick’s Big Thing

Posted by Cindy on 28th April 2008

This video is pretty much a wrap for FineLineLive’s coverage of Quick’s Big Thing. You can check out the winners here.

This extravaganza was, by far, one of the best nights I’ve had in a long-ass time. Kudos to Hunter, Alison, Rob, Gordon and all the other Quicksters! Thanks for one helluva party!

PS – This is REALLY raw random footage…but you gotta check out Noah Jackson on Johnny Lloyd Rollins’ guitar. That boy can sing…and write a song.

PPS – I left the camera with Dave Little for most of this and you can hear his commentary if you listen closely. He’s always so worth it.

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Chelsea Callahan Presents “Next Big Thing” Award – Quick’s Big Thing

Posted by Cindy on 28th April 2008

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P.P.T. Accepts “Best Online Presence” – Quick’s Big Thing

Posted by Cindy on 28th April 2008

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Hunter Hauk Explains it all…and hands out the “Best Live Act” Award

Posted by Cindy on 28th April 2008

‘Twas Eleven Hundred Springs!

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Gordon *be still my heart* Keith Opens and was the Host-est wit’ da’ Most-est

Posted by Cindy on 28th April 2008

Is it just me, or is that dude Gordon Keith hotter’n'hell? Rick Astley opening the show is gold….GOLD I say!

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Chat it Up with Noah Jackson – Ghosthustler

Posted by Cindy on 28th April 2008

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Johnny Lloyd Rollins Trapped in a Room with his Guitar…

Posted by Cindy on 28th April 2008

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Duane Deering and Chelsea Callahan and Record Hop

Posted by Cindy on 27th April 2008

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One Big-Bad-Ass-Party

Posted by Cindy on 27th April 2008

Quick’s Big Thing was one helluva fun night…well into morning, as I walked out of the Palladium at around 3 am. I only saw one performance. I didn’t eat a thing. But I drank…and I drank…and I drank. I pretty much holed-up in the green room. Mostly cuz that’s where all the rock stars had gathered, also cuz Hunter was back there, and cuz the Palladium is kinda freakish about cameras. I don’t go nowhere wit’out my camera, so I was kind of laying low…so to speak.

It was a blast, a huge success and I’m already looking forward to next year. I got all kinds of drunken video coming…but for now, see above…

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Check 1,2

Posted by Scott Chaffin on 27th April 2008

Did this upgrade work?

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Posted by Cindy on 25th April 2008

…last night was soooooooo…

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Ryan Bingham – “Bread and Water”

Posted by Cindy on 24th April 2008

I absolutely, positively cannot get enough of Mescalito. ‘Specially this song. I’ve been listening in my car all morning. I even took a damn hour outta my day to make this video cuz…I luvs him….

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And the Award Goes To…

Posted by Cindy on 24th April 2008


I’d BEST see you HERE tonight!

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