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Fine Line: May, 2007

Down Cottonmouth Way

Posted by Cindy on 29th May 2007

Cottonmouth, TX aka Jeff Liles and pals just shot me a new track. This one is, as are the rest, quite special as it includes the greatness that is Scrote and Earl Harvin. Now this here’s some brilliance kids.

PS – Jeff says Earl Harvin is now residing in Berlin? Hm…lucky Germans.

“Get Out of Jail Free” by Cottonmouth, TX

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Inside the Mind – Sam Machkovech (Part One)

Posted by Cindy on 29th May 2007

Photo by Allison V. Smith

Reid and I met up with Sam Machkovech for a chit and a chat that lasted a solid 2 hours 45 minutes. Our talks were, of course, interwoven with subjects and comments not meant for all ears. That, coupled with moving stuff, makes editing a long long time consuming feat.

So here’s part one. Part two is on the editing board. We luvs us some SaMach and we hope you will too…be back later with the other half…

Inside the Mind – Sam Machkovech (Part One)

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Sunday, Sunday, Sunday…

Posted by Cindy on 27th May 2007

Kick-ass shindig at The Dubliner. The flyer tells all…


Sunday, May 27th
Barley House
Brent Best
9 PM – No Cover

“Unhinged” by The Drams


Sunday, May 27
Laura Veirs and the Saltbreakers / Lake
The Cavern | Dallas, TX
18+ | $10 adv, $12 dos | Doors at 6
* Early Show *

“For Ms. Veirs, marvels and cataclysms are intimate, something to sing about with an acoustic guitar and a breathy familiarity.” – The New York Times

“Veirs leaves room for you to wander around, get your imagination involved.” – NPR’s All Things Considered

On her third Nonesuch release, Veirs remains fascinated by the natural world, filling her work with images of the ocean and the stars. The continuing collaboration with producer Tucker Martine (The Decemberists) allows for experimentation and inventiveness, which, according to Pitchfork, showcases Veirs’ “indulgence in flights of verbal fancy.” An example of this is the track “To The Country,” which was recorded in the Nashville cabin of Johnny Cash and June Carter and which features an eight-person Baptist choir. Veirs describes the experience as “transcendent.”


Sunday, May 27th

Love & War in Plano
KHYI/Shiner Sunday!
Mark David Manders / Michael O’Neal
4 PM – $10.00 – Live Broadcast on KHYI 95.3 The Range

“Black Jack Road” by Mark David Manders


“The Dubliner” by Clay Pendergrass

Clay & Electronic Cowboys / A Partial Freakout
Sundays 6 ’til 9pm
no cover
Lakewood Bar & Grill
East Dallas,Texas
6340 Gaston Ave

live music+dj sets hosted by Vaqueros Electronicos roots,rock,reggae,jazz,funk y mas


Radio Sunday…

The Adventure Club on KDGE 102.1 The Edge with the wicked awesome Josh Venable – starts at 6 PM

The Local Show on KDGE 102.1 The Edge with the always hot ‘n hunky Chris Ryan – Tune in at 9:00 PM

The Front Porch on 99.5 The Wolf with the better ‘n buttah Justin Frazell – 6:00 PM

The Good Show on KTCU – 88.7 FM with my fave 3 stooges Tom U. Tony Diaz & Chris Bellomy starts at 9:00 PM.

90.1 at Night with my mentor Paul Slavens – 8-10 PM

Uncut with DJ Steve Nice – The absolute best in local Rap/Hip-hop/R&B 11 PM – K104 FM

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Inside the Mind – Robert Wilonsky – Repost

Posted by Cindy on 26th May 2007

Robert “Fingers of Fury” Wilonsky

Inside the Mind is a series Reid Robinson and I concocted to get to know folks in DdFW who we find quite interesting and wanna hear more of what they have to say. It’s unplanned, unrehearsed, unprofessional and unorganized. We like it that way. We hope you will too. We seek out those who have more to offer than just another pretty face.

Inside the Mind Archive:
DJ EZ Eddie D
George Gimarc
Jeff Liles
Josh Venable
Zac Crain

The sofa where we sat – I’ll never wash my ass again…

I’m a pretty big Robert Wilonsky fan. So much so, that I’ve been a tad intimidated at times. Like the time I was recording Josh’s Adventure Club Showcase at The Cavern and Sam hauled Robert over to my mics and Robert looked at me and said, “go ahead…ask me anything.” I think my response was…uuuuuuuuh….uuuuuuuuh….duuuuuuuuh… I do so make a grand first impression.

I sucked it up a little when Robert graciously accepted our invitation to invade his work and his busy day just to chat about whatever. I walked out slightly less intimidated by the witty intellect he be, but slightly more intimidated by his…um…hotness. They guy is pretty hot. However, I digress…

Below you can be a fly on the wall of Wilonsky central to hear talk of Dallas, Deep Ellum, the music scene, Frontburner, Zac Crain, Jeff Liles, Josh Venable, Unfair Park, HDNet and whatever else we talked about…

Inside the Mind – Robert Wilonsky

Rock and Rollercoaster – Subject: Funland – by Robert Wilonsky – Dallas Observer circa 1995

“Angry Girl” by Funland

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Love Is…

Posted by Cindy on 25th May 2007

Photo by Hal Samples

One of my favorite humans photographed by one of my favorite humans.

It’s these 2 wonderful humans who keep me sane, and keep me pluggin’ along with this silly lil’ blog….God Bless ‘em both.

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Posted by Cindy on 25th May 2007

Joy. Another delightful music section in this week’s Dallas Observer. Let’s start it off with Jonanna’s perfectly splendid write-up of her evening with Montrose…

…Finally, Montrose began to play. At first just spacey chords, surrounded by parentheses of reverb. But then he began the foreplay, lithely fingering the fretboard and picking up speed until the room filled with a gorgeous mélange of airy jazz and fuzzy rock, soul licks and flares of Hendrix, all of it backed by a rhythm section as solid as Stonehenge. Montrose’s guitar strings bent to his benevolent will, as did the crowd. My forgotten crab cakes congealed on the plate.

Montrose, I realized, was one of those special breed of musicians. He just oozes music, and his laconic coolness is not an affectation at all but rather a complete and utter comfort living amid the language of free-form jams. He’s transfixing and genreless and somewhat psychedelic, thereby garnering comparisons to Prince, Lenny Kravitz and Hendrix. He is a hidden secret of Dallas, surrounded by a cadre of insanely good musicians, and he should be famous. I suggest you check him out before he is….Please Read the Rest.

Check out dates and tunes so’s you can enjoy Montrose too.

“Eureka” by Montrose


Jonanna also pens some sumpin’ sumpin’s ’bout local regional bands and artists and their rise to fame and fortune…

Invasion: Polyphonic Spree’s Fragile Army is finally poised to invade the nation. The album is set for release June 19, and if you want you can buy the special edition with a 52-minute DVD documentary (made by Julie Doyle) and a Hal Samples-shot video, along with a Fragile Army patch. Then the Spree kick off their tour June 23 at the Granada and conclude with a performance at the August 3 Chicago Lollapalooza, with 25 dates in between. Even though we all know the Spree would never hurt a fly, it’s still kind of creepy to know they’ve evolved from the cult-rumor-inducing robes to black, military-style uniforms. Really, guys? Black? In the summer? In Chicago?…Read it fool.


Darryl Smyers talks about a long-time FineLine fave, The Cut*Off.

…Currently recording at Pleasantly Lane Studio with über-producer Salim Nourallah, the Cut*Off find themselves at an important juncture, that point where things progress from a hobby to a full-time job.

“I think the goal of any band is to make a career out of playing music,” says bassist Chad Sones. “If you can make a career out of something you enjoy, then you’d be pretty set.” Along with drummer Jake Webster, Sones is responsible for focusing the band’s intensity. The rhythm section’s interplay is vital to the band’s success, balancing the sloppy cacophony of classic psychedelia with an intense groove that serves Barnhill’s songs well…Read.

“Enjoy the Weather” by The Cut*Off


Photo by Hal Samples

Precious Andrea Grimes talks of precious Fred Holston and his equally darling dad

…Fred interns with Dallas homeless advocate and photographer [Hal] Samples and plays the sitar at coffee shops when his dad isn’t chauffeuring him around Deep Ellum and Lower Greenville to play his keyboard. Oh, and last Wednesday night? Fred was in Denton, banging his tambourine on stage with Austin buzz band the Black Angels at 1:30 a.m.

His dad, Bill, took a nap before making the 40-minute drive north with his son; he knows a night out with Fred could go late, and the human rights lawyer has to be at work at 7:30 a.m. But he says quality time is worth the lack of sleep. Three or four nights a week, Fred and Bill head out to a concert, art show or open mike. Bill is never far away, keeping an eye on his sitar-playing, hair-bleaching, occasional curse-word-dropping son.

What a little turd, right? I should be irritated by the 15-year-old running around my favorite bars, playing his incessant tambourine and yammering about the local rock star he got to take pictures of this week. I should loathe the fact that he gets to scrub big, black Sharpie X’s off his hands every morning before school. No fair! A big night out for me as a teenager meant a church lock-in. I ought to be wildly jealous and suspicious of this Dallas wunderkind and the bespectacled father who’s always supervising him from behind a cold bottle of Shiner.

But alas, I am a Fred fan, charmed by his naïveté and enthusiasm for things that I’d forgotten were once truly exciting, like rock and roll shows and wearing weird hats. (Fred’s got a coonskin cap he particularly favors.) Fred likes what Fred likes. If it’s dorky or too sincere, he doesn’t care. And it shows, especially in a crowd.

The first time Dallas photojournalist Allison V. Smith met Fred, she was shooting Good Records for Spirit magazine. “The place was filled with cool kids,” she says, but Fred “stood out” with a tambourine, bleached blond hair and fake henna tattoos on his arms. She snapped a photo of him sitting Indian-style in front of a bright yellow rack of indie-rock records. Cool, right?

“I think I’m younger now than I was when I was 15,” says a bushily goateed Bill. Bill was a square kid. But in a way, Fred is too. The way some teens would obsess over boy bands and pro athletes, Fred is consumed by the indie music scene. Yet his enthusiasm for the indie-rock reveals the true essence of Fred: Deep down, he’s not the apathetic, detached hipster ideal that someone who spends as much time at Good Records as he does should be.

He’s a 15-year-old kid who gushes on his blog about riding to SXSW with a rock band. Even his MySpace page address is an homage to one of his favorite bands, the Brian Jonestown Massacre. He pledges on the page that Andy Warhol “will forever be my favorite artist and visionary…” I’m going ot have to insist that you read the rest.


There’s more kids. Lots more. Oh yeah, and don’t fergetta VOTE!


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Inside the Mind – George Gimarc – Repost

Posted by Cindy on 24th May 2007

I just ain’t got time to post much these next couple of weeks. So every once in awhile I’ll hit you up with a previous post. Like this fantastic day Reid and I spent with George Gimarc. It was one of those days that makes all this crap worthwhile…


I’m pleased to start the New Year off with a chat with one of my personal heroes, George Gimarc. Here is a man that was such an intricate part of the local music scene, that he literally helped shape it. He practically started the original KDGE The Edge and built it into one of the best local stations in town – back a couple of decades. He was an on-air powerhouse on other local stations (KZEW, KNON, WRR, KNTU, etc.) as well…a little history ferya…

George Gimarc spent 29 years in radio working for a variety of stations. Among them WRR, KNTU, KDNT, KZEW, KRQX, KZPS, KNON, and KDGE. Way back in March of 1977 George went on the air on the College station (KNTU) with “The Rock & Roll Alternative” which was one of the first regular “new wave” or “punk” radio shows in the US. The program was the only venue that new music was played on the radio throughout the late 70′s and early 80′s. Acts that George was responsible for breaking in the DFW area include R.E.M., the Go Go’s, U2, Psychedelic Furs, Sex Pistols, Devo, B 52′s, XTC, The Smiths, The Cult, and hundreds of others. The program moved to commercial radio on May 18th, 1980, the same day that Mt. St Helens exploded and Ian Curtis of Joy Division hanged himself. These two events were not meant to draw attention to the debut, and in fact might have contributed to the lack of National TV coverage that evening of the debut. The “Rock & Roll Alternative” continued through 14 years, until it was retired. It was broadcast on four different stations throughout its run in Texas, and at one time was on as many as twenty pirate radio stations throughout Europe, England and Australia.

George Gimarc also played music director and DJ on oldies radio, starting KRQX in Dallas in 1982. It was recognized as being the first “classic rock” station in the country, the birth of a prominent radio format that caught on like wildfire across the nation and was responsible for putting even more money into the vaults of dead rock stars.

After leaving the comfy confines of KZEW in the winter of ’87, George started up “Back Pages” on KZPS. It was an eclectic classic rock show combining rare records, intriguing stores and loads of listener requests. It was the only spot to hear those rarest-of-the-rare recordings.

In 1989 word leaked out that a new station was going on the air in Dallas and George jumped in with both feet. KDGE (The Edge) was musically designed by George and his new friend Wendy Naylor. A staff was hired and the station hit the air at the end of June of ’89. Though hampered by a dodgy signal at the first, it was an instant success, defining the cutting edge in rock and breaking new acts left and right. George hosted the afternoon drive shift and was music director for the station. He also put together and financed all of the station’s “Tales From The Edge” CD releases, eleven in all. As usual, all good things must come to an end and in the summer of ’93 the Edge was taken in a new “top-40ish” direction. Among the changes was changing out most of the staff, including those who started the station.

Beyond the Edge, George took full control of his role as President and owner of Reel George Prod. Inc, an umbrella organization that covers his present role as a music historian with two books (“Punk Diary 1970-1979″ and “Hollywood Hi Fi”) already in international release. He’s also the sole writer for the “Rotten Day” with John Lydon program now running in over 50 markets, consulting work on projects like the Time/Life “History Of Rock And Roll” series and putting together compilations and writing liner notes for several record labels.

Another outlet of Reel George is a radio promotions and CD manufacturing company. It’s an outgrowth of a project that George ran for KDGE radio for the last nine years. He assembles and produces compilations of unsigned regional bands for other radio stations. The collections that George did for KDGE were titled “Tales From The Edge” and run up through the current Volume 11. Many of the bands on the CD’s went on to get signed to national labels and others saw their careers flourish overnight. Similar records have been produced by Reel George in San Francisco, San Diego, St. Louis and Sacramento. In fact, it was from the KPNT St. Louis disc that the group Gravity Kills sprang to fame.

Although he’s best known for his contributions to the alternative music scene, George Gimarc is expert in many fields of music. His first show in radio back in the 1976 was hosting a 50′s radio nostalgia program playing requests from listeners and learning about the music from rock’s formative years. As his record collection grew, so did his knowledge about the music encompassing the genres of electronic music, reggae, vintage country & western, big band, blues, folk and psychedelic rock. Similarly, he’s built up a network of contacts in those fields who are experts only a phone call away, a wonderful research base that is a resource he treasures.

It would be difficult to find anyone more in touch with the punk music than George Gimarc. His passion for music explains his collecting some 65,000 records, and knowing something about each and every one of them. There are few that can put a work like this together working from real life experience and their own resources…Read more.

Since my days co-hosting with Chaz over at TexasRadio1, I’ve been trying to get a one-on-one with George. Finally my parter in crime managed to pin him down and land us a invite to casa de Gimarc. Please join us and enjoy our afternoon with George Gimarc. Thanks to Reid for setting this up – he da man! Be sure and check out George’s exciting new venture Radio Sass – he’ll tell ya all about it if you just click below.

Featuring music from Tales From the Edge Volume 11:
~Dooms U.K. “Heather Has Two Mommies”
Matt Pence, Mike Rudnicki, Ian Bjornstad, Matt Duncan, Mark Hedman, DJ Geeky C., John Freeman

~Funland “Angry Girl”
Peter Schmidt, Will Johnson, Clark Vogeler

George Gimarc Part I

George Gimarc Part II

George Gimarc Part III

I put together my own compilation from the Tales from the Edge series for your listening pleasure. You can find copies of your own by logging on to George’s site or at Bill’s Records and CD World.

1. Killbilly “Running Gun” (Volume 2 – 1991)
Craig Taylor, Alan Wooley, Harris Kirby, Stephen Trued, Richard Hunter, Mike Schwedler

2. Mildred “Knock on a Knail” (Volume 2 – 1991)
Reggie Rueffer, Chad Rueffer, Jim Cooke, David Prez, David Bickston

3. Pop Poppins “On a Moving Train” (Volume 3 – 1991)
Broose Dickenson, William Hitri, Michael Moore, Mark Hitri

4. Little Jack Melody “Lock Up Your Daughters” (Volume 3 – 1991)
Little Jack Melody, Steve Calhoun, Scott Loehr, Dave Darbin, Vic Anderson

5. Nervebreakers “I Confess” (Volume 5 & 6 – 1992)
Tom Edwards, Mike Haskins, Barry Kooda, Bob Childress, Carl Giesecke

6. Tex & the Saddletramps “Move It” (Volume 5 & 6 – 1992)
Tex Edwards, Mike Haskins, Russell Flemming, Linda Shaw

7. Big Big Drama “It Happened” (Volume 5 & 6 – 1992)
Paul Averitt, Rick Norman, Danny DeLa Martyr, Gary Laun

8. Tablet “Stop Freaking Out” (Volume 9 – 1994)
Steven Holt, Paul Williams, Michael Vegh, Dave Christopher

9. Moon Festival “Brighter Then the Sun” (Volume 9 – 1994)
Salim Sevres, Faris Sevres Brad Robertson
ED. NOTE: What’s with the Sevres and no Nourallah?

10. Lone Star Trio “Make Up Your Mind” (Volume 9 – 1994)
Matt Hillyer, Steve Berg, Steve Adkins

11. Shallow Reign “Last Chance” (Volume 10 – 1994)
Bob Watson, Pat Sugg, Mark Thomas, Brad Robertson

12. True Believers “Alone in a Crowd” (Volume 10 – 1994)
Alejandro Escovedo, Javier Escovedo, Jon Dee Graham, Danny DeGorio, Kevin Foley

13. Princess Tex “Crucifix” (Volume 10 – 1994)
Kim Pendleton, Hal West, Phil Bush, Reb Burall, Colin Marsh, David Lee

14. Dah-Veed “Sigh by Sigh” (Volume 11 – 1996)
David Garza, Michael Hale, Clay Pendergrass

The divine Jeff Liles shot some video of George for his documentary “The Last Record Store” – Thanks Jeff!

“Dallas writer/DJ George Gimarc, Idol Records’ Erv Karwelis, Hydronic Sound System’s Jeff Wade and Bill Wisener discuss how the record industry transitioned from selling vinyl to where we are now, and how difficult it is to operate outside the traditional business model.”

These pictures, taken at Gimarc headquarters, barely portray the extent of George’s collection.

Even the powder room is filled with goodies…

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A.V.S. in Your Very Own Hands

Posted by Cindy on 24th May 2007

Guess what I just bought…

It’s a zine from my beloved Allison V. Smith…

It arrived and I am so excited for you to see it. Architect, dog lover, one of a kind/bff Jessica Stewart illustrated the cover! Wonderful Wendy Smith designed the zine and morphed my ideas into a reality!

They were printed in an edition of 250 filled with personal photographs from 2006.

The zine is 43 pages with 35 color photos. I made 250 and they will be signed and numbered. Get one before their gone. $20 includes tax & shipping in the US.

Go here and getcherselves a copy. Best hurry, they’ll be all gone by the end of the day.

“Secrets That You Keep” by J.D. Whittenburg (one of my particular faves)

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Somthin’ Summerific

Posted by Cindy on 23rd May 2007

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Movies ‘n Music

Posted by Cindy on 23rd May 2007

What seems like a gazillion years ago, I learned of an amazing band called Vibrolux (catch up here with the Dallas Observer). I remember many a show, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with panting young gentlemen, marveling at the hypnotic vocals of Ms. Kim Pendleton.

These days Kim is doin’ her thang with her newer project, THe BAcksliders, with fellow musicians Chris Bonner, Taylor Young and Nolan Thies…

Offering one of the most mesmerizing live performances in music today, THe BAcksliders have managed to blast on to the scene combining the best elements of rock & roll and country/soul. Formed in late 2005, THe BAcksliders wasted no time in self-releasing a full-length album, which has quickly sold regionally, and a 7” released December 2006.

Led by Kim Pendleton (formerly of Polygram recording artist Vibrolux) and husband Chris Bonner (Sons of Sound). THe BAcksliders songwriting reflects both their environment and relationship borrowing from such elements as Memphis soul, classic country, southern rock and punk. Backed by local rhythm greats Nolan Thies (Lauren Fine) on bass and Taylor Young (Young Heart Attack, Polyphonic Spree) on drums. The band has played over a 120 gigs in the last year and recently filmed a live DVD-“Live at the Double-Wide” to be released in early 2007.

That last bit is what I’m here to tell ya ’bout. The band is premiering their DVD, Live at the DoubleWide tomorrow night, Thursday, May 24th, at the Inwood Theater. Directly afterwards we can caravan over to The DoubleWide for one hella after-party, featuring the sounds of The Action IsTeam EvilDragna.

THe BAcksliders are also about to drop a brand-spankin’ new album any day now, so getcher wallets dusted off.

“Pour Another Glass” by The Backsliders

Sum Up:
Thursday, May 24th
Inwood Theater
Premiere of Live at the DoubleWide
Free Admission – 8 PM

Thursday, May 24th
The DoubleWide
The Action Is / Team Evil / Dragna
$5.00 – 9 PM

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Kettle in the City

Posted by Cindy on 22nd May 2007

My adoration for Frank Campagna and his fabby gallery, Kettle Art, ain’t exactly a secret. What can I say? The man is immensely talented and quite lovable.

So I likes it when I get good news from Camp Campagna…

Kettle Art is taking a little field trip next month. Out of approximately 1,000 galleries from across the planet that applied, we were one of 65 selected to take part in the Affordable Art Fair in NYC. Not only are we the only gallery from Dallas, but the only from Texas represented.

From what I understand they appreciated the fact that we exhibit / promote our scene here in TX. This event takes place June 14 – 17. The Kettle crew are Cathey Miller, Sergio Garcia, Marie Sena, Mark Nelson, Judith Lea Perkins, Richard Ross, Havi Frost, Erica Felicella and myself. My business partner Kirk Hopper, sales assistant Allison Welsh and production assistant John Noffsinger are also going along for this insanity. Another fact that will make all this extra special is that we’ll be celebrating two birthdays while there for Judith 6/13 and Havi 6/15. Crazy huh?

More about Kettle Art…

Gallery Information:
From its inception in the fall of 2005, Kettle Art, an artist run gallery, has sought to promote the work of emerging and mid-career Texas artists by creating an avant-garde venue that encourages the artists’ endeavors, as well as greater regional culture. Kettle’s artists share a similar urban aesthetic, and all work in diverse, and often alternative,media.

Kettle’s ambitious exhibition schedule, coupled with its commitment to actively engage and support regional talent, has started
somewhat of a Renaissance in the Deep Ellum district of Dallas: since Kettle opened its doors over a year ago, six other galleries have followed suit and set up shop in the neighborhood.

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Inside the Mind – Jeffrey Liles *repost*

Posted by Cindy on 22nd May 2007

It’s gonna take me a few days to edit through the “Inside the Mind” Reid and I did with Sam Machkovech last week – so why not go back in time and check out this classic episode with one of my favorite humans…

Current News From the desk of Jeff Liles:
“As some of you have gathered, I’m working on a new Cottonmouth, Texas album to release this fall.”

“Contraband Radio has purchased the rights to my 1997 Virgin Records release “Anti-Social Butterfly”, and has secured a slot for me as a performer on this summer’s Warped Tour. This has inspired me to have a new album ready to release when the tour is over.”

“I’ve taken a different approach with this newer material. Before, I recorded the vocals first and then had the musicians who made up Decadent Dub Team score them in the studio. This time, I recorded the new pieces at a studio in Burbank, California and then sent them to various musicians around the country.”

“This has enabled me to collaborate with a number of my favorite artists, including The Spores, James Hall, Cricket Taylor, and Darius Holbert of the group Darius, Tx.”

“The Futility of Blind Ambition” features production work from a great group called Rythym Ruckus, and “Senseless Census” features both Brad Houser from New Bohemians and Denton drummer John Spies. The track “Charming Psychotic” features LA guitarist/producer Scrote playing with Paul Barker and Rey Washam (from Ministry).”

“There will also be contributions from David Monsey and Dave Palmer (from Fiona Apple’s band), Zac Baird (Korn), Earl Harvin (Air), Dallas band Shanghai 5, Hydroponic Sound System, Com:Plex (Dallas producer Luke Sardello), and musician/produer Reed Easterwood.”

“The artwork for the “ASB” reissue will feature the photographer of Fort Worth-based John Holbrook, and the layout and design work of former Dallasite Heather Carlton.”

“I want to thank Steve Walker from Contraband for getting me back on track. I should have done this a long time ago. Better late than never. I look forward to meeting you when the Warped Tour comes to your hometown.”

Reid and I met over at Bill’s Records on Sunday to go Inside the Mind of the one—-the only—Jeff Liles.

We sat amongst the moving boxes and cassette tapes, a store in which Jeff spent many happy hours, as did we – very apropo joint to chat.

Jeff booked and managed such places at the Theatre Gallery, Trees, Longhorn Ballroom, Club Dada and more back in the late 80′s/early 90′s. An artist, musician, director, writer and producer – the man is divine.

About Cottonmouth, Texas
Cottonmouth, Texas is a music-driven spoken word project. Three CD/album releases so far: “white trash receptacle” (One Ton Records), “anti-social butterfly” (Virgin Records) and “the right to remain silent” (Heiress-aesthetic). Did the Lollapalooza Tour 1997 and EndFest/Seattle 1998. First spoken word performance was at Vidiots in Santa Monica as part of the “Man in the Moon Poetry Circus” with DJ Liza Richardson, Smokey Hormel (Beck’s guitarist) and Viggo Mortensen. Since then cm, tex has performed almost everywhere. House of Blues (LA), Fenix Underground (Seattle), Viper Room and Troubador (LA), Trees and Gypsy Tea Room (Dallas), Nell’s, Knitting Factory and Brownie’s (NYC) and First Ave (Minneapolis) were all great. Just finished a documentary film called “The Last Record Store” about Bill’s Records in Dallas. Decadent Dub Team had a song called “Six Gun” that was on the soundtrack to the 1988 LA gang movie “Colors”, remixed for the album by Dr. Dre of NWA. Since then DDT has kind of mutated into a revolving-door collective of Dallas-based musicians who have created the music for cm, tex. Currently bassist Dave Monsey is touring with Fiona Apple, drummer Mike Jerome is playing with John Cale, guitarist Kenny Withrow is playing with Edie Brickell and New Bohemians, and keyboardist Zac Baird is playing with Korn.

About “The Last Record Store”
Jeff Liles is the writer/Director of “The Last Record Store”, a documentary film about the legendary Dallas indie record store Bill’s Records. The project focuses on the life of store owner Bill Wisener and his ongoing struggle to stay open after 26 years in the business. Includes live instore acoustic performances by Daniel Johnston, 1100 Springs and James Hall, music by Hydroponic Sound System, The Spores, Maimou, Decadent Dub Team, Chomsky, Halls of the Machine, Centro-matic, Test Shot Starfish and others, as well as interviews with a number of customers, DJs, employees and weirdos. Liles’ history: Booked and DJ’d a number of live music venues in Dallas, Texas. Formed a rap group called Decadent Dub Team and contributed the song “Six Gun” (remixed by Dr. Dre) to the soundtrack of the Dennis Hopper-directed film “Colors”. Released three spoken word albums/short films under the name “cottonmouth, texas”. Now working at The Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles and for MarsGolf in Colombus, Ohio.

The interview includes tracks from Decadent Dub Team (“Makin’ Funky Money”) and Cottonmouth, Texas (“Life Support”)

Inside the Mind – Jeff Liles

Inside the Mind Series:
~George Gimarc
~Josh Venable
~DJ EZ Eddie D
~Jeff Liles

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Spune ‘Sup

Posted by Cindy on 22nd May 2007

ANDY ROURKE (of The Smiths) to Deejay The Cavern & The Mohawk!
Artist Website:

“Austin: Morrissey Pre-Party”
A Very Special DJ Set by ANDY ROURKE (of The Smiths)
with special guests Black Tie Dynasty & more
THE MOHAWK / Austin, Texas
All Ages -Purchase Tickets

“Dallas: Morrissey After Party”
A Very Special DJ Set by ANDY ROURKE (of The Smiths)
Also featuring: ZOO Video DJ (Videos of The Smiths)
21+ -Purchase Tickets

*Be one of the few to get in to see Andy Rourke DJ the same night Morrissey plays The Palladium Ballroom in Dallas. How’s that for timing?! Hurry over to The Cavern after the show or come hang out w/ Andy Rourke all night! Smiths’ concert videos during Happy Hour and Andy himself will spin some of his favorites, music that influenced The Smiths, and lots more.

**NOTE: Space is limited on both of these events. You’ll want to get your tickets ASAP!

“I Want the One I Can’t Have” by The Smiths


Sunday, May 27
Laura Veirs and the Saltbreakers / Lake
The Cavern | Dallas, TX
18+ | $10 adv, $12 dos | Doors at 6
* Early Show *

“For Ms. Veirs, marvels and cataclysms are intimate, something to sing about with an acoustic guitar and a breathy familiarity.” – The New York Times

“Veirs leaves room for you to wander around, get your imagination involved.” – NPR’s All Things Considered

On her third Nonesuch release, Veirs remains fascinated by the natural world, filling her work with images of the ocean and the stars. The continuing collaboration with producer Tucker Martine (The Decemberists) allows for experimentation and inventiveness, which, according to Pitchfork, showcases Veirs’ “indulgence in flights of verbal fancy.” An example of this is the track “To The Country,” which was recorded in the Nashville cabin of Johnny Cash and June Carter and which features an eight-person Baptist choir. Veirs describes the experience as “transcendent.”


DANIEL ASH (of Bauhaus, Love and Rockets) to Deejay The Cavern!

Artist Website:

An Intimate DJ Set by DANIEL ASH (of Bauhaus)
with special guests Black Tie Dynasty & more
THE CAVERN / Dallas, Texas
18+ / NO COVER / More Details TBA

“You need strong emotion, whether it’s fiery or depressed, an extreme state of mind. I think in any art form it’s the case.” – Daniel Ash As a founding member of the ground breaking Bauhaus, Tones on Tail and Love And Rockets, guitarist, saxophonist, singer, and songwriter Daniel Ash has distinguished himself in the world of contemporary music. Ash had become friends with Peter Murphy in his teenage years. Ash went to art school and Murphy to work in a printing factory. They met up five years later and Daniel suggested forming a band. Rigging up a makeshift rehearsal space, Ash played an Echo 12 – bar blues, while Murphy sang a series of newspaper articles. Four weeks after, they formed Bauhaus, and recorded “Bela Lugosi’s Dead”. That song, issued in 1979, became the cornerstone of the gothic rock movement. From early on, he was intent on sounding original, and often tried to “make the guitar not sound like a guitar”. His style is very simplistic and he favours using guitars with built in sustainers as well as an E-bow. After nearly five years of recording and performing, Bauhaus broke up and Ash put together Tones on Tail with Bauhaus drummer Kevin Haskins. In 1984, Tones on Tail was disbanded, and Ash founded the influential Love and Rockets in 1985 with Kevin Haskins and David J, also of Bauhaus. Now Daniel’s has a new found joy as a DJ, he spins an ecliptic set spanning over the 50′s60′s70′s80′s and 90′s to today’s modern Indie Rock, this is truly a must!

“Bluebird” by Daniel Ash



Thursday, May 24
A Very Special DJ Set by Andy Rourke (of The Smiths)
with performances by The Lemurs and Black Tie Dynasty
The Mohawk | Austin, TX
All Ages | $10 adv, $12 dos | Doors at 9

“Dallas: Morrissey After Party” Be one of the few to get in to see Andy Rourke DJ the same night Morrissey
plays The Palladium Ballroom in Dallas. Hurry over to The Cavern after the show or come hang out
w/ Andy Rourke all night! We’ll have Smiths concert videos at 10pm with ZOO: Video DJ and Andy himself
will spin some of his favorites, music that influenced The Smiths, and lots more at midnight!

Friday, May 25
A Very Special DJ Set by Andy Rourke (of The Smiths)
ZOO Video DJ (Videos of The Smiths)
The Cavern | Dallas, TX
21+ | $20 | Doors at 9

*NOTE: Space is limited on both events. Get tickets in advance.

Andy Rourke is a legend in his own right! Playing bass in The Smiths, a band who for many defined music in the 1980′s, Andy Rourke has undoubtedly been the source of inspiration for many of todays artists. The Smiths forward thinking approach won them a cult following breaking down musical barriers and continually defying audience expectations. Rourke’s musical achievements certainly quality him as a man who knows good music when he hears it and you can now find him delving deep into his record box digging out some of the finest music spanning three decades for audiences across the globe. As you might expect from Andy Rourke, his Dj sets hinge heavily on his own personal influences. From Indie to Rock both new and Old, to all-time classics and unreleased material. From his own collection, were talking about a musical journey with one of the pionerrs of the UK indie scene at the wheel.


Sun, July 15
Made Out Of Babies, Mouth Of The Architect, Hogpig
Hailey’s | Denton, TX
All Ages | $7 | Doors at 9

What are you afraid of, coward? There’s something taunting and downright intimidating about the sophomore album
by Made Out of Babies that befits its title, “Coward”.

Like that well-worn catcall, it’s every bit a menacing challenge. And, by all rights and means we should be intimidated by this
NYC quartet that looks like a composite of every schoolboy/schoolgirl crush and sounds like a ferocious hybrid of
PJ Harvey, Jesus Lizard, Babes In Toyland and Big Black.


Sat, June 16
“Hailey’s Summer Party”
Astronautalis, Tree Wave, LIONS, Cartright, 100 Damned Guns, Ghosthustler, PPT, The Villians, Sarah Reddington, Sarah Jaffe
Hailey’s | Denton, TX
All Ages | FREE over 21, $5 Under 21 | Doors at 3

Come hang out with us and get out of the Summer heat! We’ll have 10 great bands performing, frosty beverages,
snacks and pizza! Get there early for some amazing performances!


Thu, May 24
The Weary Boys
Central Market | Ft. Worth, TX
All Ages | FREE | Doors at 6

Fri, May 25
Matt and Kim, Fatal Flying Guilloteens, O Pioneers
The Mohawk | Austin, TX
18+ | $8 | Doors at 9

Sat, May 26
Laura Veirs and the Saltbreakers, Lake
The Mohawk | Austin, TX
18+ | $10 | Doors at 9
* Early Show *

Wed, May 30
The Dodos
Hailey’s | Denton, TX
All Ages | $6 | Doors at 9

Sat, June 02
An Intimate DJ Set by Daniel Ash (of Bauhaus)
with performances by Black Tie Dynasty, Ricki Derek, ZOO: Video DJ
The Cavern | Dallas, TX
18+ | FREE | Doors at 9

Sat, June 09
Deadman, Dylan Sneed (CD Release), Becky Middleton
The Cavern | Dallas, TX
21+ | $7 | Doors at 9

Tue, July 03
Hailey’s | Denton, TX
All Ages | $6 | Doors at 9

Fri, July 27
Joy Electric
The Cavern | Dallas, TX
18+ | $8 | Doors at 9

[View All Spune Events]



Doug Burr (Folk Pop / Indie)

RIYL: Will Oldham, Neil Young, Tom Waits, The Arcade Fire, Daniel Lanois, Elvis Costello and Johnny Cash.

Check out for a preview of 2 songs from the record.

“Doug Burr delivers enough heartbreak to drive you to the edge of the bridge, and just enough hope to keep you from jumping.
Rugged and pristine, this is music that gets under your skin and goes straight for the heart like a shot of morphine.”
– Real Roots Cafe Holland

We are thrilled to announce that we will be releasing a full length record for the amazing songwriter Doug Burr! On Promenade is 11 tracks beautifully soaked in sincerity, heartache, and love. We are also happy to announce this will be a co-release with our good friends at Velvet Blue Music (Richard Swift, Viva Voce, Lassie Foundation, Kissing Cousins). The record will be out this summer. The official release date will be announced soon.

Doug Burr’s flavor of backwoods roots and smart pop hooks has been described as conjuring Lucinda Williams on a revival high. After years of wood-shedding his songwriting, Burr emerged from his bedroom, the coffee houses, and open mics to begin playing out at bars and clubs in his home state of Texas. He’s been quietly winning people over, getting nice press, and getting material recorded.

There’s twinges of the regulars in it : Wilco, Young, Oldham, and maybe some hints of Jurado, Swift,or Bazan, though Doug’s music is clearly his own. Subtle yet commanding, and it actually feels meaningful. Finding a truly special record is like finding a needle in a hay stack these days, so consider “On Promenade” the best the needle you ever found!

“Doug sings with sound and fury, like he was layin’ down and dyin’, like he would never sing again.” –

“Burr is a fine writer who thinks about things; whether or not we agree with his fervid Gospel of promised light in a dark world, his music moves.”
- Buddy Magazine

If you missed Doug Burr last week with Clientele and Beach House, you can catch him at one of these upcoming shows.

May 26Opening Bell Coffee (Dallas, Texas)
Jun 3 – Club Dada – Out on the Patio (Dallas, Texas)

Slow Southern Home
Stay tuned to for more tour dates and release news.


Wall of Sound is coming! Details Announced June 1. It’s going to be special.


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Adventures with Boy-Child

Posted by Cindy on 21st May 2007

While driving with the boy-child this weekend, his cell-phone ringeth and the conversation went something like this:

Boy-Child: Hey N., whazzup? Oh really, what venue? Goth bands? How come you are there? Oh yeah….

Being the nosy mom that I tend to be, I inquired as to whom he speaketh witheth. “It was N.” Oh, is he at a show or something? “He’s with his dad at some venue downtown.” His dad? Yeah, his dad works for some radio station. Really? Who is his dad? Jon Dillon. Jon Dillon? Yeah, you heard of him? Only since like the 70′s.

Jon is back over on KZPS Lone Star 92.5, stirrin’ things up in a good way. All this time my boy-child’s bestest bud’s dad was/is Jon Dillon. Whodathunkit.

Me thinks I need to get “Inside the Mind” of Jon Dillon…Reid?

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Uno Mas…

Posted by Cindy on 18th May 2007

From the desk of Clay Pendergrass…

“The Dubliner” by Clay Pendergrass

comedy vs musica
a mashup
in the world series of love

sundays 6 til 9pm
no cover
Lakewood Bar&Grill
East Dallas,Texas
6340 Gaston Ave

live music+dj sets hosted by VaquerosElectronicos
roots,rock,reggae,jazz,funk y mas

comedy hosted by Andrea Grimes
featuring sets from:
Shaun Arredondo
Raj Sharma
Waylon Hazelhorst
Bob Khosravi
Adam Schumate
Dustin Ybarra

mas y mas at

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Yo Kids…

Posted by Cindy on 17th May 2007

Today marks the last day of my girl-child’s first 12-years of schoolin’. Therefore, the next few days will be whirlwindish to say the least.

So I leave you all in the capable hands of and We Shot JR and Gorilla vs Bear for your weekend concert going needs. They’s good folks with good recommendations. See ya on the flipside….or Monday…whichever comes first.

“Fine Line” by Macon Greyson

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Posted by Cindy on 17th May 2007

Yesterday former music editor of the Dallas Observer, Sam Machkovech, made the trek from his Lakewood abode all the way out to Richardson to record his “Inside the Mind” audio with Reid and yours truly. It was almost a 3-hour interview, so expect it posted here sometime early next week. Anyhoo, of course the topic of the Dallas Observer was among the things we discussed – and quite frankly – maybe it’s just me, being a little removed from the local music “scene,” but I’ve been a slight tad disappointed in the music section as of late. Until today…

…This afternoon, I stopped by my favorite watering hole distributor to pick up some weekend libations and picked up a hard copy of the Dallas Observer. I opened it to the middle, where the music section usually resides, and lo and behold – there he was – one of my favorite humans on earth, JD Whittenburg. Pages turned up other FineLineFaves such as Patricia Rodriguez (aka The Shapes), Darryl Smyers pick of The Demigs, Rubber Gloves, Fry Street Concert Series, Martin Sexton, and so much more creamy goodness.


Photo by Allison V. Smith

I told you kids way the hell back in March that JD Whittenburg’s debut solo album was gold. It’s nice to read that Jonanna Widner agrees…

…Though Dallas dude J.D. Whittenburg is better known for his nouveau-country work with his band Trainwreck, his new self-titled solo disc deftly delves into the intricacies of formula No. 2. With stunning vocal dexterity, Whittenburg balances a poetic sensibility with a sharp-edged intelligence, resulting in gorgeous and vexing lyrics such as “‘Deny yourself all half things,’ he said/I had my chances, it’s true/But I never meant to follow through/To deny, to deny, you half thing, you” from the opening track “Half Things,” and straightforward declarations such as “I’m afraid to go out/It’s always bad news/I don’t want to drink too much/I always drink too much” from “Losing My Senses….” Read it all.

“Secrets That You Keep” by J.D. Whittenburg (one of my particular faves)

“Gospel Music” by J.D. Whittenburg

PS – The photos of JD, both on the D.O. site and in the paper are by the mega-talented Allison V. Smith.


If you ain’t done the The Lollipop Shoppe thang, you just ain’t cool. This Saturday, May 19th, the Lollipop Shoppe presents LolliProm! Patricia and her cohorts teamed up with music impresario, Mike Snider, for one helluva second chance prom…and darling Rich Lopez spills all

…The opportunity to conjure up a redemptive prom do-over sounds like a Fantasy Island episode. Fortunately, Dallas has its very own Mr. Rourke in the person of Patricia Rodriguez, who is half of the driving force behind local collective the Lollipop Shoppe, an outfit that proclaims itself “Dallas’ Best ’60s and Beyond Club.” The Shoppe is joining forces with Mike Snider, the man behind the AllGood Café in Deep Ellum, to bring a second-chance prom to anybody and everybody, but especially to those who missed out the first time around.

“I didn’t go to my prom,” Rodriguez says. “I was really into the punk rock scene. I didn’t wear dresses. It was too girly for me.”

Snider proposed the prom idea and now, a few months later, the Lolliprom is just around the corner. He snagged the Sons of Hermann Hall as host venue (he books there anyway), wrangled snazzy door prizes for the best-dressed couple and individuals, gifts for every paid admission and booked Shibboleth, the 100 Inevitables and Rodriguez’s own band, The Shapes, to play. In turn, Rodriguez created and designed the poster and promotions and will decorate the ballroom.

Snider has been a fan of the Shoppe for some time. “They sounded neat. I had seen their posters. It looked like my era and that’s what I’m all about,” he says. That era is the mod ’60s, when swirling, psychedelic shapes in bold colors accompanied an array of groovy rock tunes and gritty soul. By design, the Lollipop Shoppe comes off as if the world of Austin Powers escaped from the dead-horse trilogy and landed here in Dallas to spread a message of dance, music and unity. Their posters are an exacting homage to that stylized line and shape of the time, recalling Mondrian, Warhol and ’60s rock posters…Read it all.

Saturday, May 19th
Sons of Hermann
Lolliprom w/ The Shapes / The Hundred Inevitables / Shibboleth / DJ Tigerbee / DJ Panda Flower
8 PM

The Shapes Live


My boy Darryl Smyers delights in The Demigs, much as I did, and I’m not surprised as our mutual taste in local music is almost always in sync…

“Throw Me Overboard” by The Demigs

“Cashing In” by The Demigs

…The fact that his band channels the best attributes of the Pixies only makes simplistic comparisons that much easier to make. Yardling, the band’s just released debut, offers more than the poppy post-punk of the Pixies, however. Songs such as “Summer Spiders,” “Humming From Outside” and “Throw Me Overboard” reflect stylishly retro influences such as Echo and the Bunnymen, Joy Division and early U2. Helping Chris Demiglio achieve his warped vision is the stout and sturdy drumming of his brother Mark and the piercing lead work of guitarist Eric Lee….Read it all baby.


Jesse Hughey, a lad I gushed over yesterday with Sam and Reid, writes about Rubber Gloves and the big, big, big 10-year-all-weekend-birthday bash, right here.

Click here to read all the rest of this week’s music section. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to vote! Thanks for a great read D.O.!

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D.O.M.A. Doin’s – Part I

Posted by Cindy on 16th May 2007

Yeah so the Dallas Observer Music Awards nominations are in full swing. This year, I’m going to do a couple of things a bit differently in support of the D.O., the nominees and for my own selfish reasons.

1. Once the nominees are announced, you’ll find audio/video here at The Fine Line featuring nominees – performing – plugging – and mugging. The Dallas Observer Music Awards initial nominations ends May 31st. So check back here after that to see/hear lots of audio video from the nominated bands/artists.

2. I’m gonna throw all my support towards 3 people whom I think are most deserving of a win.


Doug Burr
Oh come on man! Dougie and/or his band(s) have been nominated in the past. But if there’s one musician in the entire state that truly deserves a win, it’s Doug. His talent is limitless, flawless and brilliant. His songwriting is deeply genius. All around, this guy needs to take the stage at this year’s awards.

Musician of the Year
Best Acoustic/Folk
Best Male Singer
Best Act in Town

“Come to My Senses” by Doug Burr

“Promenade” by Doug Burr

“Travel Light” by Doug Burr


Eric Neal
Eric Neal is not only one helluva great guy, but he’s a multi-talented musician. Take a gander at the bands Eric performs (or performed) with:
Chris Holt & the Egos
The Doubledowns
Doug Burr
Escort Service
Flaccid & Domingo
The Jones Thing
Kirsty Kruger
Salim Nourallah & the Noise
Sara Radle
The Slack
Trey Johnson

Gander at the instruments he’s perfected:
Lead Guitar
Stand-Up Bass
Electric Bass
Steel Guitar
and these are in the “just to name a few” catagory.

In addition to performing with every damn great band in town, Eric also teaches bass and guitar at the fabulous Zounds-Sounds. This boy deserves a win.

Musician of the Year
Best Instrumentalist

Olospo Live at Club Dada

“Insatiable” by The Slack


Sam Machkovech aka
Sam Machkovech worked his way up at the Dallas Observer all the way to music editor. I think he did a pretty damn good job. Regardless of whether or not I agreed with some of his thoughts each week, I still found his writing highly entertaining and always interesting. Then Sam got the boot…and it sucked. Some may have found Sam’s writings to be too harsh or unfair. Harsh? Perhaps at times. Unfair? Not really. In fact, my experiences with Sam have always been fair, on the up-and-up and I’ve always walked away thinking that he was a man of integrity and honesty.

Once the pink slip had been wadded and tossed in the nearest garbage can, my darling red-headed surrogate son went out into the world and started a tre magnifique local music website, one in which put us other local music bloggers to shame. In a very very short time, Sam posted great interviews, reviews, up-to-the-millisecond breaking news, videos, concert picks and much more.

One other thing you may not know about Sam. He truly loves and respects music, both locally and beyond. He goes to shows all the dang time because he wants to go, not cuz he has to go. His taste, in my opinion, is impeccable, therefore I always check out the bands and artists he writes about or recommends.

Best site in town as far as I’m concerned. That’s why I’m urging you folks to vote for as “Best Local Music Site/Blog” for this year’s Dallas Observer Music Awards. Not only does he deserve it, it would also be such sweet sweet irony.

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All Things Considered

Posted by Cindy on 16th May 2007

The Girl Child pre-prom pic

My weekend will be full of high school graduation festivities. I can’t believe my baby girl is actually graduating, turning 18 in July and leaving her old mom for college in the fall…sigh.

Here’s a quick list of stuff happ’nin’ this weekend that’ll benefit both you and others…Please support and attend these worthy events.


Sweet, sweet Violet still needs our help kids…

The Cystic Fibrosis Great Strides Walk is fast approaching! To kick it off we will be rocking and rolling for our sweet girl Violet the night before at a benefit concert on Friday, May 18th. We are hoping to see everyone out there! Please pass this along to everyone you know. It will be a GREAT show!

The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation has become an organization close to these musician’s heart since Violet, whose father plays in El Gato and whose mother plays in Lovie, has recently been diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. We are going to fight to find a cure for this disease and for Violet. Please help us in our fight!

Thank you to all of those who have donated! Please pass this along… we are still taking donations on our website!

Ya’ll already know about my longtime immense adoration for Lovie and El Gato…but Raleigh has been in my top 3 listen-all-the-time for the past couple of months. I truly dig that band…and I don’t see that changin’ like…like…ever.

Friday, May 18th
The Cavern
Raleigh / Lovie / El Gato
$8 – Proceeds benefit darling Violet’s Care –

“Tell Me You Love Me” by Lovie

“The Frustrated Cowboy” by El Gato

“Post Script” by Raleigh


A Not For Profit Fund Benefiting Texas Musicians

To provide support, recognition, and community for local and regional musicians in the form of sponsorship, aiding in generation of awareness through media contacts, hosting and planning live events which artists will be included in, and assistance in locating proper management, promotions, booking, and / or record label support.

Our First Event
An Intimate Evening with Salim Nourallah and Rahim Quazi
Saturday, May 19th
8:00p / doors at 7:30p
Bend Studio – McKinney
5014 McKinney Avenue
Catered by Whole Foods Market and Best Cellars Wine
Sponsored in part by Bacon Financial Management

A year ago the Bend community lost a dear friend by the name of Anju Gill. If you ever had the opportunity to meet her, it’s certain that you remember her warm smile and beautiful spirit. She was an endless source of support and inspiration not only for Bend Studio and the artists who play there, but also for the independent music and the arts community in Dallas. She loved art and music, it was an essential part of her life, and she was an active participant in it, investing herself in the musicians and the venues that she frequented. We at Bend Studio will always be thankful to call Anju friend, to have had the chance to know someone with such kindness and wonderful creativity. To remember and honor her, we are pleased to announce the creation of The Anju Gill Foundation, which will preserve and perpetuate Anju’s love and support of the local music scene and the artists who contribute to it in her name.

Donation Levels
Standard Donation $20
Friend Donation $30
Patron Donation $50

*donation of 2 Patron Levels includes a bottle of wine, The Intimate Collection CD, and special seating

All proceeds will go to the Anju Gill Foundation.

*Please contact Ally at HERE for further details or questions.

“So Much Better” by Rahim Quazi


Kettle Art’s Second Annual Spring Cleaning Show

Dust off those pieces in the closet and get rid of ‘em here! We’ve teamed up w/ Gristle & Pulp and Darkside Lounge to bring you one exciting night of Art & Music!

Things kick off at 7:00pm w/ an exhibit featuring all kinds of bargains. At 10:00 we all head over to the Darkside to rock out to the Kansas City Faggots, Spector 45, Hardin Sweaty & Ready to Go and others… Should be a blast so come on down!

“The Fall” by Hardin Sweaty & the Ready to Go


The Richardson Wildflower Festival kicks off on Friday, May 18th with a plethora of local, regional and national bands set to perform.

Wildflower! is the area’s premier arts and music festival drawing local, regional, and national acts performing the best in rock, country, jazz, blues, swing, pop, Americana, and folk. Bands are still being booked and announcements will be made as more acts become confirmed Named “Best of the Fests” by D Magazine, Wildflower! also features strolling performers, acrobats and buskers, the Nortel Kidz Korner, the Wild! Marketplace, the City of Richardson’s Petting Zoo, The Acoustic Café, and the award-winning Singer/Songwriter stage.

Ticket prices for Wildflower! again remain the best deal in the Metroplex with a $20 three-day pass available at all area Tom Thumb stores beginning April 9th. The $20 pass is sold until 5:30 pm Friday, May 19. Advance purchase passes are also available on-line and by phone through Front Gate Tickets, or call 512.389.0315. Single day tickets are $15 and kids age 5-12 are $3; both tickets are available only at the festival gates.

Wildflower! is located at US 75 and Galatyn Parkway in Richardson and offers plenty of on-site parking as well as the DART light rail (Red Line) to the Galatyn Park Station. For complete Wildflower! information including festival map, performance schedules, festival rules, click here.

A short list of some of the bands performing:
Minority / The Romantics / Becca Dalrymple / Fastball / John Waite / Soul Asylum / Eddie Money / Better Than Ezra / Spector’s Gun Collection / Jon Christopher Davis / Smile Smile / The Texas Gypsies / The Novas / Shooter Jennings / Inner City All-Stars / Foghat / The Austin Lounge Lizards / Grand Funk Railroad / Morris Day & the Time / Tracy Byrd / Jo Dee Messina / Tom Faulkner / The Laws / Susan Gibson and more!

“The Attic” by Smile Smile


The Fry Streets Concerts shindig keeps rockin’ yo’ arse this Saturday, May 19th.

Saturday, May 19th
Performing bands: Riverboat Gamblers / The Feds / Honky / Upside / Dixie Witch / Hogpig
Benefits: Susan G. Koman Foundation and Save Fry Street
Location: 1207 W. Hickory
(In the Fry Street District of Denton, TX)
Gates Open at 1 PM – Music Begins at 2 PM

“Heatcar” by Hogpig


If I have any energy left after the big, big graduation day on Saturday, then you will most likely find me here…

Saturday, May 19th
Lee Harvey’s
The Extravaganza of all Extravaganzas Featuring: Shanghai 5 / Voodoo Organist / Lollie Bombs Burlesque / DJ Sista Whitnoise
9 PM

“Dead Man in a Motel” by Shanghai 5

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They’s Back Baby!

Posted by Cindy on 15th May 2007

Finally. Some good venue news…

After almost six months of waiting, the Metrognome Collective has finally received notice today of its Federal-Tax-Exempt status as a not-for-profit corporation. This means we can now accept tax deductible donations from individuals, corporations and foundations. I know we havent been especially active so far in 2007, the closing of our public space was a major blow. However, we are back and very excited to begin pressing forward again. We hold out great hope for Fort Worth, Dallas and Denton’s artist communities to become better integrated, coordinated and recognized.

Our goal in the next year is to buy a building to house our studios, performance space, gallery space, workshops and more. I am going to be sending out periodic updates as we progress, but in order to receive them, and notification of public meetings, events, etc… I am going to ask you to take two minutes of your time to subscribe to our new website and mailing list.

I am not going to be sending out updates from this address any longer, so please visit and sign up. All we need is a name and email address, so it is super quick and easy.

Any metrognome inquiries can be sent to

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