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Fine Line: January, 2007

And So It Begins…and ends…

Posted by Cindy on 29th January 2007

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I’m rather torn as to my feelings about Bill’s Records leaving its long-time (like 20 years or something) place over on Spring Valley and Coit for warmer waters down on the Southside on Lamar grounds. It’ll be a good move for Bill. I adore the man and want to see him and his store prosper in the coming years. But it’s still rather sad to see the old place shut its doors for the last time…

…however much I wanted to stay in my la-la-land of denial, the inevitable is upon us…and it hit me smack dab in the puss when I embarked on my afternoon jaunt over to Unfair Park

Bill Wisener has been contemplating moving his legendary record store for years — since at least the fall of 2005, when I spent a day with Bill talking about how difficult it was going to be picking up roots that had drilled to the earth’s core. But, at last, the week of reckoning is nigh upon us: This week — on Wednesday, to be precise — Wisener will shut down his Spring Valley Road location, where he has been since 1980, and move to a new Bills Records and Tapes location at the Southside on Lamar. He’ll be in the old Sears technical training facility, next door to Poor David’s Pub. “I like it,” Wisener says. “I like the view.”…Read.

Bobonsky promises lots more clips from Jeff Liles’ footage, as well as some some written contribution on Wednesday. You need to be there to read it.

Meantime, here are some of the clips featured (or not) in The Last Record Store. Check out the one Unfair Park features “Elliott Smith’s grandfather, Bill Berryman, talking about the late singer-songwriter, who spent some of his childhood in Dallas — and some of his youth hanging out at Bills.”

Also, check out Inside the Mind: Jeff Liles that Reid and I recorded at Bill’s Records.

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More ‘Bout Tonight’s Show

Posted by Cindy on 29th January 2007

Before Tania told me about her show tonight, I’d never heard of Dodo Bird. I have heard of Dana Falconberry (thankyakindly GvB), and I’m already a Chris Garver fan, I mean after all the red-headed darling is more proof in the puddin’ that Denton churns out the bestest artists in the world…but I did a little more pokin’ around and found some music you simply must hear…then go hear it again live tonight

“Paper Sailboat” by Dana Falconberry

I’m seriously considering ditching life here and following Dodo Bird around like the groupie I have always wanted to become…they…are…so delightful…if I can’t make tonight’s show at Dada (sick girl-child), then I shan’t miss them perform at SXSW in March…I’m all giddy in love…

“The Ball” by Dodo Bird

“Notes” by Dodo Bird

SaMach chits-n-chats it up with Chris Garver over at bigdLittleD.

I also gotta throw out some serious props to one Ms. Carlin Stultz. Talk about a gal who has done her part to turn Club Dada around for the better – she be that gal. Carlin has brought some amazing – super-amazing – bands from across the country to the Dada stage these past many months. Next time you see her, you need to thank her profusely…

MySpace is on the fritz…whodathunkit…so you’ll have to patiently go to the pages for The Ramonalisas and Chris Garver to hear some brilliant tunes…I couldn’t pull ‘em off their pages to bring ‘em here…dammit Tom

Doors open at 6 PM tonight – show starts at 8 PM – punctuality is underrated in these types of situations…

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Camp Campagna

Posted by Cindy on 29th January 2007

First Friday series begins February 2, 2007
Kettle Art presents in conjunction with the
Dallas Video Festival
a once-a-month screening of some of the best works ever shown, in anticipation of the upcoming 20th Anniversary.

It all started in 1986 with a weekend event entitled “Video as a Creative Medium.” Yes, they had to explain it. Yes, video. Yes, creative. Until then video was pretty much confined to TV news, porn (pause! rewind!), crappy homemade wedding videos, MTV (cool!), and a few forward-thinking video artists like Nam June Paik and Bill Voila who had been experimenting with the “electronic medium” for years. Due to a grammatical presumption in 1987, the 1st Annual Dallas Video Festival was born. Join us as we celebrate 20 years of the electronic medium in Dallas with a blast from our electronic past.

more info…

More news from Kettle Art…

Kettle Art has just been accepted to join DADA aka the Dallas Art Dealers Association. This means that the playing field is now leveled between us and the established, credible stalwarts that have ruled this city for forever and a day, that rarely show new or local artists. So if you think we were messing w/ them before, look out, we’re just getting started! Bringing young, fresh homegrown talent to the attention of this town has always been our mission. We will continue to do so, now w/ the endorsement of these guys. Cool huh?

Last but not least, our first Friday series, REWIND, the best of the Dallas Video Festival, begins next week. The Dallas Video Festival is closing in on it’s 20 year anniversary, so they will be showing the hits from the first 19 years. This event, as everything at Kettle, will be free! We will also allow BYOB, so for the price of a six pack or bottle of wine, you can bring a date and watch movies. Where else in town can you go out and be styling for next to nothing?

And a little sumpin’ sumpin’ from young Frankie Campagna to brighten your day…

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Good Will Hunter

Posted by Cindy on 29th January 2007

I hope you found the time to read Hunter Hauk’s Liner Notes last week. I hope you saw darling Travis Hopper’s adorable mug in it. I hope you took Hunter’s advice and attended the excellent shows he recommended. I hope I’m not so lame in the future and keep up with stuff that’s actually current.

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Posted by Cindy on 29th January 2007

I’m behind on my reading. This past weekend I spent about a solid 14 hours in the car. I ventured off I-35 in Hillsboro due to stand-still traffic. I made my way to Hwy 281 – taking the long way to San Antonio. Departure time – 1:43 p.m. Arrival time – 8:01 p.m. After a horrible night’s sleep, the boy-child and I decided to head back to Dallas very early the next morning. It was a glorious morning, and thinking that we really weren’t in any rush, I, again, ventured off I-35 around San Marcos to take the back road home – ya know, stopping at charming little antique shops, taking in the scenery, etc. Big mistake. The boy-child was antsy – the dog was perched and whining the entire way home. Departure – 6:32 a.m. Arrival time – 5:02 p.m. At one point my GPS led us down an actual 2-miles of dirt road to find ourselves back to I-35.

Sometimes it strikes me as so utterly bizarre that we are moving to San Antonio. San Antonio? Never in a million years would I have predicted this new residence. It’s not like I’ve never lived outside of Big D. I lived on the upper east side of NYC back in the 80′s, in Austin for awhile back in the 90′s, Houston in the 70′s, Argyle in the 60′s…I’m a worldly broad and all that crap. San Antonio was always just a place we stopped to do the Alamo/River Walk thing on our way to Port Aransas. But the last few months of San Antonio hangin’ has endeared the city to me immensely. People are…are…nice. Friendly. The city is very family-oriented. I like that.

However, sometimes I feel a tad melancholy about leaving Dallas. My plan for the future has most definitely been altered. And frankly, my plan would probably never have come to pass anyway. It was always my dream to get the kiddies raised-up right, then off to college happy and healthy. Then TFG, Speck (the dog) and I would set-up house over around White Rock Lake or Hollywood Heights or somewhere Lakewoodish. It’s my favorite part of Dallas. It’s the only part of Dallas in which I would live out my days. Watching the rising property values, and the tearing-down of older homes, slowly my dream started to fade anyway.

So I was most interested in Jim Schutze’s story, Goodbye, Groovy East Dallas

…Neighborhood activist/gadfly Avi Adelman lives right across the street from the Lower Greenville Whole Foods. When I talked to him, he was adamantly dry-eyed about the whole thing.

“If a development comes in across the street, it’s a business development anyway, and it’s going to make my values go up. Nobody cares if I weep for the hippies. I’m not upset either way. Development happens. Shit happens. Whatever you want to say. You cannot stay stuck in a time frame.”

Well, thank you, Avi. I certainly feel uplifted by that…Read it all.

My fourth decade of life still leaves me saddened when there is so much change. Dallas is no longer the lovely gal she was when I grew up on her streets. Our beautiful Park Cities’, Lakewood, White Rock neighborhoods are slowly being demolished – out with the old – in with the new – and all that crap.

I guess the one thing we are left with that developers can’t bulldoze are our memories and the stories we can tell…

But certain kinds of stuff just won’t happen anymore. It’s a ghost, a whisper, a will-o’-the-wisp. And it’s gone, gone glimmering down the dirty alleyways and through the tangled forests of neglected backyards, lost beneath sodden clothing and furniture of evictees dumped in front of tottering apartment buildings, gone and lost now because East Dallas is too good for it. Too nice.

Jeff Liles told me this story:

“I miss seeing Roxy Gordon’s house,” he said. “I would drive by, and that would just make me feel like I was in East Dallas. He had all these animal bones, these bone sculptures that hung down on the front porch. His house was like a living museum of outlaw culture. Now it’s a vacant lot.

“I remember going over there one night, and the door was open, and you could tell a bunch of people were all hanging out in the living room. There were all these guys sitting around drinking straight from the bottle, and this guy was sitting in the corner, singing.

“And it was Townes Van Zandt [legendary Texas singer-songwriter, died in 1997]. He was just sitting there singing all of his songs for a handful of people in this living room.

“Roxy went back into the kitchen, and I kind of followed him back there, and I was, like, blown away. I wanted to thank him. I said, ‘Roxy, I can’t believe I’m getting to experience something like this. Thank you so much.’

“He said, ‘Dammit, Jeff, can you take him with you? He’s been here a fuckin’ week.’

“I said, ‘Well, I’m staying with my parents in North Dallas. I don’t know if I can bring Townes Van Zandt over to my house.’

“Shit like that happened all the time, man.” Read it all.

I swear to Gawd, I freakin’ worship Jeff Liles.

Schutze is always a good read – so read.

Andrea Grimes is the bravest girl in the whole wide world, and I love her thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis much. Seriously, the girl is freakin’ flawless (and funny) when it comes to her Girl On Top adventures. Read it. NOW!

Wait, wait wait…where did I put that thing…oh…here it is…heh-heh-heh…

All this and the girl can sing too!

Jonanna rounds up news you can use.

Somebody had a busy, busy night.

There’s a lot of other stuff to read, that’s relevant about bands/artists, but their shows have come and gone.

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To Do Tonight

Posted by Cindy on 29th January 2007

Monday ain’t mundane no mo’. To venture or not to venture is no longer a conundrum on this overcast Monday eve.

Here’s the scoopage:

Monday, January 29th
Club Dada
The Ramonalisas / Dodo Bird / Dana Falconberry / Chris Garver
Doors at 8 PM / $5.00 Cover

The Ramonalisas will wow fans with an all-star line-up including Jared Lawson (Trifle Tower, Mimw) drums, Dave Hickmott (The Felons) guitar, Fred Holston (The Felons) keyboards, Cari Weinberg (Lovie) glockenspiel, Elizabeth Gisler shakers and backup vocals, and newest member, Aaron Wagner bass. Want a little added dash of fun tonight? Hal Samples will be in da’ hizzy shooting a music video for Raw Sugar Elements (February release).

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A Hailey’s Kinda Night

Posted by Cindy on 26th January 2007

The Angelus just posted a new song. I just posted it here too.

If’n I was you…and there are times I wish I was…then I’d go to Hailey’s tonight in Denton for a superb (as always) performance by The Angelus, complete with more delights such as The Noise Revival Orchestra Experience and The Grass Fight. It’s only a mere 5-bucks, but worth a billion more…

“Turned to Stone” a new song by The Angelus

…once I asked Emil Rapstine to marry me. He backed away slowly and I’ve yet to see him since…sigh…

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Chart Toppers

Posted by Cindy on 26th January 2007

A quick trip over to the the Americana Music Chart found our very own Jimmy Baldwin and the McKay Brothers made the cut of the Top 40, with the likes of Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Guy Clark and other superstars. Pretty cool man.

Catch the McKay Brothers live at Woody’s Tavern in Fort Worth on February 2nd. Check out Jimmy Baldwin’s video “My Lone Star” on his official website.

“Acompañeme” by the McKay Brothers

“Ganja Girl” by Jimmy Baldwin

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Picture This…

Posted by Cindy on 26th January 2007

Photographer extraordinaire and lovely lady about town, Ms. Allison V. Smith has posted some wicked awesome new photos on her blog, including the one above of Jeff Tweedy, another one of Todd Deatherage and more. Go there…and you are welcome.

“She’s Leaving” by Todd Deatherage

“New Madrid” Live by Jeff Tweedy

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Music + TeeVee = ♥

Posted by Cindy on 25th January 2007

Norman, Oklahoma rockers, Umbrellas will also share a spot on the bube-tube this eve with their track “Ships” spinnin’ ’round and ’round on tonight’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy. 8 p.m. CST…too bad I hate that show like…like…well, I just hate it…but I luvs me some Umbrellas.

“Ships” by Unbrellas

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To Do Tonight

Posted by Cindy on 25th January 2007

ED. NOTE: The Hipcast site seems to be down as of this posting, so you may not be able to access the music I’ve put up here for ya…patience my pretties, it shall return.

Since tonight’s episode of The Office is a re-run, and I gotta head south again tomorrow, then I think I might just mosey on down to ellum: ONSTAGE tonight for a show that matches my fantasy showcase.

Thursday, January 25th
ellum: ONSTAGE
7 PM – All Ages
$10 Advance / $12 at the Door


Johnny Lloyd Rollins

In much the same fashion as Tobey Maguire personified innocent charm on the big screen with his breakout role in Pleasantville, Johnny Lloyd Rollins is stepping onto 21st century music stages with an aura that many of us have not seen since the days of black and white.

If you close your eyes you may think that you are back listening to an early Sun recording session of Elvis or an old Cavern Club recording of The Beatles. A few minutes pass and you realize that while the nuances exist, his vocal vulnerability and songwriting are distinctively original and refreshingly modern.

This young pop singer/songwriter has the music world buzzing in the Lone Star State of Texas. This past year he has been featured in D Magazine, the Dallas Observer, the Dallas Morning News and was named the number 1 highlight of the IPO Liverpool festival by BBC radio.

His style has quickly gained notoriety as simultaneously evocative of Elvis charisma and rockabilly roots, of McCartneys boyish charm, melodic sensibility and Beatles harmonies, and the honest storytelling of Cash. As industry insiders from music writers to A & R reps have quickly discovered, Rollins is poised to bring back to music what matters most…a simple song.

“Miss Sugar Pie” by Johnny Lloyd Rollins



Airline hail from Dallas, Texas. Lead by Robert H. Holley (bass and vocals), this collective tends to draw creatively from the more brash and beautifully experimental artists to come before them. Roots music plays a large role in the original incarnations of Holley’s compositions, although, more contemporary elements soon find their way into these arrangements. The members of Airline are in no hurry for their music to be easily categorized. It is for this reason that such an eclectic songbook has and will continue to develop. Airline is fleshed out by Christopher Carmichael (Drums), Will Woolsey (Guitar) and Ryan L. Smith (Piano and Keys).

“Sleepy” by Airline


The Hero Factor

Awash in keyboards and layers of sound and driven by the big-lunged pipes of thoughtful vocalist/writer Ben Kilgore, Battling Chimaera certainly suggests that The Hero Factor is winning any battle with any would-be or mythological demons. It finds the band drawing on everything from the hard-driving, avant pop of Muse to the passion-soaked vocals of Adam Duritz in songs touching on everything from heartbreak to the value of self-empowerment and self-lovesongs tastefully informed by everything from Sigur Ros to Southern

Its a sound that is miles beyond the southern rock, Black Crowes-inflected style of the original band, which was overhauled completely in early 2002, when bassist/vocalist/songwriter Arndt and fellow founder/guitarist Matt Fisher welcomed drummer Nathan Price, keyboardist Chad Copelin and celebrated local singer/songwriter Ben Kilgore into the fold.

“Run” by The Hero Factor



My knowledge of Gazelles is limited to the fact that Adam Bertholdi used to front A Faith Called Chaos and that I really dig the Gazelles music.

“Driving” by Gazelles


Salim Nourallah

born in alton, illinois. eldest child of fayez and karen. mom was an art major, dad an accountant. opposites attract and then raise dysfunctional children. faris was born just 18 months after me. he plays music too. in 1970 we moved to el paso, i was just 3. our names were strange, to the general amusement of other kids. i wore big glasses. they made fun of me alot. boohoo, i know. when i was 9 i saw the beatles white album in k-mart. i got my grandmother to buy it for me. it changed my life. when i was 16 i started writing songs. my brother was the only one who believed they were worth a crap. it screwed up his life. he started playing drums. i played guitar. he later sold his car for a drumkit then moved to guitar. i moved to bass. we moved to denton, texas. i hate denton. we made nourallah brothers in 1999 on an 8-track then quit playing music together. faris has released 4 solo cds since then. i’ve made 3 (polaroid; beautiful noise and the soon to be released snowing in my heart) plus one 6-song e.p. called “a way to your heart.” my wife (jayme) and son (gavin) are the most important people in my life

.“Avenue” by Salim Nourallah


FYI: there’s another great show at ellum: ONSTAGE tomorrow night – Swim Swim, Aaron Hale, Gypsy Disco, Sydney Confirm, Hardin Sweaty & the Ready to Go – you should go.

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Shane Bartell

Posted by Cindy on 25th January 2007

Speaking of the Austin Chronicle Music Poll, Shane Bartell should be somewhere in the mix.

It’s going on 7 years ago that I timidly approached David Card and asked him for the opportunity to host a monthly showcase at the original Poor David’s Pub. This was long before I started a music blog – so I have no archive with which to jog my memory as to how exactly I came across Shane Bartell. I just know that it was love at first listen….

Shane Bartell’s voice- easy, impossibly infectious and thick with focus- can drift from vague and otherworldly to intimate and realized within a single breath, flitting effortlessly from throaty to smooth, mellow to scrappy, confident to crestfallen. Ultimately, all that somersaulting makes perfect sense: Bartell’s Too Soon To Say (Sarathan/Fontana) takes you through the exhilaration, trials and tribulations of a budding relationship. These are seamless sounds, the aural equivalents of deep-stomach butterflies, mystery and promise intertwined. Having earned a reputation for powerful, unpredictable shows, Shane’s music and regular touring has gained him a sizable fan base in cities as far-flung as Boston and Portland, Oregon. Effortlessly combining beauty and subtlety, Shanes undeniable live presence is affirmed by Details Magazine, saying, “He’s the congenital critical darling, in the best sense of the word. When you see him live, no one need ask, ‘Can you feel the love tonight?’, the love is self-evident.”

Shane Bartell grew up in the Texas Hill Country, surrounded by cowboy boots and snuff – cultural references seemingly erased by his turning-point discovery of The Smiths and The Pixies. Moving to music-mecca Austin in the 90s, he spent several years as the guitarist for the female-fronted band Cling and shared stages with the likes of Oasis and Liz Phair. Cling was a regional favorite, but after several years with the band, Shane decided to focus on his own songwriting. After a year long sabbatical in Portland Oregon primarily spent penning songs, Shane quickly recruited a band and began to develop a local following. Without any recorded material, his audiences swelled, surprising club owners and encouraging Shane, as singalongs became a regular part of the evening. During the 2001 South by Southwest music conference, Marco Werman from the PRI show “The World,” named Shane as one of the best 3 showcases that year and helped him get his debut EP, Reference , international airplay. Reference put Shane in the national limelight for the first time. The Austin Chronicle wrote, “He’s demonstrated the talent and charisma to pen songs with ‘hit’ written all over them, and it takes only one listen to the classic pop genius of ‘Up for Air’ and ‘If I Could Only Get My Head Out of the Gutter’ to understand what that means.

Shane began recording and perfecting the contents of Too Soon To Say soon after, electing to work with producer Lars Goransson (The Cardigans, Blondie) on his first full-length. The albums song cycle traces the rise and fall of an epic relationship- from its careful, eager origins through an excruciatingly anticlimactic end. Too Soon To Say details all the longing, nostalgia, regret, anger and acceptance inevitably chained to meeting, and then losing a lover. Its a universal sequence, familiar and exhilarating and, remarkably, just spinning Too Soon To Say is enough to make it all feel real again. While Shane Bartell clearly feeds off the same earnest, emotive tendencies as artists like Morrissey, Coldplay and even Badly Drawn Boy, hes careful to avoid ever drifting into dangerously precious territory, consistently eschewing rote sentimentality in favor of sharp, unaffected, pockets-out honesty.

With his trademark blend of tense guitar, spiraling keyboards and twittering drums, Bartell’s songs are decidedly difficult to pin down, twisting and squirming into new, dynamic shapes, reinventing themselves with each subsequent listen. And after all, one of the great things about music post-90s is that we arent stuck in narrow stylistic tunnels anymore. Artists aren’t pigeonholed as indie or mainstream, hip hop or techno, mod or rocker. And this is a good thing for Shane Bartell. Its not so much his blending of genres or the fact that he evades the notion of what a pop record should be, as much as it is the ease and skill with which he does these things. These are songs that sound at home in this brave new musical paradigm.

Shane kindly drove from Austin to Dallas to perform at one of the very first shows I hosted at the old Poor David’s and I remember thinking that his was a talent that would take him far and wide. Which brings me to my point – tonight at 9 PM CST, tune in to Men in Trees to hear Shane’s song, “Harris Park.” Wicked awesome.

“Harris Park” by Shane Bartell

Below are a couple of tunes from Shane Bartell’s 2006 album, Too Soon to Say (Sarathan Records) that I’ve literally played and played and played to the bone. Please enjoy.

“Up for Air” by Shane Bartell

“Don’t Believe Everything” by Shane Bartell

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Vote Austin Chronicle

Posted by Cindy on 25th January 2007

The Austin Chronicle Music Poll is still up and ready for your votes. Go here cuz today’s the last day to do so…at least that’s what the rumor is, but the site says you have until January 31st, but don’t dawdle, get it done today.

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If a Tree Falls in Deep Ellum, Will the City Hear It?

Posted by Cindy on 25th January 2007

The saga continues…from the desk of Kenny Brattain Owner of Fat Daddy’s Sound Shack…

After what happened today (READ BELOW). I AM REALLY PISSED!

Why couldn’t the city have told us about the “non-paying” parking. Now we have heard two different answers about the parking from two different city officials. That being said, I AM GOING TO FIGHT LIKE HELL to get this resolved. I can only do so much, if you would like to help me please call the Mayor’s office and let them know that there is a REAL music scene in Dallas and you do not want Deep Ellum to die. Her is her office number: LAURA MILLER, Mayor of Dallas, Phone: (214) 670-4054 and ask for Norman Herrera or Laura Miller.


To whom this may concern, we have successfully filed our SUP for 2707-09 Elm Street, Deep Ellum. I personally spent over 2 days and over $1,300 filing for the SUP. Our SUP was accepted, and now we have to wait for the Dallas City Council to vote on it. That will take about 3 months; meanwhile we are paying rent on a building we cannot use.


Of course, after we have spent the money with the city filing the SUP we are now told we need an SUP for the PARKING LOT.

David Cossum told us that under the new SUP law, we had to have 50 parking spaces. We only have 20. So we contracted with an independent parking lot owner to supply us 30 more spaces. We had planned on paying for the additional expense by charging to park in Deep Ellum, like everyone else does, even the City of Dallas.

Now we are told that we cannot charge for parking. So the 20 parking spaces we have, we cannot charge for, and we cannot charge for the contracted 30 remote parking spaces.

So the bottom line is this. We are being told that we need 50 parking spaces. We have 20 parking spaces, so we are renting the remote parking spaces for an additional $3,000 a month, and we will not be able to offset the expense because we can not charge to park. PLUS, we have to file another SUP for the Parking Lot and wait the 3 months for approval.

This makes this re-opening economically impossible. We are not a huge corporation; we are a small Mom/Pop business.

Well, City of Dallas, you did it. We are planning on not going forward with re-opening the ?Trees? building. I guess we will look at a city that cares about its citizens and the local music scene. Good luck.


Thank you for your time,

Kenny Brattain Owner Fat Daddy?s Sound Shack

If you want to try and stop the city, I guess all you can do is call the Mayor. LAURA MILLER, Mayor of Dallas, Phone: (214) 670-4054.

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Take a Little Off the Sides

Posted by Cindy on 24th January 2007

I just returned from my bi-yearly haircut and hair color splurge. Let’s just say that I was scolded profusely about my homemade color – it seems I was sporting a numerous hair color style…damn Dollar General and their wickedly cheap-ass hair color. Anyhoo, the appointment was rather non-eventful until nearly the end of the experience. During the blow-dry portion, the stylist inquired as to my “job.” I never really know how to answer that question, as I consider this blog (music promoter?) to be somewhat of a job, albeit an unpaid job for the most part, but it’s work, and it beats “hausfrau.” This was where things got interesting, it seems the man toured with Barbra Streisand as both her hair stylist and a back-up musician. He went on to tell me that one daughter was on the air on KUT 90.5 in Austin playing lots of local/regional indie music and interviews, and his other daughter just started dating lead singer of Denton-based The Villians’ Sean Ellis…small world, eh?

“Thigh High” by The Villains

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The Idol Beck-ons

Posted by Cindy on 24th January 2007

Andrea “WeeDemon” Grimes has, yet again, made my day. I’ll letcha in on my dirty little secret…I’m an Idol-a-holic. I can’t help myself, I simply love the overrated, vile, mean, and pointless show American Idol, and I, along with the gazillions of giggling, teeny-bopper gals across the country watch it every time it airs….oh shut up.

So I was both tickled and entertained when visiting Unfair Park and found that Andrea posted this little beauty of our very own Daron Beck (the Great Tyrant) auditioning for Idol in New Orleans….brilliance I say…take a lookie here.

You can find the Great Tyrant on stage at The Double-Wide on February 3rd.

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Walk for Violet

Posted by Cindy on 24th January 2007

Little Miss Violet pictured above needs our help…


This year EL GATO and LOVIE are participating in the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s GREAT STRIDES WALK!

The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation has become an organization close to these musician’s heart since Violet, whose father plays in El Gato and whose mother plays in Lovie, has recently been diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. We are going to fight to find a cure for this disease and for Violet. Please help us in our fight!

We ask that you help us in our fundraising efforts by donating to our team or joining with us in the GREAT STRIDES WALK! Making a donation is easy and secure! Just click the “Click to Donate” button on this page to go to make a donation that will be credited to our team. Any amount you can donate is greatly appreciated!



Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a devastating genetic disease that affects tens of thousands of children and young adults in the United States. Research and care supported by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is making a huge difference in extending the quality of life for those with CF. However, we continue to lose precious lives to CF every day. That’s why your help is needed now more than ever to ensure that a cure is found sooner – rather than later. To learn more about CF and the CF Foundation, visit

Join EL GATO & LOVIE at the GREAT STRIDES WALK: 2007 Dallas – Truluck’s Parking Lot – 2140 McKinney Ave., 05/19/2007


“Tell Me You Love Me” by Lovie

“The Frustrated Cowboy” by El Gato

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Posted by Cindy on 24th January 2007

Photo by Allison V. Smith

We here at The Fine Line have a pending audio Podcast with future Mayor Zac Crain in the hold box as of this writing. Done deal, just awaiting time, day and place. I’m rather embarrassed to admit that I’ve yet to secure my very own copy of Zac’s Fundraising Compilation CD. It’s not for lack of want – actually, I logged on and began the online purchase process last week, but got distracted with the girl-child thing and totally forgeteded. I’ll rectify that today though.

Anyhoo, point is, my precious SaMach has penned some of his thoughts on the CD, the campaign, etc. Click here. Sam speculates on the relevance of said CD to Zac’s campaign – and even Crain Treasurer Lindsay Graham chimes in on the post.

Regardless of whether or not Zac will get your vote come May, you simply must own a copy of this glorious CD.

Audio chit-chat with Zac to follow so stay tuned…

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Posted by Cindy on 24th January 2007

There are certain little things that I shall miss about Dallas. Silly things really. Goff’s Hamburgers, WFAA Channel 8 News, Sons of Hermann, to name a few. The past few times I’ve been in San Antonio, I scoured the radio for at least one decent station. Not a one was found. For you see, whilst in my car in Dallas, I listen to talk radio. I usually flip back and forth between Live 105.3 and The Ticket. I also tune in to KNON 89.3 on occasion, as well as some of the specialty shows like The Adventure Club and The Local Show. I’ve been a tad perplexed about my listening pleasure when cruising the streets of San Antonio…until this week.

Monday morning I climbed into my car to head back north on I-35. I was scanning and seeking for something -anything – decent to listen to as I fought the morning drive. When the dial landed on 90.1, I literally gasped to hear the tail-end of “Roscoe” by Midlake. Next up was a brilliant Peter Gabriel tune, followed by…get this[DARYL]! I couldn’t believe it! I waited and waited for someone to come on the air and explain to me what this fantabulous station was all about, but lost the signal almost the second I crossed the county line. However, TheFatGuy did a little diggin’ fer me and found that this little gem of the airwaves was KSYM 90.1 . I think the time frame I managed to tune in was on auto-pilot, however damn good auto-pilot if I do say so myself…and I do. Listen online.

So here is what I need you good bands and musicians to do for me…send in your music. Save me from auto-boredom. Getcher stuff heard by the good folks in San Antone. But most importantly spread the creamy Dallas goodness on down I-35.

KSYM, Box 51
1300 San Pedro Ave.
San Antonio, TX 78212

“Roscoe” by Midlake

“Happy Accident” by [DARYL]

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A Burr-dee-ful Day

Posted by Cindy on 23rd January 2007

Back from San Antone. Much to tell. Woke up late this a.m. and need to get a boy-child off to his learnin’ place….more later…meantime…

Click below to listen to “Been Touched by God” by Dougie Burr

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