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Fine Line: January, 2007

Shiver Me Timber

Posted by Cindy on 12th January 2007

TheFatGuy is gonna kill me…cuz…well…I wanna hang out with Reid and Hal at The Parish tomorrow night and watch ‘em shoot pics of the greatness that is, White Ghost Shivers. Lemme show ya what I’m talking about…

Warning: The videos below were shot at Sons of Hermann a few months back. The good folks at Sons of Hermann are always kind to me – and keep my glass full. Full glasses of hooch = bad videography…I’m just sayin’…

Seth Walker will also perform tomorrow night which is sticky-sweet since I’ve been a long-time fan of his music…but never have seen/heard him perform live. Growed-up responsibilities and such might stand in my way of joining in the fun, but that shouldn’t stop your cutie-patootie. Check it…

“Restless” by Seth Walker

Saturday, January 13th
“Lose Your Resolution” – Sponsored by Unlock Austin
The Parish (Austin)
I.V. Thieves / Seth Walker / White Ghost Shivers
Hal Samples in da’ hizzy takin’ photos!

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Ear Candy

Posted by Cindy on 12th January 2007

Ken “The Stash Dauber” Shimamoto turned me on to Top Secret…Shhh back in the heat of summer. I so dig the tunes that I often listen to their tunes just to put me in a better state of mind. Today is one of those days I needed a dose.

I’m particularly fond of the one I’m offering-up here for you, my darlings. You can read Ken’s critique here while you listen. Please enjoy…

“Introducing the End” by Top Secret…Shhh

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Thievin’ A-Holes

Posted by Cindy on 11th January 2007

Photo by Hal Samples

I simply don’t understand people sometimes. A man focuses his entire life on bringing the homeless communities throughout the country to our attention, tirelessly interviewing, photographing and filming – only to have some asshole(s) steal them? Hal has a much brighter look at things than I do right now…below is from the Hal Samples Blog. If you know anything at all about these tapes, get in touch with Hal, won’tcha?

I woke up this morning.
It was the phone.

-Hi Hal.
-This is dadadada’ at HDNET.
-Sorry to be calling so early…. I don’t know how to tell you this…. all of your video tapes that you gave us… got stolen last night.
-Ok…. um…. yeaaaaah…. no worries.
-And my phone was stolen too so when you try to call it… I had it suspended… and..
-Email me your info
-I’m on your site now.
-Are you sure you’re ok?
-I guess I’ll let you go.


Today, I start over.

In the stack of “tapes” was hours of homeless video from San Fransisco, New York, Seattle, and Dallas. My footage from the Black Angles and Black Keys shows were also lost.

Today, I start over… again.

The tapes can not be replaced.

My spirit can be.

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What About Bill

Posted by Cindy on 11th January 2007

Courtesy of The Last Record Store

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The Critic Picks…

Posted by Cindy on 11th January 2007

Well how’s about them Hourly Radio boys! Scroll darling, scroll… 2006 Critic’s Choice

JASON MACNEIL contributor

1. The Hourly Radio, “History Will Never Hold Me” (Kirtland Records). Texas outfit’s debut features fantastic songs, great hooks and no dull moments.

2. Keane, “Under the Iron Sea” (Interscope). Darker than album one but just as stellar with “Try Again” and “A Bad Dream.”

3. Tom Petty, “Highway Companion” (American Recordings/Warner Bros.). Yet another taken-for-granted gem in a catalog of songwriting gold.

4. Primal Scream, “Riot City Blues” (Columbia). Music-mixing mad hatters get back to Stones-y basics.

5. Vince Gill, “These Days” (MCA Nashville). Axl Rose will release a similar amount of material … by 2057.

6. Ron Sexsmith, “Time Being” (Warner Music Canada). Slight departure for the underrated musician, with the same excellent results.

7. James Dean Bradfield, “The Great Western” (Sony BMG). Solid solo album for Manic Street Preachers frontman will hold most over until band’s next release.

8. Calexico, “Garden Ruin” (Quarterstick). Branching out into a slightly rockier format does wonders for fine band.

9. The Black Keys, “Magic Potion” (Nonesuch). Seedy, sparse, bluesy, fuzzy and great!

10. Sloan, “Never Hear the End of It” (BMG Music Canada). Adventurous 30-song release touches on both the old and new

Check the rest.

“Crime Does Pay” by Hourly Radio

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Chasin’ The Paper

Posted by Cindy on 11th January 2007

When The Paper Chase decides to go on tour, they don’t do the mess around. You’d damn well best pick a show or 10 and attend – that is if you are a connoisseur of freakin’ brilliant music. Yeah, yeah so I took the lazy-way out and cut-n-pasted – hence the lower case stuff – deal with it…

“We Know Where You Sleep” by The Paper Chase

1/22 Oklahoma City @ Conservatory
1/23 Lawrence @ Jackpot
1/24 Lincoln @ Knickerbocker’s
1/25 Dubuque @ The Busted Lift
1/26 Chicago @ Subterranean
1/27 Columbia @ Mojos
2/1 Austin @ Emo’s
2/2 Houston @ Walter’s
2/3 Denton @ Rubber Gloves
2/17 anchorage AK @ university of alaska
3/12 hattiesburg MS @ the thirsty hippo
3/13 atlanta GA @ lennys bar *
3/14 ashville NC @ grey eagle *
3/15 carrboro NC @ cats cradle *
3/16 charlottesville VA @ starr hill music hall *
3/17 washington DC @ 9:30 club *
3/18 phillidelpia PA @ starlite ball room *
3/19 hoboken NJ @ maxwells
3/20 new york NY @ webster hall/ bowery ball room *
3/21 boston MA @ the middle east (downstairs) *
3/23 montreal QUE @ ukrainian federation *
3/24 toronto ON @ opera house *
3/25 grand rapids MI @ the intersection
3/26 detriot MI @ st andrews hall *
3/27 north manchester IN @ the firehouse
3/28 chicago IL @ metro *
3/29 minneapolis MN @ first avenue *
3/30 omaha NE @ sokol underground*
3/31 lawerence KS @ the bottleneck *
4/02 dallas tx @ the granada *
4/24 Würzburg germany @ cairo
4/25 Muchnen Germany @ cafe kult
5/1 Wien Austria @ Chelsea
5/2 Linz Austria @ Kapu
5/3 Prague Chezh Republic @ 007
5/10 Aalborg Denmark @ fur

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Schtuff to Do

Posted by Cindy on 11th January 2007

Artwork by Frank Campagna

There are lots of loverly things happ’nin’ ’round the Lone Star State this weekend. You all know the usual places to go for the best bet show tips, so I’ll just toss out a few of my own suggestions – take ‘em or leave ‘em…

Thursday, January 11th

AllGood Cafe
The Neil Youngsters shall wow you whilst you dine on the muy deliciouso King Ranch Chicken. These bands are made up from the talented youngsters who fill the rooms of Zounds-Sounds, a place where they learn and experience music from the likes of Marc & Mary Solomon, Chris Holt, Steve Duncan, Corey Rozzoni, Eric Neal, and several other local rock stars…

Photo by Lindsay Graham

The kids who take music lessons from Marc Solomon don’t have recitals. They have concerts. Recitals require stiff suits and taffeta dresses, church manners and minor anxiety attacks. But these kids wear whatever they want–torn T-shirt, faded jeans, a tie if they’re feelin’ it. Backstage, in between their performances, the kids chat about the show, the vibe, give each other pats on the back. It’s not exactly a paying gig. But for a group of pre-pubes who arrived in the back seat of their parents’ minivans, it ain’t bad.

Thirty-seven-year-old guitar teacher Solomon calls these regular concerts for parents and other camera-toting parties “The Rock Show.” They’re relaxed and casual: wine for the adults, Rice Krispies treats for the kids. The evening’s set list alternates between finger-picked classics and all-out rockers guaranteed to please, anything from the Beatles to Green Day, from Elvis Presley to U2. Back when I was a kid taking piano lessons, our dreaded yearly performances were as nerve-wracking and solemn as a first communion. Not here: This is the kind of place where a 9-year-old once sang the most amazingly tongue-in-cheek version of the Fountains of Wayne MILF anthem, “Stacy’s Mom,” to a great deal of (adult) hooting and hollering. At 10 p.m. or so, when the show has wrapped, the kids are usually spent, lying across fold-out chairs. But it’s not unusual to see a mom on her feet for the finale, throwing devil horns in the air….Read the restDallas Observer – April 2005 by Sarah Hepola

Thursday, January 11th
8 p.m.
$5.00 Cover


Friday, January 12th

Good Records
I can honestly say that I’ve yet to meet another human as enthusiastic and excited about music as one C.J. Davis. C.J. is the energy behind Good Records and he’s gotta lotta musical knowledge stored up in that brain of his as well. So it’s only fitting that we all gather together on Friday, January 12th at Good Records to celebrate the beginning of C.J.’s 4th decade. I feel as though he’s giving us a gift, what with the excellent bands who are coming to perform on this day of celebration:

Mom / The Octopus Project / Pilotdrift / Treewave

Those of you whom I have stood shoulder-to-shoulder with at various Good Records in-stores know that it’s important to get there early if’n you wanna partake in the free beer and vittles. I’ll see you there – and don’t forget the birthday gifts…

“Elephant Island” by Pilotdrift

Friday, January12th
8 p.m.

Singer-songwriter extraordinaire, Kristy Kruger tragically lost her big brother in the War in Iraq back in November of 2006. Friday night join Kristy and her family at Opening Bell (formerly Standard and Pours) to celebrate the life of Lt. Col. Eric John Kruger – and to comfort his family left behind. Kristy will perform, as will Jon Randall. The concert is free, but they are encouraging donations of $10.00 that will go towards Lt. Col. Kruger’s wife and 4 children.

A personal note from Kristy…”for my brother Eric John Kruger who was killed in Iraq Nov. 2nd 2006. This day is his birthday. Please come down so myself and my family can feel something joyful on his birthday. It will be a tough day for us all. We will pass a donation jar, portions which will go to a fund for his children. My brother left behind four children, and his wife Sara. If you are unable to make the show and in a financial position to do so, please consider making a donation to my brother’s memorial fund. Any amount is fine and all contributions are greatly appreciated.” Make payable to “The Memorial Fund for Children of LTC Eric Kruger” The Memorial Fund for Children of LTC Eric Kruger 4850 Langdale Way Colorado Springs, CO 80906

Lt. Col. Eric John Kruger Remembered Courtesy of NPR

Friday, January 12th
8:30 PM

Saturday, January 13th

A delightful new exhibit shall kick-off on Saturday, January 13th at the glorious Kettle Art Gallery.

Texas Art from Private Collections
Works by Past and Present Masters
Opening reception Saturday, January 13, 2007
7:00 – 10:00
featuring works by:
Jerry Bywaters
Alexandre Hogue
Coreen Mary Spellman
Forrest Bess
Willam Lester
Everett Spruce
Vera Barnett
David Bates
Perry Nichols
Bert Long
Barney Delabano

curated by Kirk Hopper
Show runs through February 3, 2007

Saturday, January 13th
7 p.m.

The Double-Wide
You can never, ever, ever, ever, ever, infinity go wrong with the decision to attend a Spitfire Tumbleweeds performance. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll dance, you’ll drink, you’ll most likely even get lucky.

It you thought a Weeds trip from little d to BIG D was all you could possibly ask for, then gander this my darlings – it’s FREE! Like no charge! The fine fine folks at the Double-Wide are throwing a little customer appreciation party and I highly encourage you to take full advantage of their kindness. Want more? Then how’s about a dose of Lo-Fi Chorus too!

Friday, January 12th
10 p.m.

“Dead Skunk” by Spitfire Tumbleweeds

Barley House
The American Werewolf Academy shows are too sparse and irregular to take a chance on missing an opportunity to see ‘em live. I promise happiness and a feeling of immense satisfaction during the show and lingering well into next week. Here’s the lowdown:

The Lemurs / American Werewolf Academy / Sparklepussy Barbie

“The Good Time Kids.mp3 by American Werewolf Academy

Saturday, January 13th
8 p.m.

The Moon Bar
Goodwin. What more is there to say? Never, ever miss a Goodwin show. My Muffy will be there with a bass strapped to his adorable self. Also, scheduled in da hizzy, another Fine Line fave, Sunward – sweet.

Goodwin “Airport”

“Morning After” by Sunward

Saturday, January 13th
9 p.m.


More great shows this weekend can be had at:
Darkside Lounge
Sons of Hermann
The Cavern
Granada Theater
Dan’s Silverleaf
J&J’s Pizza
Rubber Gloves
Secret Headquarters
Wreck Room


I’ll be headin’ south on I-35 this weekend, and after a little diggin’ around, I found loads of good shows along the way that are close to home:

Waterloo Ice House (Austin – Friday, January12th) – Jimmy Baldwin / Clay Pendergrass

“Ganja Girl” by Jimmy Baldwin

“The Dubliner” by Clay Pendergrass

Momo’s (Austin – Saturday, January 13th) – Josh Goode / Sorta

“85 Feet and Falling” by Sorta

“Sadder Man” by Josh Goode Band

Texas Tea & Coffee (McGregor – Saturday, January 13th) – Clay Pendergrass

The Red Room (San Antonio – Saturday, January 13th) – Taylor Davis / Johnny Goudie

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Bend Goes All Cowtown

Posted by Cindy on 11th January 2007

Bend Studio is headin’ across the county line to bring you lucky Fort Worthians some of the sweetest concerts – and the bestest listening room you’ll find. Das right kids, lookie, lookie at the 2nd location for one of the best venues in da’ land…

Bend Studio, in conjunction with Soul Fitness, is opening it’s SECOND LOCATION this month in Fort Worth! Soul Fitness is located at 1901 Montgomery Street in Fort Worth, TX. Opening night is going to be something very special, and we hope you can make it out!

We are in need of a street team, show volunteers, and a sound man for the Fort Worth area, and would love if you are interested, if you’d be in touch with us at if you are interested.

We are super excited about our new room, and about working with Soul Fitness, and we look forward to hosting all of your favorite Bend artists in 2 cities now!

Stay tuned for more shows and details…

An Intimate Evening with:
Bob Schneider
Opening Night at Bend Studio – Fort Worth
8:00p / doors at 7:30p
$30 / $35 online
This show will sell out, be sure and get your tickets in advance

“Moon Song” by Bob Schneider

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Inside the Mind – Jeffrey Liles

Posted by Cindy on 10th January 2007

Reid and I met over at Bill’s Records on Sunday to go Inside the Mind of the one—-the only—Jeff Liles.

We sat amongst the moving boxes and cassette tapes, a store in which Jeff spent many happy hours, as did we – very apropo joint to chat.

Jeff booked and managed such places at the Theatre Gallery, Trees, Longhorn Ballroom, Club Dada and more back in the late 80′s/early 90′s. An artist, musician, director, writer and producer – the man is divine.

About Cottonmouth, Texas
Cottonmouth, Texas is a music-driven spoken word project. Three CD/album releases so far: “white trash receptacle” (One Ton Records), “anti-social butterfly” (Virgin Records) and “the right to remain silent” (Heiress-aesthetic). Did the Lollapalooza Tour 1997 and EndFest/Seattle 1998. First spoken word performance was at Vidiots in Santa Monica as part of the “Man in the Moon Poetry Circus” with DJ Liza Richardson, Smokey Hormel (Beck’s guitarist) and Viggo Mortensen. Since then cm, tex has performed almost everywhere. House of Blues (LA), Fenix Underground (Seattle), Viper Room and Troubador (LA), Trees and Gypsy Tea Room (Dallas), Nell’s, Knitting Factory and Brownie’s (NYC) and First Ave (Minneapolis) were all great. Just finished a documentary film called “The Last Record Store” about Bill’s Records in Dallas. Decadent Dub Team had a song called “Six Gun” that was on the soundtrack to the 1988 LA gang movie “Colors”, remixed for the album by Dr. Dre of NWA. Since then DDT has kind of mutated into a revolving-door collective of Dallas-based musicians who have created the music for cm, tex. Currently bassist Dave Monsey is touring with Fiona Apple, drummer Mike Jerome is playing with John Cale, guitarist Kenny Withrow is playing with Edie Brickell and New Bohemians, and keyboardist Zac Baird is playing with Korn.

About “The Last Record Store”
Jeff Liles is the writer/Director of “The Last Record Store”, a documentary film about the legendary Dallas indie record store Bill’s Records. The project focuses on the life of store owner Bill Wisener and his ongoing struggle to stay open after 26 years in the business. Includes live instore acoustic performances by Daniel Johnston, 1100 Springs and James Hall, music by Hydroponic Sound System, The Spores, Maimou, Decadent Dub Team, Chomsky, Halls of the Machine, Centro-matic, Test Shot Starfish and others, as well as interviews with a number of customers, DJs, employees and weirdos. Liles’ history: Booked and DJ’d a number of live music venues in Dallas, Texas. Formed a rap group called Decadent Dub Team and contributed the song “Six Gun” (remixed by Dr. Dre) to the soundtrack of the Dennis Hopper-directed film “Colors”. Released three spoken word albums/short films under the name “cottonmouth, texas”. Now working at The Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles and for MarsGolf in Colombus, Ohio.

The interview includes tracks from Decadent Dub Team (“Makin’ Funky Money”) and Cottonmouth, Texas (“Life Support”)

Inside the Mind – Jeff Liles

Inside the Mind Series:
~George Gimarc
~Josh Venable
~DJ EZ Eddie D
~Jeff Liles

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Inside the Mind – DJ EZ Eddie D

Posted by Cindy on 10th January 2007

Originally recorded for

Pikahsso Allen Poe calls legendary DJ EZ Eddie D “the Godfather of DFW underground hip-hop.” You should always listen to Pikahsso, he know of what he speaketh…

DJ EZ Eddie D has cultivated a career as a DJ, remixer and producer for more than 24 years. Being the closest thing to a hip-hop historian that Dallas has ever known, he has worked with the early pioneers as well as many of the current up-and-comers. From his early days growing up in Finneytown (a suburb in Cincinnati) to his 23 years in Dallas, it’s no surprise to find his influences are all over the musical map. With a collection containing everthing from R&B to classic rock, funk to retro and blues to hip-hop, his studio is the Mecca record collectors dream of.”

“His main focus today is fusing all of these genres with hip-hop beats creating a distinctive sound all his own. In 1982, Dallas DJ The Master Mixer taught Eddie how to blend records, and also introduced him to the radio station KNON 89.3 “The Voice of the People.” He interned and moved his way up the ranks, working with DJ Cisco Soul & the Party Patrol and Nippy Jones of the “Fresh & Freaky Friday Show” (later KKDA). Nippy helped groom him for his own time slot. In 1987, station manager Craig Taylor gave him that chance with his first show airing Thursday nights from 9 to 11. The show moved a few times before finally landing on Saturdays from 5 to 7 p.m., where you can still tune in weekly for “Knowledge Dropped-Lessons Taught (Vol.2).” It is the only source Dallas has for true underground hip-hop, and a public radio station is a perfect forum for his philosophies on politics, religion, racism and social responsibility.

Reid Robinson and I met up at Gachet Coffee recently to go Inside the Mind of EZ Eddie D and had ourselves a delightful time. Did we catch the whole thing on audio? But of course, darlings.

Our good man Alex Kanakis hung out with Eddie at the KNON 89.3 studio and caught some super-sweet video.

Check out the Eddie D video here (Video)

Be sure and tune in to 89.3 KNON every Saturday night for DJ Eddie D’s Knowledge Dropped Lessons Taught – 5-7 p.m.

The interview includes tracks from P.P.T. and Pikahsso.

Inside the Mind – DJ EZ Eddie D


Inside the Mind Series:
~George Gimarc
~Josh Venable
~DJ EZ Eddie D
~Jeff Liles

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Across the State Line – Deerhoof

Posted by Cindy on 10th January 2007

On March 8, 2007, Deerhoof will hit the Gypsy Tea Room stage. On March 9, 2007, Deerhoof will hit the stage at Emo’s in Austin.

All one has to do is venture out into the music blogosphere and one will find that folks either love Deerhoof or hate ‘em good. Me? I dig ‘em. I dig ‘em good. I likey-da horns and the sweet as sugar vocals of Satomi Matsuzaki. Plus, the quirkier the better in my musical book…

Deerhoof is truly turning out to be one of the most unlikely success stories in contemporary pop music. An improbable group with nothing apparently in common starts a band, makes some of the most difficult and unclassifiable noise of the mid-nineties, and unexpectedly rises to international prominence as one of indie rock’s most renowned and influential groups. How could this have happened?

The story begins in 1991, as classically trained Greg Saunier, directly after graduating from conservatory, moves to San Francisco and joins goth/metal band Nitre Pit as drummer. When the two guitarists of this short-lived project depart suddenly, Saunier and bassist Rob Fisk find themselves with several booked shows and no idea what to do. Out of necessity they quickly concoct an elastic, hyper-expressive style that makes up for their stark instrumentation, and Deerhoof is born.

Deerhoof have their antenna up, receiving frequencies from all over, and with their penchant for breaking new and previously unrecognized taboos with each release, we present you with Friend Opportunity. Following the successes of Milk Man and The Runners Four, Friend Opportunity is a feat of reinvention that could only come from artists willing to rethink everything, proof that their outrageous musical vision consistently turns out to be wider than anticipated. With Deerhoof, the labels don’t stick.

Further evidence: They’ve toured with The Flaming Lips and with Radiohead, love hip hop, The Shins, and Of Montreal, their music is featured in Dedication, the directorial debut of actor Justin Theroux, due out in 2007 and starring Billy Crudup and Mandy Moore. And in another surreal twist their album Milk Man was performed as an elementary school ballet at the North Haven Community School in Maine. Look for the performance to be out on DVD, yes it will be on DVD. As Mike Watt once said of his band the Minutemen, Deerhoof don’t write songs, they write rivers.

The new album drops on January 23rd and can be found at your favorite local music store…and now for something really special…

“+81″ by Deerhoof

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Up a Tree

Posted by Cindy on 10th January 2007

It seems that I am slightly behind on the Fat Daddy’s (aka Kenny Brattain) taking over Trees saga. A MySpace bulletin reveals that the hopeful new tenants are experiencing City of Dallas red-tape out the wazoo – and in order to gain occupancy, they are actually forced to limit their all-ages shows…read on…and below is an excerpt from a letter Brattain sent to the City of Dallas…

…Our plan is to open Fat Daddy’s Sound Shack in the Trees Building as a Live Music Venue. Shows are 18+ except for the occasional “All Ages” and 21+ shows. We are limiting our “All Ages” shows to a maximum of 10-12 per month. Along with our regular security, we are adding an off duty uniformed Dallas Police Officer. We are also adding Video Cameras to cover outside and inside. The “All Ages” shows will end 10 – 10:30pm.

I was under the impression from the “Deep Ellum Association” that is all that we needed to do.

Since we have to do all of the following we will do it. Then submit the “SUP Rezoning” application. When I am asked by people and the press, what am I supposed to tell them as far as the date we might be able to open? I believe you had told Sarah it would be April/May is that correct? If so, why will it take so long, we are paying rent on the building and the utilities. Please help us.

Remember, we do want to follow the rules and be great “Deep Ellum” neighbors. We just had no idea that with the new “SUP” law we would have to do all of the following. It almost feels like we are building a new building, while all we are doing is reopening an existing building with the same use it had before.

I really wish I understood why we need all of the following information to re-open an existing building, no new construction and with the same use and zoning it had for over 15 years. For example why do we need to do a “Traffic Impact Worksheet”, “Traffic Impact Study” etc.

Are we going to be required to have ALL of these?

1) Proper signatures (Understand this one)

2) Letter(s) of authorization (Understand this one)

3) Land use statement

4) Draft Conditions

5) Zoning Location Maps (2)

6) Tax Plat Maps (2)

7) Correct lot & block or Metes & Bounds survey with drawing (2)

8) Copy of Deed (Understand this one, although we are leasing the building)

9) Tax and lien statements (Understand this one, although we are leasing the building)

10) Traffic Impact Worksheet

11) Traffic impact Study or Waiver

12) List of partners/principals/officers

13) Site Plans (10 folded a certain way)

Thank you for your time,

Kenny Brattain
Fat Daddy’s Sound Shack

I’ll betcha there’s a’gonna be a whole lotta screamo’n goin’ on at the new Trees, well, that is if they can’t get that pesky Traffic Impact Worksheet completed…

UPDATE: My usual morning stroll over to Unfair Park finds Sir Wilonsky on top of things as usual. Go here for more – including numerous comments from your fellow Dallasites…

UPDATE II: Robert went a step further this morning and contacted Assistant Director of City Planning, David Cossum, to get more answers…

Yesterday, Kenny Brattain, the owner of Fat Daddy’s Sound Shack in Lewisville and the man who plans to re-open Trees as a live-music venue some time this spring, sent to a few local media outlets a missive in which he kinda knocked around a city official and city procedures he believes are standing in his way. So this morning I figured it was only fair to have that city official — who’d be David Cossum, incidentally, the assistant director of the city’s plan division — knock back.

Only a funny thing happened when talking to Cossum. From our conversation concerning Deep Ellum zoning and restrictions and requirements, I get the impression that Cossum doesn’t exactly dispute Brattain’s assertion that opening a club in Deep Ellum is a real pain in the ass. That’s because, well, it’s supposed to be a pain in the ass. That’s precisely how the Deep Ellum Association wants it. That’s precisely what the DEA got in June, when the city council passed an ordinance requiring specific use permits (SUPs) from anyone with a live-music venue. You gotta jump through a lot of hoops if you want to open a place in Deep Ellum, some of them on fire. Keeps out the riff-raff. Keeps out everyone, as a matter of fact, if they’re not willing to jump, jump higher and keep on jumpin’ till the city stays stop…read it all.

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Posted by Cindy on 9th January 2007

I finally got the links for the Radiant* video from the Pontiac Stage on New Year’s Eve in Time Square to work – and I actually wept a little watching. My heart if full of immense pride and happiness for those sweet deserving boys…watch it.

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J.D. and Dub

Posted by Cindy on 9th January 2007

I’ve known and loved JD Whittenburg both as a friend and a musician for about as long as I’ve been attached to this local music thang. The boy gots talent, and has taken his music from the Texas Country influenced sound of his former band Trainwreck into his new project, rich with poppy, creamy goodness. JD just put together this MySpace page to remember his grandfather – and it’s pretty cool – I love old C&W Swing…and I love hearing about JD’s history…below is one of the blog posts JD has posted thus far…

About the Author of this site:

I am the last male genetic link to Dub Adams (unless my father is willing and able to sire another son, which I doubt). My name is J. D. Whittenburg. Why is my last name not Adams? Because my father allowed himself to be adopted by his stepfather, Dar Whittenburg back in the day. This was common practice in olden times, because divorce, especially in conservative West Texas, was not common practice. Unless you were Dub Adams. He was married 8 times. I remember meeting him when I was a kid. I remember him putting me on a HUGE horse and me crying. He screwed my dad over in a cattle deal. They reconciled on Dub’s deathbed. Literally. But my dad related that at that moment, Dub said he wasn’t sorry for how he lived his life and that he would do it all over exactly the same way. This left a bitter taste in my dad’s mouth. My dad once told me, “Son, you come from a long line of assholes.” I suspect he was referring to Dub Adams. My dad tells the following story in describing Dub Adams:

Once there was a frog who needed to cross a flooding river. A snake happened to swim by effortlessly and, noticing the frog’s ordeal, offered to carry the frog on his back to the other side of the river. The frog was reluctant. He said to the snake, “But you are a snake. Won’t turn around and swallow me whole?” The snake assured the frog that he wouldn’t. So, the frog hopped on the snake’s back to be ferried to the other side of the river. Halfway to the other side, the snake turned around and began to the devour the frog. With this last breath, the frog uttered, “Why are you doing this? You gave me your word!” To which the snake replied, “Because that’s just the kind of asshole that I am.” End of story.

As my dad and I were riding his truck, headed for Ozona when I was about ten or twelve, he told me this story and others about Dub Adams. My dad claims that I made the statement, “Dad, it sounds like my grandfather was the exact opposite baramoter of how a man should live his life.” I don’t even think that makes sense, but my dad likes to tell the story of me saying that.

Anyway, I woke up this morning and decided that Dub Adams and the K-Bar Ranchhands deserved to be enshrined the pantheon of the world wide web. I plan to update this site with facts, songs, etc. as they become available. There are actually researchers out there who contact us from time to time about Dub Adams and his music career.

Here’s what I know: Dub Adams lead his band the K-Bar Ranchhands during the post-war western swing era, mainly between 1945- 1950. He was originally featured on a radio program on KIUN out of Pecos Texas (I have a picture of him in front of Roy Beans’s Saloon). He later played frequently in West Texas, particularly in San Angelo, Texas at a dancehall called the Hanger Club. During this time he came to the attention of Jim Beck who was a DJ at KSKY and had the Dallas-based DUDE label. Dub recorded with Beck at his studios in Dallas. During this time, he appeared frequently on bills with Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys and the Light Crust Doughboys. He also played a few shows at the Longhorn Ballroom in Dallas. Two of Dub’s recordings eventually appeared on Jim Bulleit’s BULLET label out of Nashville. It is said that Dub did not play an instrument. This is incorrect, as he played guitar and some fiddle.

(I should credit Phillip J. Tucker, Co-Editor of “Hillbilly Researcher” for much of the above information).

I have had the pleasure of making contact with one of the K-Bar Ranchhands, known then as “Joe Penny” who would later go on to fame as lead guitarist for Hank Williams. I’ll try to recover some of that correspondance and post, as I remember it being quite interesting.

This myspace page is intended to honor the memory of Dub Adams and the K-Bar Ranchhands in a respectful, yet honest fashion. (Remember the story about the snake?)

Below is a little sumpin’ sumpin’ from the band – Go here to listen these great tunes in full.

“Can’t Stay in Love” by JD Whittenburg

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Band Geeks Unite!

Posted by Cindy on 9th January 2007

The boy-child has attempted to drive his ol’ maw crazy this school year. For you see, once you complete junior high in our district, you have your pick of 2 different high schools. One happens to by my alma mater, the other my alma mater’s arch-enemy-rival. The girl-child shall graduate from the alma mater this year, so I sort of put some guilty pressure on the boy to attend school with his big sis one last time.

Back in August, the day came in which it was time to enroll – and early that fated day, it seemed I had lost the battle. So off we went to the school I’d spent my teenage years despising to get the boy his schedule. Approximately 4 minutes after we left the building, having enrolled him, paid the PTA fees, purchased a yearbook etc., the boy decided he’d rather go to the alma mater after all. This entailed applying for a transfer from a school he’d only been enrolled in for 4 minutes. It was a pain in the ass at best.

After a semester at the alma mater, the boy decided he’d made the wrong decision and wanted to attend enemy territory instead. This brings me to the point of this blathering, uninteresting re-hash. Yesterday the boy started the rival high. While sitting in the overcrowded counselors office, the boy struck up a conversation with a buddy and the subject turned to band. For those of you who might be new here, I’m a born band geek. The best years of my life were spent marching on the football field. I still prefer a good marching band to any other. Yeah, I’m a nerd, so sue me. Of course during said conversation, I jumped in and found that my new little buddy and I had a mutual love of talking about the joys of marching band! It was a few minutes later that I turned and noticed the look of horror on the boy-child’s face. Oops…heh…heh…

I can’t believe I forgot to mention this earlier too. My dad, out of the clear blue sky (I don’t think he reads this blog), gave the boy-child a mandolin for Christmas. It was really like a present for me, but my dad didn’t know as much. The mandolin is my very favorite instrument. If I could have marched playing a mandolin, I woulda. So I’m ridin’ the boy day and night to start learning some tunes. I’ll post some audio when he gets something down…and he’d best hurry…or he’s grounded…heh…heh…

The Boy’s Ever-Growing Arsenal of Sound

The New Mandolin

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AusChron Votin’ Time

Posted by Cindy on 9th January 2007

The Austin Chronicle Music Poll is up and ready for your votes. Go here if you are so inclined.

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My New Favorite Play-Thing – Texotica Volume I

Posted by Cindy on 9th January 2007

While at Bill’s Records on Sunday, Reid placed a CD in my hands and told me he thought I’d really like it. The CD is a mix of DFW bands doing some covers and some originals – with a Polynesian theme. To say it’s fantabulous is a gross understatement . There are 25 absolutely divine tracks, and frankly, it was hard figuring out which ones I loved the most to bring to you here at The Fine Line – I love the whole damn album.

But I narrowed it down to 15 plus a bonus track. Bonus track is Cottonmouth, Texas performing “T.V. ’77″ and will whisk you back to your own memories of growing up in Dallas if you were a teenager in the ’70′s and early 80′s. Aaaah memories of prom nights at Trader Vic’s…(turns out I went to high school with Jeff Liles – I’m so cool now…)

I’m going to have to insist that you getcherself a copy of this brilliant CD post haste – click here to do so…and…you’re welcome.

“Texotica: Rare Deposits From the Banks of the Trinity”
Produced by Mark Ridlen – Post Production & Engineering by Reid Robinson – 2003 Gavin Sound Productions

Intro. “You Must Be This High” by Joe Butcher
Joe Butcher

1. “Kabalo” by The Atmospheres
Bill Kramer / Clarke Brown Jr. / Ken Waldrop / Ben Hill / Jack Allday / Steve Voekel
Recorded in 1959 – Joe Leonard Production
Ed. Note: This one was a nice surprise too. My dad went to high school with Jack Allday and we used to go see him perform at Dick’s Last Resort many many moons ago

2. “Holiday in Waikiki” by Deathray Davies
John Dufillho / Jason Garner / Lindsay Romig / Bill Shupe / Kevin Ingle

3. “Bali Hai” by Cricket Taylor & KY Boyce
Cricket Taylor / Kimberly Boyce / Nathen Vinson

4. “Yellow Bird” by Mr. Peppermint & Muffin
Jerry Haynes / Vernon Daily / Alan Pollard

5. “I’m On An Island” by LCC
Peter Schmidt / James Henderson

6. “Queenie Wahini’s Papaya” by “Chez” David Nelson
David Nelson / Bill Longhorse / Ridlen

7. “Jack Lord is My Shepard” by R.L. Griffin , Deborah Vial & Conundrum
R.L. Griffin / Deborah Vial / Andy Chiles / Mark Evans / Martin McCall

8. “Pagan Cake Walk” by Charred
Jason Cohen

9. “Take Me to Tahitit” by T. Tex Edwards
T. Tex Edwards / B.T. Breakfasttime / Michael Hardwick

10. “Hints From Rusty” by DJ Cheeky Puppy
Lance Swaim

11. “Tiny Bubbles” by Spoth
Nathan Vinson / Ridlen / Brian Peterman

12. “(Do You Really Want to) Be My Friend” by Lucky Pierres
Michele Pittenger / Bart Chaney / Kim Herriage / Frank Pittenger

13. “Tiki Torture” by Necro Tonz
Necrophilia / Smilin’ Jack the Ripper / Glooo / Mike the Mangler / Robin Graves

14. “Contact” by Pointy Shoe Factory
Daron Beck / Eric Hermeyer / Julie Carpenter / Ian Bjornstad / Kyle Cheetham / Tyler Walker

15. “Signing Off” by The Intelligence Community
Reid Robinson / Brent “Thor” Johnson / Christopher Acevedo / Clay Austin

BONUS TRACK – “T.V. ’77″ by Cottonmouth, Texas

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The Road to SXSW

Posted by Cindy on 9th January 2007

SXSW is a mere 2 months away, and the blogs, forums and groups are already a’buzz. So I’ve put up a list of links over there on the right-hand side. I’ll add more as it gets closer, as well as keep ya updated on bands, news, parties, showcases, etc. Meantime all the officially kinda stuff is here.

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“That Girl” Goes to NYC

Posted by Cindy on 8th January 2007

Radiant* posted a video of their New Year’s Eve performance in Times Square. I woulda posted it here so’s you don’t have to play the link-around, but I can’t get the durn thing to work.

Here ya go.

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Bill’s Boxes

Posted by Cindy on 8th January 2007

Reid and I met over at Bill’s Records yesterday to chat with Jeff Liles (audio coming soon) and found that Bill and the boys are really close to being completely packed-up. In fact, the first 2 loads of vinyl headed south while we were still at the store. Although I know the move is a good one for Bill (moving to Southside on Lamar, sandwiched between Poor David’s and The Palladium Ballroom), it’s still a little bittersweet as a 2-decade patron.

Shoppers still came and went yesterday afternoon, including lots of long-time customers coming in to wish Bill well and listen to some old store stories. If you’ve got an extra afternoon with nuthin’ much to do, you might swing by and see if you can lend a hand.

Tommy Alverson band Live at Bill’s Records – Recorded by The Fine Line

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